SurrealPolitiks S01E019 - To Give It All - Part 01

To Give It All – Part 01 – Tonight on SurrealPolitiks

As one who has dedicated his life to media and activism for over a decade, I am not infrequently asked, in a variety of contexts “How can I do more?” for whatever cause it is the questioner may find him or herself involved in.

There is of course no singular answer to such a question. To begin, “more” is a relative term, and so, what counts as “more” depends very much on what one is doing in the moment. Then there are the specifics of the cause at issue, the circumstances of the moment, questions of geography, the choices one has made to date, and ultimately, one’s innate capacity.

But I will today begin something of a crash course in how one goes about giving the maximum they can. To streamline one’s life in such a way that as little as possible may interfere with the passions.

I am calling this Part 1, because there is no possibility to cover all of this material in a two our recording, but we’ll cover some very useful information which will help you in all areas of your life.

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