Radical Agenda S06E020 - Our Pride

Radical Agenda S06E020 – Our Pride

Just one more week left of Pride Month. Then, the degenerates will find some other reason to celebrate their depravity.

How about you, White man?

What are you doing next month?

Perhaps more to the point, what are you doing in August?

At the beginning of this parade of filth, I talked to you about the Stonewall riots that spawned this symptom of our national decline. To recap briefly, a mobster bribed to police to look the other way as he wan an illegal bar for queers, whom he would later extort. When he failed to pay his bribe, and the police showed up, the queers got violent and attacked the police.

That’s how you got Pride Month. That’s why Joe Biden lit the White House up in rainbow lights, and encouraged children to submit to sick experiments on their bodies.

We’re just five data away from the anniversary of this 1969 crime spree, and you can expect the grand finale to be quite the spectacle. How can they possibly top the daily displays of filth? I don’t know, but they always find a way, don’t they?

One of the things we went over at the beginning of this month was the reason that crime wave became the symbol it did. Gays being violent was nothing new. This kind of thing happened all of the time back then, just like it does now. People whose sex life has the potential to improve in prison are less inclined to be law abiding, after all.

Anybody remember why this became the “Stonewall Uprising” celebrated by the Library of Congress, in such stark contrast to the Charlottesville terror attack or the January 6th QAnon Insurrection?

There were many components to it of course, Jews not least of all, but largely it was just a choice on the part of the rioters and their supporters. They memorialized the event. As the name implies, they took – pride – in it. And, as decent people looked on bewildered, they just flaunted it. Came back the next year and held a parade. Do that a few times, people will become convinced you actually do have something to be proud of… And that’s exactly what happened.

Lucky for them they weren’t bogged down in litigation, or facing armed mobs backed by foreign and domestic intelligence agencies.

Interesting how that works, isn’t it? The oppressed sexual minority gets to have a riot over illegal liquor sales and extortion, then celebrate it as a rebellion, in public, without fear.

You, the wicked racial terrorists, the source of systemic racism, the White men who rule this country with an iron fist of White Supremacy, you can’t even hold a permitted demonstration, much less celebrate it after.

Quite a thing, I’d say.

I’ve been meaning to get to, and maybe we’ll get to it today, a list of all the queer celebration dates. It’s very long. These people have more anniversaries than one can keep track of. You need a spreadsheet, really. Preferably a database.

Then there’s all the black stuff. Juneteenth, Kwanzaa, black history month, Martin Luther King day.

Our entire calendar is just polluted with communist horseshit. I’m fuckin sick of looking at it, honestly.

Fox News, whatever value they may add, sometimes you see they chime in on this nonsense. The “celebrating diversity” commercials. Letting Harris Faulkner fill in for Tucker Carlson, as if Brian Kilmeade wasn’t bad enough.

Rituals are important.

You might have heard I went to Church last Sunday. If you’ve been around awhile, you know that’s out of character for your humble correspondent. If you haven’t seen it, you should check out my BitChute channel, there’s a video titled Losing my Religion which sort of illustrates my relationship with that category of thought.

I came from a Catholic household, so when I went to Church as a kid, it was this very solemn thing and the hierarchy was very clear and you knew when to say what after awhile.

This thing I went to last week, was described to me as non-denominational charismatic. There were drums and guitars involved. It was held in this non-descript room in an unremarkable building. There were no pews, just rows of chairs. When the band played, people were dancing. The people performing the service were indistinguishable in their dress from the congregants.

It felt strangely subversive, frankly. I don’t say that to speak ill of it, only to describe my experience. I’m glad those people are getting what they need out of it, and I don’t hold it against them. Better they go there than they don’t go, I’m sure.

But I didn’t go to Church expecting to find God. I went, among other reasons, looking for ritual.

I read a book in jail titled The Orthodox Way, by Bishop Kallistos Ware. Interestingly, one of you sent me a copy of this subsequent to my release, and I smiled to receive it. When I spoke to the guy who sent it I thanked him for sending me a great book, while noting my regret that I had already enjoyed it.

What I liked about that book was that it wasn’t so much about theology as it was about practice. hence the title, “The Orthodox Way“.

Practice, I can do. Practice, in truth, I find tempting.

