Radical Agenda S06E036 - It's Going Down

Radical Agenda S06E036 – It’s Going Down

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E036 - It's Going Down

I almost took the day off today. I’ve got this Simon Roche thing is four hours long, and I’m sick as a dog right now. But there is way too much going on in the world right now for me to skip this one.

The guy behind the notorious criminal conspiracy known as ItsGoingDown.org has been outed as one Brian Dipippa, 41 years of age out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dipippa was indicted for throwing and explosive device at police officers during a Michael Knowles event earlier this year, and denied bail. As a consequence of this terrorism, his apartment was raided and police obtained, among other things, the unencrypted database of Kolektiva, an Antifa Mastodon instance, and Dipippa’s journals.

Dipippa was held without bail, and in a motion seeking pre-trial release earlier this month, more came to light about the contents of those journals. Prosecutors, in opposition to the motion, disclosed that Dipippa is the operator of ItsGoingDown.org.

IGD is absolutely notorious, and was at the absolute center of the Charlottesville hoax. Efforts were made in litigation to discover who operated the site, since it was their fault, not ours, that the event turned violent. Federal Courts, sadly, were too busy Nazi hunting to aid in discovering the truth.

But felonies never expire in Virginia, as we are so often reminded while our friends are dragged one by one from their homes, and it may yet be that once Mr. Dipippa has finished serving his 10 year mandatory minimum for using an explosive device to commit a federal felony, he is extradicted to Virginia to face charges for his racially motivated conspiracy.

I’ve got the story from Antifa Watch, and a few choice articles I’ve preserved from the history of ItsGoingDown.org demonstrating how dangerous that enterprise is.

Then there’s the wall to wall Jewish propaganda, and I mean totally over the top stuff which just exceeds the description of comical. Ben Shapiro just cannot tolerate anyone questioning the value of Israeli war propaganda, he is very, very bent out of shape. Laura Loomer is calling for outright genocide. YouTube Ads from Jewish groups propagandizing American parents, preparing them for the day their sons and daughters will have to die for the Jewish State.

My personal favorite, a dead journalist. These things always warm the heart of course, but it gets better.

This degenerate out of Philadelphia, Josh Krueger, you might recall the media becoming something of a lengthy funeral procession when he got shot 7 times in his own home recently. Everybody was just so curious as to why such a kind hearted honest man would be shot to death.

“It must have been that evil Larry Krasner!” said Conservative Inc. “It’s all his fault for making Philly a cesspool of crime where people are just randomly shot for no reason!”

But nobody is ever shot for no reason. Much less 7 times in their own home.

It turns out Mr. Kruger’s love of black lives was less about social justice than his own sexual proclivities. He particularly liked drugging and sexually abusing a 15 year old black child by the name of Robert Davis.

Kruger is an HIV positive homosexual, who had portrayed himself as a story of one who had fallen into drugs for a time, but recovered. He worked for the city’s Office of Homeless Services, and it appears that this is how he gained access to the young Mr. Davis. He gave him drugs, lured him into depraved sexual acts, took photos and videos of these crimes, and then attempted to blackmail Mr. Davis into doing something even more depraved, we do not yet know what, by threatening to publish these images.

When police searched Kruger’s home, they found the images, and methamphetamine in the home.

And this hammers home a point I’ve made for a long time, and which is, thankfully, becoming better known by the day.

All Leftists – every last one of them – are predatory criminals. The whole “do-gooder” bit is a scam. Just like the transgenders among them, they try to alter their appearance, to seem harmless, to seem like kind, gentle folks who just want what’s best. The peace seeking compassionate liberal is, without exception, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Portraying themselves as something they are not for the singular purpose of ease of access to victims.

A skill they are well trained for, by their Jewish masters.




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