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Thoughts for Tonight’s SurrealPolitiks Member Chat 20231004

I have been sitting in front of my computer all day trying to come up with something more interesting than the headlines of the day to talk about.

This is not for a lack of interesting headlines, mind you.

Kevin McCarthy has been ousted as speaker of the House, the implications of which could easily fill two hours on its own.

There was a test of the emergency alert system today that got “Purge” trending on Twitter, and I’d say this speaks volumes to the political climate in the country.

Trump got hit with a gag order in his civil fraud trial in New York.

Biden’s dog bit a 71 year old man, contradicting stories that the President’s weaponized critters were only biting secret service for mean mugging him.

There was an amusing story about Rudy Giuliani’s drinking in the New York Times, which led me to look into a story from June about a woman suing him for coercing him into sex. I’m shocked that I missed this when it came out, but it’s pretty amusing.

If you all aren’t chatty tonight, I’ll read from these things and try to crack a joke or three, but lately I’m just categorically disinterested in “the news”. I want something more inspiring than this, and today my annoyance with this state of affairs is reaching something of a crescendo.

I was very proud of what I produced for Episode 27. That was inspired. I usually don’t listen to my own material after it is published, but I have listened to that many times. It has haunted my thoughts. And, after wasting many hours of listening to myself talk from that clip, I went through some other clips I was very proud of, seeking more inspiration from them.

But this does not produce that effect. It satisfies me, and inspiration does not come from satisfaction. When you see me at my best I am dissatisfied, generally. On the rarest of occasions, I can find passion in something joyful, but mostly when I write and speak passionately about something I am really pissed off.

And this has me thinking about the subject of inspiration, which is sort of inspiring in itself. So, I’ll try to come up with more to say about this before we meet at 9:30pm, but I had to get this email out in advance, and at the time of this writing it is 4:30pm my time.


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