SurrealPolitiks S01E029 - @WAR

SurrealPolitiks S01E029 – @WAR

SurrealPolitiks S01E029 - @WAR

Nothing brings America together like its devotion to Israel, or at least, this is the impression one gets when watching television.

American media finds much to disagree about, generally. How many genders are there? Liberals tell us it is an infinite variety. Conservatives, being quite moderate, are generally skeptical of greater than six, and of course insist one fill out the proper forms before entering spaces reserved for the opposite sex. Should America have borders? Liberals say no. Conservatives, say “kinda”. Is America a racist country? Liberals say yes. Conservatives say “it’s complicated”. Plenty of vigorous debate on these subjects. The country is totally divided.

But when Israel is under threat, we are all Americans. What defines us as Americans more than any other factor – more than ethnicity, or language, or culture, or territory, or even our much worshipped diversity – is our undying devotion to a foreign ethnostate, spun out of whole cloth, less than a century ago. These borders, unlike our own, are holy and inviolable.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans died bravely fighting the most evil force in history, the Nazis, to rescue God’s chosen people and deliver them to the promised land. For this, we are blessed by God and endowed with the right and the obligation to rule the Earth by force until Jesus returns and every tongue is made to confess.

This compulsory State religion skirts the First Amendment’s establishment clause by parading as objective fact. It is not doctrine, it is history, you see. To disagree is to confess one’s guilt, to renounce one’s citizenship, and one’s humanity.

And yet some still do. Anti-Semites, mostly. Though not all of them confess their thought crime. Not immediately, anyway. Some might actually even believe they are innocent of the sin of anti-Semitism. They say they are merely criticizing a foreign Right wing government, but eventually they are made to know that criticizing Israel is, by definition, anti-Semitic, and once they know this, they accept that they are anti-Semites.

This, as you might expect, has the effect of breeding much anti-Semitism.

Here at SurrealPolitiks, we are, officially, anyway, agnostic on that subject. Value free, as it were, in the vein of the best economists. Calling balls and strikes. It seems to us reasonable that Jews would prefer there to be less anti-Semitism, and that non-Jews would have substantially more diverse opinions on that subject.

Though it is not at all certain this is the case, and this we think one can objectively call peculiar.

As Israel announced yesterday it was at war, one informed as to the nature of media and online propaganda might be less than surprised to see that all systems were go. The television was instantly converted from a device of questionable utility into one more soldier of the IDF, entirely unambiguous in its reason for existing. Every Twitter/X trend pertained to the conflict. Short, grainy videos with zero explanatory power went viral along with wild descriptions providing alleged context unsupported by the image and sound.

And, notably, a trend not too often seen. The name “Nick Fuentes”.

For those unfamiliar, Nick Fuentes is a Mexican child who purports to be the “main leader of the dissident Right for the last five years or so”.

That is no arbitrary number. Mr. Fuentes tracks his supposed leadership back to shortly after the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville Virginia, when the honor was bestowed upon him by what was then thought to be the most popular neo-Nazi website on Earth. Now widely understood to be a subversive element, the Daily Stormer was largely the creation of two men. Andrew Anglin, previously a detached conspiracy blogger without much notoriety, and Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer, aka weev, a Jewish computer hacker who fled the United States for Ukraine after being released from prison on computer hacking charges.

The site’s popularity was largely a fabrication of weev’s making. He was manipulating Alexa ranks (a now defunct, but then widely used, metric for estimating website popularity), to make the site seem more relevant. The site used this perceived popularity to drive American journalists insane, and to aid them in their mission to smear Donald Trump as the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

When Jewish lesbian lawfare crook Roberta Kaplan sued attendees and organizers for the events of the August 2017 rally, though the Daily Stormer and Andrew Anglin were sued, Auernheimer was not. He was mentioned in filings as “The CTO” of Daily Stormer, and his writings were used as evidence, but the Plaintiffs tried mightily to prevent him from being mentioned in the litigation, and were thwarted in this only by yours truly. None of the “defense” lawyers even tried.

Fuentes is a non entity in the events of recent days, but his suspect origins and conspicuous placement in the Twitter trends yesterday illustrate a broader point worth calling attention to in the moment.

The Leftist mentality is not fundamentally victim oriented. They play on victimhood narratives to take advantage of decent people who care about harm coming to the innocent.

Good people tend to be averse to violence, as a general matter. To overcome this aversion requires very substantial justification, clear targets, and clear objectives. When malicious actors want to use violence, they need to create these things in the minds of the populace in order to obtain their support or at least mitigate opposition.