There’s more than a wife and kids and material possessions missing from my life. I become aware of this more often than I am comfortable with. I sometimes convince myself that what’s missing is religion. I think there’s a great deal of evidence to support this theory, and I do not think I am the only one so deprived.

But I also don’t think I get to choose my beliefs. I make observations about the world around me. I contemplate the implications of those observations. I seek more information to better inform my contemplations, and from this I form a worldview.

Based on this process of acquiring and organizing knowledge, as best as I can tell, I am an organic life form. I can be categorized within this as a male, a primate, a human, a White Man. There are predators in my environment, which I must avoid or ultimately destroy. There are contaminants which I must remain wary of. I can attract mates, but if they have been contaminated they will not bear be progeny.

All good things to know, but not very inspiring. I want more than this.

And, to be sure, I get more than this. I find what could fairly be described as spiritual rewards in so much of what I do. Probably more than most people, actually. More than many religious people, I imagine. Not least of all on this list, is this show.

This is my prayer.

This is my, confession. I’ll even take yours, at 217-688-1433.

It is, in no small part, my community.

In recent episodes, I think more on SurrealPolitiks than here, I’ve talked about the merits of suffering. That is how I repent for my sins. I feel, cleansed, by it, though I never feel completely clean.

After Church on Sunday, I had a brief conversation with a woman there, and I told her about the disparity between my expectation and my experience of the service, noting my Catholic upbringing. She immediately associated this with unwarranted feelings of guilt.

I wanted to tell her “No, you don’t understand sweety, I have every reason to feel guilty. I’m a monster. I have to try very hard to be good. I’m not a naturally good person like you. You’re kind and gentle. I’m a very impatient war criminal in waiting.”

I don’t think this is particularly unique to Catholicism, or Christianity in general. Sure Eve ate the damn fruit and now we’re all screwed, but man’s fall from God’s grace is not the most unique of stories. Anything that encourages us to be decent has to acknowledge first that we require such encouragement. We need to be deterred from depravity by something, for some reason. The implication is that our default setting is anything but decent.

I don’t need religion to teach me this about myself. I know it for an observed fact.

In any case, I’m acting like a religious fanatic, is I guess what I mean to say, and sometimes I’m kinda like “Why be a fuckin hipster about it? Just be part of a religious tradition.”

That is conflicting for me because I don’t want to be inauthentic, so to perform a ritual with implications I don’t literally believe, seems fake, but this presents me with another conflict. If I want to do a wholesome thing, and I do not do it for concern of appearance, then am I any more authentic in this case than in the alternative?

Ain’t that a rock and a hard place?


Let’s stick to what we know.

We did a very good thing six years ago in Virginia. The level of resistance that we met in the wake of that event was not routine. They viewed that event, with some merit, as a sincere threat to their dominion. It did not, of course, diminish their motivation any, that they could blame it on President Trump, and this made for the alignment of a very diverse array of interests against us.

When Joe Biden announced his candidacy for President, he said Charlottesville was the reason he did it. He featured images of me fighting in the video. He called Antifa a “courageous group of Americans” and stated “and then a violent clash ensued”. He did not say “the Nazis attacked the students” just “a violent clash ensued” which is to say, he understood who started the violence, and in his campaign announcement video, he praised their crime.

To the best of my knowledge, nobody associated with the event, on either side, has been identified as working with the government in advance. Save for the disclosed communications of event organizers, which were mundane in their nature. Since we know that federal agencies were very interested in the event, and we know that there was no shyness in pursuing prosecutions, this tells us that they value quite highly whoever they had involved in this, and they do not want that information disclosed.

I’m not going to say here, but I observed some things during the civil trial, things the Plaintiffs did not want entered into the public record, some of which would have helped their case.

They were really, really worried about my body camera video, perhaps most notably. I wanted the whole thing entered into evidence, but vehemently opposed that. They don’t want aspects of that meeting to be known, and not just the fact that we called the cops. That portion, they did not try to keep out, not that I think they could have if they tried. But they’re obviously protecting people, and I have my suspicions as to who, and why.

Earlier in this stage of the program I played an old clip laying out a strategy for us. The single most important step of that strategy, was that I would get in the car, and start traveling to meet you individually or in small numbers, and we would begin to build the sort of relationships and trust which are required of organizing in the midst of the perils we face. This too, was met with extraordinary resistance. I found information on this in the discovery in my criminal trial, and we can be certain there was plenty undisclosed. But what’s certain is, they really didn’t want that to happen.

