Radical Agenda S06E019 - Nathan Damigo

Radical Agenda S06E019 – Nathan Damigo

Nathan Damigo is one of the more interesting characters that we have had the pleasure of speaking with on the Radical Agenda, and this interview is long overdue.

Closest to home, Mr. Damigo was my co-defendant in the Sines v. Kessler lawsuit down in the Western District of Virginia, and my current co-appellant.

Given the nature of the ongoing litigation, I’ll state up front that there are obviously things we can’t say today that we might do well to discuss in five years, but I do not anticipate that this will detract from the value of our talk today much.

I reached out to Nathan in part because I follow his Telegram channel and I gather from this that some of our thoughts on strategy differ. Our goals, I believe, are largely similar, and I am interested to discuss the means of achieving them. Since Nathan and I have earned, in the truest sense of that word, eachother’s respect, I’m certain our conversation will be civil and productive, but if it is later described as vigorous, I could think of worse outcomes.

How robust things get, remains to be seen. More certain, I expect to learn from him today, and I have no choice but to take his counsel seriously.

First and foremost, nobody can accuse the man of being a coward. He signed up to serve his country in the Marine Corps, and put his life on the line in Iraq as a combat veteran. He’s done time in prison. He damn near knocked the dreads off a violent criminal in Berkeley, and instantly became one of history’s most viral memes.

But any retard can get shot at, locked up, or in a fight with a communist. Many have, to be sure. So, this alone does not warrant our inquiry.

Mr. Damigo also has a degree in social science from California State University, and perhaps more to the point, he has been one of the most successful Nationalist organizers in the history o the United States.

If you listen to this show on a regular basis, you can tell why I appreciate a guy like this. Balls and brains, too rare a combination, I think it safe to say. I like to think I’m among the few that can claim it, but Mr. Damigo has the added credential of putting together a mass movement known as Identity Evropa.

The first time we ever tried to put a large number of Radical Agenda listeners together was in August of 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. It didn’t turn out well, you might have heard. And while things going completely sideways down there was surely the fault of the authorities and the criminal element and a list of idiots too long and tedious to mention here, the fact that Radical Agenda listeners even had occasion to join such a large gathering was in no small part thanks to today’s guest.

Damigo founded IE in March of 2016. I don’t have reliable membership numbers, but I’ve seen estimates of around 800, and that’s nothing to sneeze at for an activist organization that shows up in public to make their presence felt, undeterred by violent criminal opposition.

And Identity Evropa certainly did make their presence felt. Damigo’s activities as an activist have been reported by The BBC, CNN, NPR, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Showtime, Return of Kings, Reuters, Rebel Media, Red Ice, Talking Points Memo, Newsweek, WIRED, Heatstreet, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Daily Stormer, The Daily Beast, The Young Turks, Mother Jones, Mondowiess, and Jacobin.

IE was branded a “hate group” by the SPLC and ADL, though this of course is becoming a rather diluted distinction. It’s hardly a unique honor these days to be attacked by Antifa either, but Damigo’s outfit did more than their fair share of standing up to terrorism before the group disbanded in 2019. At which many of its members continued their work under the name of the American Identity Movement.

Wikipedia, it might go without saying, is not a credible source of information. If you look at my page, it looks like Emily Gorcenski got drunk one night and fell asleep on his keyboard. The photo they have of me, was chosen for no other purpose than to make me look like crap. I’m hardly recognizable. I’m looking down at my phone. It appears to be a still frame from a video, and there’s no shortage of actual photos of me out there. The whole thing is a shitpost for Reds these days. So, maybe our guest will correct some of what I’m reading there.

But one of the things I find interesting during my show prep is that IE seems to have had a pretty specific mission in mind, namely to permeate the Republican Party with White Nationalist ideas, and to influence media coverage for this purpose. They appear to have had some success in this department, and you may have gathered, that’s kind of the track I am on now.

Like so much else in this country, it all got derailed by communist rioters in Charlottesville, Virginia in August of 2017.

That’s a historical wrong I intend to see righted.

Nathan prudently took some time off after this, but he is back serving his Race & Nation, and we are honored to have him with us today on the Radical Agenda?

What’s next for Mr. Damigo? What’s next for the movement?

I look forward to finding out.

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Find out more about Nathan Damigo here https://bio.link/nathandamigo



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