So when the Israeli State decides they want to go in and start exterminating the people they see as obstructing their expansionist project – known as “Greater Israel” – they cannot simply announce that the time has come to bulldoze the huts and slaughter the cattle. They must be acting on a very severe provocation, and in this they are fortunate that provocations of varying degrees are never long off, having made enemies of so many people over the centuries prior to the existence of their now holy and unidirectionally inviolable borders. describes itself as “a Jewish magazine about the world” and has a piece there today titled “Israel’s Intelligence Failure” by Edward N. Luttwak (A nearby piece by the same author is titled “My Meeting with George Soros”). At just 438 words, it is far from substantial, and this is revealing in itself. There is simply the assertion that the failure occurred and the speculation that reliable informants had not been told of the attack because surely those informants would have given the signal had they actually known.

But if the informants are so reliable that their loyalty will not be called into question by Tablet Magazine, such good servants of the State of Israel that Jewish writers would sooner blame their own spies than the killers and criminals those spies had recruited, then how is it conceivable that the largest attack yet, escaped their attention?

One does not plan a larger attack than usual by reducing the number of co-conspirators. It actually works in the exact opposite way. There is no report of the informants being killed or disappeared.

All the news channels, as the story broke, were baffled that Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, did not see the attack coming. It was considered impossible that such a large scale attack could take place without the Israeli spies having some advanced warning. This impossibility was nonetheless believed since the attack did in fact take place, we are told, and if the intelligence agency had known about it, then something would have been done to prevent it.

But is that so true?

At my lest check before showtime, 900 people are said to have died in the attack.

Various politicians and media types have tried to show off their math skills by comparing this to the Holocaust or 9/11, conspicuous themes of all war propagandists. The President of Israel claims “not since the Holocaust have so many Jews been killed in one day” and anybody who is wise to the ways of the world has learned to be suspicious of anyone who invokes the Holocaust for anything, since it is so universally applied to prevent any rational debate on the subject at issue. A story by Reed Alexander at Business Insider is titled “‘This is Israel’s 9/11′: Why Israelis say Hamas’ unprecedented assault will change their country forever“.

Mr. Alexander does not explorer the likelihood that the way this will change Israel is by expanding its borders.

Would the State of Israel forfeit the lives of 900 of its citizens if that meant expanding its borders?

Yes. There’s actually not a serious dispute to be had about this. They absolutely would do that.

And moreover, there’s ample cause to question whether these body counts are accurate.

On Twitter, Ben Shapiro posted “Force yourself to look at the videos of what Hamas did over the weekend. LOOK. This is what moral equivalence brings. Rape of women. Kidnapping of children. Murder of hundreds of innocents, including full families.”

By all means, dear listener, do have a look at the videos. There is ample evidence that many rockets were fired. It’s reasonable to believe that people were killed. There is evidence that Palestinians came across the border and shot people. But of the videos presently in circulation, not one shows a rape. Not one shows the kidnapping of children. Not one shows the murder of hundreds of inoccents, much less of full families.

One video shows a bunch of young people at a rave party in the middle of the afternoon dancing, presumably high on drugs, as specs in the sky are said to be “Hamas Paragliders”. The video ends before anybody notices the specs in the sky, and the dancing presumably continues. A separate video shows people running, with sounds of gunfire in the background, but not one person being shot.

Another video shows a man on a motorcycle, and another man trying to get an Asian woman on the back of that motorcycle while she screams and motions toward yet another man who is being held captive by still other men. The man held captive is not struggling. None of the kidnappers have guns or gliders. One attempts to imagine the ride back to Palestine, as this supposed hostage who fears being raped to death by the Islamic terror army, clinging for dear life to her kidnapper from the back of the motorcycle. She is shown in a later video drinking water on a couch, and said to be a hostage.

Based on images like this, Conservative Commentator Laura Loomer, best known for her “Democrats are Nazis” schtick, quoted the Israeli Defense Minister’s announcement that Gaza would be destroyed with the hasthtag #Glassit.

She followed up to say;

The people in GAZA were given plenty of time to evacuate. Israel is going to burn it to the ground today and it will be uninhabitable, which is the way it should be.

Watch today for jihadist sympathizers online who cry about “human rights violations” and “genocide”.

Those people are terrorist enablers. Those people think HAMAS has a right to murder Jews and that Israel doesn’t have a right to wipe out HAMAS and their supporters.

If all of the Islamic neighboring nations care about the people in Gaza so much, then they can open their borders and take them.

But not even the neighboring Islamic nations want those people. That’s the elephant in the room right?

Nobody wants them because they behave like barbaric wild animals and they are very violent people who teach their kids to murder Jews.

Today will be a great day for Justice.

Approximately 2.1 million people live in Gaza, and according to this highly respected Jewish conservative, this should be reduced to a translucent flat nothingness by the most sophisticated weapons available based on grainy 30 second videos of kids dancing in the afternoon.


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