In Person GOP Debate Watch Party, August 23rd, Manchester, NH

If you would be interested in joining me in New Hampshire for a GOP debate watch party on August 23rd, send me an email through the contact form at the bottom of this post.

This event is under consideration but is not yet confirmed. This message is for the purpose of gauging the viability of hosting such an event. This is obviously short notice, which is part design and part consequence of other priorities on my end. Whether or not this event occurs, we’ll begin considering a similar event for September 27th for the 2nd GOP debate forthwith.

If you are in, or otherwise willing to travel to New Hampshire, and would like to meet up with me in person under other circumstances, I’ll be interested to hear from you as well.

To receive an invitation to this event, I will need to know in no uncertain terms who you legally are, so that I will know who to take legal action against if you misbehave. This is to protect you and everyone else who may attend. You can tell everybody else your name is Adolf Hitler for all I care, and I will keep your secret as I have for thousands of others, but I will need to know who to sue should the need arise. This is non-negotiable.

I will be demanding that attendees either secure their electronic devices off site, or hand them over to me for safe keeping to mitigate the threat of doxing other attendees. Surreptitious recording in New Hampshire is a serious crime and is also civilly actionable, and this adds to that protection, but that is of very limited utility if I do not know who I am dealing with and who to take legal action against in the case of a breach.

I’m not going to make everybody take a 23andMe, but here at the Radical Agenda, we are known to have one of the more ethnically diverse audiences so far as WN podcasts go. If your appearance is such that when you show up places, people know you’re “not White”, please save me a lot of hassle and don’t make me choose between telling you no or justifying your presence to a bunch of Nazis.

This event is intended to be for people who are, if not supportive of the GOP, at least don’t treat it like their full time job to help the Democrats. If you think this is an opportunity for you to come and complain all night, you’re wrong, if you piss me off I’ll kick you out and the people who remain will all have a good laugh about it.

The terms of my supervised release prohibit me from drinking. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol and drink if you like, so long as you don’t make a mess of yourself or plan to drive impaired. No illicit or illicitly obtained drugs of any kind, nor persons under the influence of any illicit or illicitly obtained drugs, will be welcome at the event.

This event is not certain to occur at all. My own operational security concerns and higher priorities have not well equipped me for hosting in person events, and I intend to be very cautious about who I allow in my proximity. If I reject you personally, I’ll tell you why, and you may have the opportunity to remedy deficiencies for future meetups. If I tell you the event isn’t happening, that’s the truth.

Once I have an idea as to whether or not the event is viable, I will seek public accommodations such as a hotel for hosting. I am not selling tickets for this thing, but as always, you are invited to help finance this and other parts of my operations, and you can find out all about how to do this at


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