Radical Agenda S06E018 - Follow the White Rabbit

Radical Agenda S06E018 – Follow the White Rabbit

We are honored to be joined for this episode by Mr. Tim Murdock, aka Horus the Avenger, of White Rabbit Radio. A very interesting character, from an outfit with a very interesting history which I’m looking forward to discussing.

The word “radio” gets thrown around a lot on the Internet. In the common parlance, radio means audio, but that’s not what the word really means, or at least, meant, until recently.

To borrow from Merriam Webster, radio is “the wireless transmission and reception of electric impulses or signals by means of electromagnetic waves”. If you know me, you know I used to be on radio, as in, broadcast radio, or, as I sometimes phrase it “real radio”.



White Rabbit Radio was started by Bob Whitaker, prior to 2009 on what is known as ham radio, or amateur radio.

Robert W. Whitaker was born in 1941 and reared in South Carolina, went to the University of South Carolina and the University of Virginia Graduate School. He has been a college professor, international aviation negotiator, Capitol Hill senior staffer, Reagan Administration appointee, and writer for the Voice of America. He has written numerous articles and three books in his own name. Bob resides now in Columbia, SC.

Mr. Whitaker was also involved in what his website describes as “intelligence work” and as an appointee for the Reagan administration he was in charge of security clearances.

Ham radio is a spectrum of frequencies, several actually, set aside by the FCC for licensed operators to broadcast in the United States. Those of you who have been around for awhile know I used to sell, I don’t suppose they could properly be called ham radios because they were capable of transmitting and receiving on a much wider range of frequencies, but I used to sell radios capable of transmitting on ham bands in any case, and I sold these very versatile devices precisely because they were all but impossible for our opponents to stop.

While one legally requires a license to transmit on ham bands, the nature of radio transmissions is that they are difficult to control. Far more difficult in fact, than the Internet, which is so often lauded as the technology that freed mankind from the dark ages of centralized information control.

On the recent airing of Tucker Carlson’s first Twitter show, he mentioned that citizens of the Soviet Union were totally misinformed about what life was like in America. The few who had information from outside of Soviet propaganda, obtained that information by listening to shortwave radio. Tucker said he hoped for Twitter to be the shortwave radio of our era.

But if you know anything about anything, you know that is not going to be the case. Those of you who follow me on Telegram, Twitter, or Gab, already know that I took this opportunity to call on Tucker to cover Antifa’s role in Charlottesville. I went so far as to purchase advertising for this purpose. The campaign was well received not only by my followers but by many others, before Twitter’s censorship regime intervened.

The reply to Tucker’s video was suppressed. If you go to it now, you cannot see the dozens of replies I got. Twitter has not notified me or given me any opportunity to appeal the decision to suppress my content, it is just obvious from the hundreds of likes and the tens of thousands of impressions, contrasted with the invisibility of the dozens of replies.

My ad campaign was at first approved. Twitter accepted my payment. They told me the campaign was running, but then I noticed it had no promoted impressions. The ad was then marked as “halted” again with no notification or means by which to appeal the decision.

I contacted Twitter support, and they said my content was “harmful, misleading, violent and dangerous”. It was nothing of the sort, of course. Everybody knows Antifa was involved. There’s nothing violent about asking a journalist to look at evidence. Dangerous, well, I suppose that depends on where you sit.

One does not have these problems with radio transmissions. They are not beyond a measure of interference, and they can be traced, but they can also be moved. So, while spoken word is among my favorite art forms, radio, as a technology, is very interesting to your humble correspondent, and I would go so far as to say it should be interesting to you too.

But White Rabbit Radio is by no means stuck in the 90s. Under the guidance of our guest, it has become a full blown modern multimedia enterprise.

I don’t think the Southern Poverty Law Center is typically a reliable source of information, but what they have to say about Mr. Murdock could fairly be described as flattering in my view, so I will block quote them here;

Murdock went further than Whitaker could have imagined in spreading the Mantra. With a weekly podcast and an onslaught of racist cartoons, his White Rabbit project is slick and professional — glossy racism that pulls liberally from Egyptian mythology. (Horus is the Egyptian god of war.)

Murdock and his animators created an allegorical cast of characters meant to reduce the modern world to racial archetypes. In fact, a large part of his appeal with younger racists lies in the iconography and detailed storyline of characters, each meant to symbolize a particular aspect of the “race problem.”

“White Rabbits,” which Murdock has said represent genetic perfection, are people of European descent and are depicted as vicious-looking creatures with Nazi lightning bolts in their eyes and crooked, dangling ears. “Red Hippos” represent Jews, or evil in the world. And “Pink Rabbits” are white rabbits infected by the Red Hippos. (Pink Rabbits, according to the allegory, are actually soaked in the blood of Red Hippos.) The cast of characters goes on, and Murdock’s website displays pictures of sneering White Rabbits swinging sledgehammers emblazoned with the words “The Mantra” at Pink Rabbits.

Mr. Murdock first came to my attention with his video “Anti Racist Hitler” and, since their wording is so amusing to me, I will once again block quote from the SPLC;

Perhaps his most famous animated cartoon yet is the “Anti-Racist Hitler,” in which Adolf Hitler returns from Argentina, where he has been hiding since the end of the war — except this time he is working as an anti-racist.

In the 10-minute animation, which has been viewed about 180,000 times on YouTube, Hitler arrives in Israel, arguing that it is racist for the Jews to want to preserve their homeland to the exclusion of others. When a Jewish man stops Hitler on the streets and says, “I think we have a right to preserve our culture, and our people,” Hitler responds, “So you believe you are God’s chosen people? Some kind of master race? That just reminds me of the brown shirts in the ’30s.”

Murdock laughed when mentioning the video. “Every single thing Hitler says to the Israelis has been said basically to someone white,” he said.

The video was released on April 20, Hitler’s birthday, a deliberate appeal to racists and white nationalists who revere the day. With that, it is impossible for Murdock to claim he is not working with the hardline racist right.

Not that he makes much of an effort to deny that anyway.

And why would he?

Today on the Radical Agenda, I am proud to introduce to you a very talented man, the inheritor of a very interesting legacy,

Horus the Avenger.

Welcome, to the Radical Agenda.






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