SurrealPolitiks S01E033 - Tranifesto

SurrealPolitiks S01E033 – Tranifesto

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SurrealPolitiks S01E033 - Tranifesto

When a transgender mass murderer walked into a Christian school and began gunning down the young and the elderly, it did not take much imagination to discern that the maniac’s political views could charitably be described as Left of center. The announcement that a manifesto had been left behind, and the conspicuous effort to keep its contents a secret, left no room for doubt. This was certainly a Biden voter going off script.

Nearly 8 months later, someone appears to have gotten fed up with the secrecy, and three pages have been leaked to non other than Stephen Crowder, a once famous conservative media personality now best known for sending photographs of his genitalia to male staffers.

The killer, born Audrey Hale, surprisingly enough, says nothing about religion in the pages thus far leaked. Nothing about “politics” from a party or policy perspective. Hale, who appears to be White, is instead exercising a racial animus against White people. The female killer, whose minds was this point warped by taking male sex hormones,  aimed to deprive these “little crackers” with their “mop yellow hair” of their “white privilege” by gunning them down before they were even old enough to pick their gender.

Then going by the name of Aiden, Hale walked into the school with an AR-15 with the hopes that she would “have a high death count” and fully expected to die. She took six lives before police granted her own death wish.

Democrats, you might have guessed, alternated between pretending the shooting didn’t occur or blaming the gun. There was no mention of “hate” or really any discussion of motive at all outside those darkest recesses of the Internet and briefly on the Tucker Carlson show.

With the motive exposed, you might think the constant beat of war drums against White America would get a second look, but you would be wrong. The reaction was captured well by one Twitter account called DC Draino, who said, as if in parody;

It shows how Leftist ideology radicalized a Trans shooter to murder Christian children

This was political terrorism & the Biden regime tried to cover it up

We will not be silent after these children were slaughtered

That’s amusing in the extreme… “We will not be silent”.

My friend, there are worse crimes than silence, you know. Sometimes, if you have nothing true to say, you should just say nothing at all.

There is no mention of a religious animus in the manifesto thus far released. It might be a safe assumption, but this is not the news of the day. There is no mention of politics, and though this may too be a safe assumption, that the killer was not a participant in many Republican Primaries, the headline is, this killer was racially motivated to murder White children.

Or perhaps that is not newsworthy. Perhaps anti-White racial violence has become so commonplace that it is not worth mentioning these days.

One could certainly get that impression from watching the news. If a White person mildly annoys a non-White person, this is big news today. The whole country erupts in riots and arson and the government apologizes to the arsonists.

Those of us who browse the Internet in ways the likes of Facebook try to prevent, we see many videos of black on White violence. These do not make the news.

Whenever a synagogue is threatened or vandalized, the whole world comes to a grinding halt and police will go so far as to ignore gunshots until the vandal is found. When the vandal turns out not to be White, this too is swept under the proverbial carpet.

The news and the schools and the ads departments and the politicians, they all decry the scourge of White Supremacy. They tell us this is “pure evil”. No reasoning behind it at all. No cause to investigate its motives. Only a Nazi would care to know, as it turns out. If a White woman feels uncomfortable walking through a black neighborhood alone at night, she is not prudent, she is a thought criminal. If a White man does not want his daughter dating a convicted felon, this is, quoth Michelle Alexander “The New Jim Crow”.

But even when the motives are this explicit. From the “white privilege” to right down to the “mop yellow hair”, killing these “crackers” just does not seem to register as important outside of those darkest recesses of the Internet.

And there we dwell…


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