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It has been said that it is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

As I sought inspiration for today’s opening monologue, I realized that I was perhaps too well adjusted to this one.

There is plenty going on. Hunter Biden’s plea deal just fell apart, and as a consequence of this I discovered something I had not previously been fully aware of. Andy McCarthy on Fox News pointed out today that Hunter Biden has not been indicted, and thus the statute of limitations is still ticking on his many crimes, including the ones he was about to plead guilty to today.

At this point I realize, this is not a situation where Hunter Biden is having a bad time. This is a stall tactic coordinated between his defense team and the DOJ. It also occurs to me that at a recent congressional hearing where a homosexual Democrat IRS agent testified against Hunter Biden, and was given all the credence in the world on account of these components of his identity, the man was not so much a whistleblower as a player of the skin flute. He was there, not to sound the alarm on misconduct, but to brag about it, because he understands perfectly well that nothing is going to come of this and, more to the point, the best part about this for the Democrats is to let everybody know what they are getting away with, as a demonstration of their power.

This is pretty outrageous, but it is, in the final analysis, routine. This is the baseline expectation, that the Biden family can commit crimes in full view of the public, get caught, and just proceed like it never happened. After all, if Antifa can run riot in broad daylight and tell outrageous lies under oath while being contradicted by video in real time, there would actually be something very wrong with the world if people so powerful as the Bidens, had less power than that.

And so, this sort of thing having become mundane to me. Consequently, after discovering this otherwise shocking outrage, I muted the television again, and went back to reading the news online.

Revolver links to a story about a man who beat two babies to death. He has already been transferred to a women’s prison in California, because of course he decided to become transgender after Gavin Newsome signed a gender identity law making it possible for men to get shipped to female facilities simply for claiming to be “non-binary”. He is now awaiting breast implants which will be provided to him at taxpayer expense.

Jason Michael Hann, who now goes by the pseudonym Jessica Marie Hann, was sentenced to death for bashing open the skulls of his infant son and daughter. He is reported to have traveled with their corpses for some time before disposing of them, and threatened to murder his wife if she went to police. He put his 10-week-old daughter, Montana’s body in a Tupperware container, and left it in a trailer he owned which was subsequently repossessed. The repossessed trailer was auctioned off, and the new owner discovered the remains, approximately one year after Hann had beaten her to death before her third month of life. Since Mr. Hann was the prior registered owner of the trailer, it did not take police long to connect him to the murder.

When Hann and his then wife were caught, they had a 1 year old child in their custody on the brink of death. Had police arrived much later, there would likely be three bodies to Mr. Hann’s name.  During the subsequent investigation, a storage locker belonging to Mr. Hann was searched, and there they found the remains of his six week old son, whose head he bashed open in 1989.

And so if ever there was a reason to have a death penalty, surely Mr. Hann is the epitome of that reason, but Gavin Newsome does not think there is any reason to put people like Mr. Hann to death, so he instituted a moratorium on executions before authorities could rid the world of Mr. Hann’s evil. Newsome also instituted a policy allowing male prisoners to be transferred to women’s prisons simply for filling out a questionnaire that says they are not actually males. They do not have to say they are females, mind you, they only have to say they are “gender non conforming” and they can then be shipped to a women’s prison and receive “gender affirming care” like hormones and breast implants, at taxpayer expense.

Thus was born Jessica Marie Hann.

But of course, this too has become mundane. I am just reciting facts to you, and gruesome though they are, I am not fired up enough to provide you much in the way of original commentary. This is just what happens in America today, and I am not particularly shocked by it.

Another routine story appears in the form of an Emmy Award winning ABC reporter, who was very upset by what he saw as the racism of Tucker Carlson, pleading guilty to possessing child pornography. No surprise here. Another Leftist possessing child porn. It hardly gets any more mundane than this today. But am I shocked to find, as Revolver is quick to call attention to, that he had the worst sort of child pornography?

The kiddie porn in question includes the forcible rape of an infant. Am I shocked yet? Outraged? Shall the words flow through me in a fit of rage and send a shiver up your spine?

No. I am afraid the facts will have to do. I am wholly unsurprised by this.

Nor am I particularly shocked to hear that, despite facing a maximum of 40 years in prison. James Meek is far more likely to do the federal mandatory minimum of five years.

Shrug, what else is new?

I am mildly amused to discover that Frank Luntz is in a state fear. This brings a smile to my face because Frank Luntz is a thoroughly detestable man. He posts a video to Twitter, styled as a Donald Trump campaign ad, in which an actor says “If I was the deep state, I would” and rattles off a bunch of things which one might argue have already happened, such as stealing an election and putting a doddering old corrupt fool like Joe Biden into the White House because he is incapable of and unwilling to, do anything to helps his country. The video implies that COVID was a “false flag” and makes a number of outrageous claims which are not entirely proven, then flashes a Trump 2024 campaign logo, as if that is going to solve the problem.

Luntz calls this a campaign ad, and says it makes him afraid. Jonah Goldberg agrees.

I am unmoved other than in my amusement at their expense. What could possibly go wrong with a President making such claims? Plenty…

Did the President actually make those claims?

Why check?

It’s believable, so whether or not he actually made them is besides the point. Donald Trump might be President in 2025, and I see no reason to question whether he is publicly calling COVID a false flag and issuing videos which could be deemed a call to arms.

Such is the state of our politics. It seems we have reached a stage in America’s decline that might be described as “routine lunacy”. One in which it makes little sense to get one’s heart rate up about anything in particular. To even attempt this, proves impossible after some extended period.

In cognitive behavioral therapy for people with phobias and other disorders, psychologists expose patients to stimuli that trigger the disordered behavior in the patient. The patient is then observed and instructed not to engage in the disordered behavior normally triggered by the event. This causes the patient a great deal of anxiety, sometimes reaching a state that might be described as a panic attack. And still, the behavioral therapist insists the patient refrain from the disordered behavior while continuing the stimuli.

And after some period of time, the disordered behavior ceases to be an issue. Because the body is simply incapable of maintaining stress levels like this for very long. Continue the stimuli, deny relief, and eventually the patient just gets used to the stimuli.

And it is no different in politics. We are exposed to the corruption and depravity in our society, not so much because the monsters who govern us are clumsy and have lost their capacity to keep secrets, though one assumes this plays a role, but rather because they actually want us to see it. They want us to get used to it. They want us to accept it.

Well, I am not going to say that I have accepted it, but I have certainly gotten used to it. My heart rate is not elevated as a I read about the repeat baby bludgeoner having his sex fetish subsidized, nor the light sentence for the Emmy Award winning journalist who gets off on baby rape videos, or the brazen criminality of the President’s son, the the civil war being provoked by Donald Trump, because really the wildest thing I see these days are women aspiring to motherhood, and men declining the temptations of pornography.

I suppose this feeds into what I was saying about beauty a couple of weeks back. One’s frame of reference, the things one becomes accustomed to, the changes to one’s perceptions that come with deprivation.

I’ll try to elaborate further before showtime, and I look forward to speaking with SurrealPolitiks paying subscribers at 9:30pm US Eastern time, as we do every Wednesday.



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