While I have my concerns about the political strategy of the NJP, my understanding is that they have served at least this purpose very well. How well they exercise that organizational power, and to what ultimate effect, I suppose remains to be seen. I do not imagine it will be done in the manner I would do it, but that doesn’t mean they will wield this power poorly.

In my view, what needs to happen going forward, is to align our narrative with that of the January 6th defendants. Not so much because of the Defendants themselves, though this is surely not without consequence, but because they have a degree of institutional support which we never managed to obtain. It is not in their interests or ours that they are separated from this support, and their story sheds light on our story.

I don’t think aligning our narratives requires much massaging. We are Nationalists, of various stripes, interested in the wellbeing of our Country. The people who are opposed to that wellbeing, are very powerful. They reside in the intelligence agencies, the party structures, the tech companies, the media, finance, and every institution of power, because, that’s how power works.

To be sure, they are disproportionately Jewish. No less certain, Jewish ethnocentrism motivates many of them. But Jews are not magical. No less than us, they can only act politically by aligning their interests with the interests of others, and that is why I do not think it makes the most sense to make them the central theme of our political rhetoric. To know about them is sufficient, for now, in my view.

To take that knowledge into power, and to obtain the means of putting it to use, is the task before us now. And so, I propose adding two new special days to the calendar. August 12th, and January 6th.

These are, at least for rhetorical purposes, the same thing: Egregious examples of intelligence agencies waging war against Nationalism.

There’s a connection to Ukraine in this, but it’s not entirely clear yet.

The January 6th Defendants do not want to believe they risked their lives and freedom for a lie, or for a traitor. One of them shouted “Trump won” after being sentenced to 12 years in prison on Wednesday. This man clearly has convictions in more than one sense. He is not alone. As far as they are concerned, they are Patriots who were doing the right thing, and whatever you may think about the 2020 election or Donald Trump, the men who are serving time in prison over that event require, psychologically, the belief that they are in the midst of some righteous suffering to cleanse their souls, and that eventually, their countrymen will see them for heroes.

I see no reason not to grant them this.

They want Trump to return to the White House, and again, whatever you may think about Trump, what benefit do you derive from denying these men their wish? None. You do not have a better viable alternative, and even Mr. Damigo, whom we interviewed in the prior episode, though he is not supportive of Mr. Trump, acknowledged two things during our talk which I think are pertinent to the point I am making. 1. That the imminent collapse of the United States Government would be catastrophic for us if it happened before we were prepared to act on it. 2. That Trump and the Republican Party might have the effect of prolonging the survival of the system.

Well, whatever you think of the system, unless you think that you have the organizational capacity to take power in the wake of system failure, prolonging its survival is in your best interests.  So there is nothing at all unreasonable about viewing the election of Donald Trump as a stall tactic while you prepare for other contingencies.

So, whatever the motives behind what happened in Charlottesville on that historic weekend six years ago, some portion of it was doubtlessly to undermine Trump’s presidency. It worked, spectacularly, for that purpose. I knew this before I was even taken into custody in Virginia, and I apologized to the President for that reason. What unfolded after only confirmed this.

They turned a permitted demonstration into a lethal riot to attack the President. Then they stole the subsequent election from him. That puts us all on the same team. That’s your alignment of diverse interests. That’s your Realpolitik.

These people do not want to think of themselves as Nazis. I say this conscious of the roman salutes in the intro video tonight. Nobody is perfect, me least of all, but it’s just plain common sense that whatever your views on World War II, the global cultural reference to Nazis, fictional though it may be, is that they were the bad guys. You can relitigate that until you’re blue in the face, or you can try to take control of the State. It’s entirely up to you, but you won’t have both in your lifetime.

We don’t want to have “another Charlottesville” – obviously. I’m still restrained in my movements by probation. I don’t know enough about IRL organizing over the last three years to make strategic assessments of it. So, I can’t figure out how to mark the day in the next six weeks.

But ritual is very important. We have every reason to be proud of what we did that weekend. And before next year, I intend to figure out a way to demonstrate, our pride.

Do join me.


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