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Thoughts for Tonight’s SurrealPolitiks Member Chat 20230920

You know, it’s funny. I sorta punched out of the news for awhile. Lost interest almost completely after they fired Tucker Carlson from Fox News.

I watched a few of his Twitter shows, but given that even X is a complete sham now I’m just so much less interested in keeping up with these things, and there’s plenty else I can do with my time.

But every once in awhile, things pick up and even without being tuned in it becomes pretty obvious.

Matter of fact, I get to wondering if the news is tuned into me these days.

Somebody tagged me on Twitter to say that a news story indicated somebody must be listening to my show. When I go to check on the story, it turns out that Lauren Boebert says she is dumping her Democrat boyfriend who felt her up in the theater. Not because she’s embarrassed about the licentiousness, but because he’s a Democrat, which you may recall, was my primary complaint about the incident.

Now, I can neither confirm nor deny that Lauren Boebert listens to SurrealPolitiks. I consider it my obligation to keep customer data confidential, obviously, but whether it was because of me or because of other news outlets pointing out he owned a “gay friendly” bar that hosted drag shows, this is what Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler might call a “nudge”.

Is it a good thing that we have a lecherous woman in the House of Representatives spouting off about her devout Christianity while she divorces her husband and plays doctor in a crowded theater? Probably not.

Is it good that she dumped the degenerate boyfriend when people attacked her for dating a Democrat? You bet.

And, as a matter of fact, now that I think about it, there’s far less noise being made about Kristi Noem and Corey Lewandowski than there was about Boebert dating a smut peddler.

This is very good news. This is evidence that Republicans are concluding that Democrats are bad people, as opposed to the old myth of misguided but loyal opposition. One cannot be a Republican in good standing while sleeping with a Democrat, because to do so is to sleep with the enemy, and this is plainly a disreputable thing to do. Far worse than adultery, as a matter of fact. If Lauren Boebert wants to get divorced, she is far from the first Republican to do this. If she wants to engage in reckless public displays of affection, she has only the voters to answer to for this. But if she divorces her husband to engage in reckless public displays of affection, with a Democrat, this the constituency will not abide, and now she is going to have to find somebody else to check for lumps in the theater.

Not to be outdone. Ukraine has suspended their transgender Trotskyite war propagandist after he threatened a sitting US Senator and told the world he answers to the US taxpayer. Once again we can neither confirm nor deny that this was our doing, but we are quite confident that the SBU has listeners in the audience.

I’m figuring they probably know that we’re about to get very big. Now that we have our paywall syndication functions in order, and have begun onboarding our first new producers, it is only a matter of time before they have no choice but to admit it was us who placed the pressure upon their necks.

There’s plenty more to get to, and I am of course looking forward to hearing from all of you this evening, as we do every Wednesday at 9:30pm US Eastern.

At the time of this writing, Odysee is not working. So we might not be able to start the Odysee video stream this evening. Maybe they fix it before showtime, but we are in no position to say.

I make Odysee subscriptions available because people want them, but it is not the best way to subscribe to the content. That was the case from the beginning, and as we are expanding the access of the SurrealPolitiks paywall subscription to other sites, this becomes even more so.

After the issue we had last week, some Odysee subscribers complained that, this coupled with me needing to skip two public broadcasts, left them feeling like the weren’t getting their money’s worth.

If you are an Odysee subscriber and you would like to switch to a paywall membership, email me using the contact form on the website and I will give you a promo code for a free month.

You can watch all of the live video streams on our sites, and you can participate in the member chat using our video conference application, if you are a member there.

Tech problems happen. Sometimes it’s Odysee, sometimes it’s me. That’s life, and all we can do about it is work hard and try our best to keep delivering quality media within whatever boundaries the gremlins permit.

But do rest assured that we are working hard, and that we are very determined to deliver a satisfying experience to everyone, and especially the people who pay for it.


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