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Well, they finally got Hunter Biden. I guess that means that our justice system is fixed.

Just kidding, of course.

It’s about what you might have expected. A couple of tax related misdemeanors and a pre-trial diversion program to avoid a felony conviction for being a drug addict with a gun. No perjury charges for lying on the gun background check. No charges, much less prison time, for failing to register as a foreign agent, and of course, no implications that Joe Biden did anything wrong.

To begin, taxes are the least of my concerns when foreign governments are funnelling millions of dollars to the President’s crackhead son. His failure to pay taxes on this money likely stemmed from his desire not to disclose it, and that is much closer to the issue at hand. The question that needed to be asked was “What were they paying for?” and the answer is obviously “Joe Biden” and more specifically, this blood soaked debacle in Ukraine, which is weakening the United States to the singular benefit of the People’s Republic of China.

Well, perhaps not singular. BlackRock is having a blast. James O’Keefe released some undercover video recently with a BlackRock “gatekeeper” who says the war is great for business at his firm. When commodity prices fluctuate, BlackRock takes advantage of advanced knowledge and makes endless amounts of money on trades.

Not all Democrats escape prison, fortunately. John Griffin, a former producer for Chris Cuomo on CNN, has been sentenced to 19 years in prison for sexually assaulting a 9 year old girl. It’s nice to know there are some limits on the depravity the regime will tolerate from its lower ranks, at least.

I had heard about this story on the radio while I was representing myself in Virginia, but I was very busy at the time and did not understand the full story. I thought at the time he just got caught in some kind of trap, but it turns out he actually got hold of a child. This guy was on various dating sites asking parents for the opportunity to “sexually train” their young daughters, and one maniac mother actually went along with this. Griffin gave her thousands of dollars to fly the child to him, and during the trip he sexually assaulted the child and took pictures.

These are the people who lecture us about morality. Quite a thing…

Tragic though such incidents are, they do have the benefit of discrediting the people who engage in them. This extends beyond their sexual attitudes, necessarily. If somebody tells you that it’s evil to speak positively of white people, and then he gets caught paying women to facilitate the rape of their daughters, there is ample cause to doubt the entire moral code of such types. And while there is little evidence to suggest the name John Griffin is on the tongue of many Republicans, this is a broader phenomenon of Leftists being across the board exposed, often quite voluntarily, as sick and depraved monsters.

The person who tells you that riots are mostly peaceful does not get to inform you of much subsequent. The person who tells you that men can become women is not deemed an expert on biology, and is thus unfit to tell you much about race.

I read an eloquent piece by Scott Greer today. It was an outline for a speech he gave at a VDARE conference, which stands in some contrast to a video I watched of a speech Mike Enoch gave at a recent meeting of the National Justice Party.

Enoch’s speech was titled “Anti Woke = Anti White” and, as NJP content has become known for, it is relentlessly hostile to the mainstream conservative positions on identity issues. Not without merit, Enoch points out that conservatives are generally fearful of, if not hostile to, explicit White advocacy, and on the basis of observable though not necessarily conclusive evidence, claims this is an ethnocentric plot against White interests, by the usual suspects.

Greer observes a similar phenomenon, but takes a more nuanced approach, which I look forward to discussing with you this evening. He points out that what today could be described as the mainstream right bares little resemblance to what was similarly described just five years ago. He notes for example, that names as moderate as Charlie Kirk will now openly talk about “anti-White racism” and scoff at outlets like Media Matters when they call him a racist for doing so. Greer credits Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson for this shift in attitudes, while naming names such as that of Ron DeSantis as those who are only so bold as to suggest that men cannot become women by mere choice. Greer makes the case that these are largely positive developments which need to continue advancing into mainstream conservatism, rather than taking a hostile stance theretoward.

The contrast in positions I make not so much to say that one is right and the other wrong, so much as to illustrate a flow of ideas into mainstream political discourse.

Enoch speaks at the NJP, naming the ethnocentric group of the usual suspects. He is admired by the members of his Party and the listeners of his podcast and arguably calls attention to an important issue. Greer speaks at the VDARE conference, which is by no means the most mainstream of venues, but then has his speech on the subject linked to from Revolver News, which is read by mainstream conservatives.

One might legitimately argue that the ideological vanguard makes it all possible, and if this is accepted, then there is no sense in condemning the source of the energy. But the energy requires conduits to more useful applications, and this is provided by Greer, as he makes his way to the pages of Revolver.

Six years ago, I took a trip down south, in effort to Unite the Right. It is a shame it took so long, but it is surely better late than never. In my view, those of us who would like to see civilization continue beyond the conclusion of the next election, might do well to think about how we can continue that progress, and minimize, to the extent practicable, hostilities Right of center.

There’s plenty more going on, and I look forward to hearing from you on all of it, this and every Wednesday at 9:30pm US Eastern.

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