Radical Agenda S06E034 - James Edwards, Uncensored

Radical Agenda S06E034 – James Edwards, Uncensored

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E034 - James Edwards, Uncensored

James Franklin Edwards is a man I’d have done well to have discovered much sooner. Nineteen years ago, near to the day, he began a radio show called The Political Cesspool.

Despite, or perhaps because of, being labeled the “nexus of hate in America” by the Soulless Perfidious Lawfare Criminals (SPLC), and the most ardent efforts of all that the forces of darkness and chaos have to offer, the show yet remains, not only in those dark recesses of the Internet so familiar to Radical Agenda listener, but also on commercial airwaves from their flagship station, AM 1600 WMQM in Memphis, Tennessee, and syndicated throughout the world by the Liberty News Radio Network.

The rich history he developed over those two decades would be a fascinating story on its own, even had he not already made a name for himself by, among other things, his work with the Pat Buchanan Presidential Campaign of the year 2000, and making his own bid for the Tennessee House of Representin’ two years later.

And yet this rich history extends still further into our past. One might say that James Edwards was born for a time such as this.

Writing at Faith & Heritage in 2015, Mr. Edwards reflects on his earliest memories with the following paragraph;

For me, the reconciliation of Christianity and race realism came quite naturally. In fact, when looking back on my life up to this point I grow more thankful each day that I was born into a conservative Christian family with a mother and father who loved me enough to take me to church. From the time I was old enough to retain memory I knew that on Sunday morning we would go to worship Jesus Christ at my small, Southern Baptist congregation. On those pews I spent the early years of my life marinating in the Word of God, and it has made me a better man and a more effective advocate.

On that foundation Mr. Edwards says he began considering politics around the time he switched from Briarcrest Christian School to home schooling, during his freshman year of high school. Describing a distant memory of his father telling a man at a bowling alley that he’d be voting for Pat Buchanan in the 1992 Republican Primary, Mr. Edwards came to understand why that was by watching Buchanan’s Crossfire television program during those years. He was excited to know that he would have the opportunity to aid Mr. Buchanan in his second bid for the Nation’s highest office, which was launched in the year 1999.

In the course of that activism, the gravity of America’s racial strife began to be revealed to Mr. Edwards, and he made his first inquiries into what some call the Jewish Question.

While a life in a conservative Christian household provided the foundation for Mr. Edwards to begin his life of struggle, this entry into the political arena provided the spark.

Hungry for more action after Buchanan’s year 2000 defeat to George W. Bush, Mr. Edwards embarked on the journey that leads him here today.

No older than 21 years of age in the year 2002, an ambitious Mr. Edwards sought his place at the table of government with a bid for the Tennessee House of Representatives in that state’s 97th legislative district. Running without the support of a major political party, he felt the sting of defeat as the ballots were counted, but retains bragging rights in his having received a higher percentage of the vote than any independent candidate in a three way race prior to him.

The campaign proved a formative moment for Mr. Edwards, as I know from some experience such a thing can be. Four years later, he would go on to marry the woman he was dating at the time. In addition to generously helping Mr. Edwards repopulate the Earth with quality White life, a boy and two beautiful girls as of this writing, he describes her as an active participant in his righteous struggle, even prior to his becoming a radio legend with the launch of The Political Cesspool in the year 2004.

Writing at Faith & Heritage in 2015, Mr. Edwards says of his vision for the program;

With regard to my work on the radio, it was my vision from Day One to take the ingredients that have been so personally valuable in my life and share them with my audience. I wanted my show to serve as a leading voice that was at once Pro-Christian (God), Pro-White (Family), and Pro-South (Republic). One of the biggest keys to our success has been that ability to blend faith and folk. The positive incorporation of the Christian faith into my work makes my radio program very special to people.

Since then, Mr. Edwards has earned the distinction of being attached by the Sex Pervert Lust Cabal (SPLC) no fewer than 79 times. He and Peter Brimelow share the distinction of being the only ethnonationalists Pat Buchanan has defended publicly by name.

I was proud during both of my appearances on The Political Cesspool to join a long and storied line of distinguished guests including the aforementioned Patrick J. Buchanan, who has joined at least twice, Anthony Cumia, whom regular listeners know too well has been a major inspiration for this production, Jerome Corsi, John Derbyshire, Steve Sailer, Jared Taylor, Drew Fraser, Jim Gilchrist, Ilana Mercer, Paul Fromm, Kathy Shaidle, Hutton Gibson, and Donald Trump Jr..

David Duke has described The Political Cesspool as his favorite radio program. The show was also praised by no less than Bob Whitaker, whom regular listeners may recall we discussed at some length with the heir to Whitaker’s White Rabbit Radio, a very talented man by the name of Tim Murdoch.

Even as they attack him, the Shallow Profligate Lecherous Crowd (SPLC) could not help but praise the talent of Mr. Edwards. Writing in 2007 of his being featured at a gathering of the Council of Conservative Citizens, David Holthouse says of Mr. Edwards;

The “Cesspool” host is a rising star of the white nationalist movement because he’s articulate, charming and equally at ease in a television studio, behind a radio microphone and standing in front of a crowd. He was a specially invited guest speaker at the CCC conference. His topic: “Creating Your Own Media.” CCC National Field Coordinator Bill Lord told a “Martin Luther Coon” joke in his introduction of Edwards. Lord and other longtime CCC members casually dropped racial epithets at the conference, but Edwards carefully avoided using such crudely derogatory language, as he always does when speaking in public, on the airwaves or to the media. Edwards allies himself with hate group leaders who call black people “n——,” but he doesn’t drop the N-bomb himself. Instead he speaks in the more or less polished code of a suit-and-tie racist, calling blacks “heathen savages,” “subhumans,” and “black animals,” exclusively in the context of discussing violent black-on-white crime.

Which I’ll add, provides no shortage of material to discuss, obviously.

And yet Mr. Edwards knows another medium besides the crowd, the microphone, and the camera. He is also the published author of a 2010 book titled “Racism Schmacism: How Liberals Use the R Word to Push the Obama Agenda“, and while you would be infinitely better off to purchase a copy directly from James for just $14.99, his tact and talent for navigating this complex intellectual battlefield, seem to have helped him avoid being banned from Amazon, where the paperback is still available for what is still a bargain price at just under $50.

Oh to think what I might have accomplished had I discovered James Edwards before Opie & Anthony. A man of his experience and distinction comes around not often in this world, and though I regret not having learned from him sooner in my career, I consider myself and the listener quite fortunate that he graces us with his presence this evening for the entirety of our two hour live broadcast.


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