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Thanksgiving Haters – Tonight’s SurrealPolitiks Member Chat 20231122

It’s that time of year again.

“Black Friday” sales now span the entire month. “Cyber Monday” is a historical relic as a consequence. Thanksgiving Eve will see the bars packed, and attendees will shake their hangovers the next morning to meet with family and friends for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. This will, in near all cases, involve a Turkey, except for those vegan wierdos and perhaps some other hipster types who just can’t help but buck a trend.

One of the more popular Thanksgiving traditions involves a favorite Democrat pastime of denigrating America. Every year the Left wing rags are decorated with drivel about indigenous peoples and smallpox blankets and colonialism.

Jason Nichols, writing at Newsweek, says it is time for us to “Decolonize Thanksgiving“.

Writing at The Nation a “Sioux activist” by the name of Sean Sherman asks “Should America Keep Celebrating Thanksgiving?“. He says early on that we should, then goes on to completely redefine the holiday centered around “the Indigenous perspective and challenging the colonial narratives around the holiday”.

USA Today informs readers that “The pilgrims didn’t invite Native Americans to a feast. Why the Thanksgiving myth matters.

The Huffington Post, seeking to insert gun control into the narrative, has a headline “A Thanksgiving Massacre In 2009 Highlights Today’s True Mass Shooting Crisis“.

To spoil dinner, the same outfit also warns that “Doctors Reveal The Damage That 1 Day Of Thanksgiving Food Can Do“. hopes you’ll curb your enthusiasm with the headline “Stuffing feelings: Experts offer their advice for avoiding the toxic positivity of Thanksgiving

The Washington Post, you’ll be unsurprised to know, has used the opportunity to spread Israeli war propaganda, with an op ed titled “The war in Israel has come home for Thanksgiving“.

The New York Times, in no uncertain terms, wants you to ruin dinner with hostile political debates, as long as you are a Left wing fanatic, of course. So goes the story under the headline “Speak Up at Thanksgiving. Your Health Depends on It“. If you think Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization, you’re the one who needs to be spoken out against, it might go without saying.

All of these headlines are from this year, posted in recent days. There are plenty worse anti-Thanksgiving screeds to be found if one digs through history.

It is amusing, their selective affinity for the truth. The Thanksgiving fairy tale I was told as a child is certainly total nonsense, but I also did believe in Santa Claus for a number of years and I do not imagine Iraq was the first war our government ever lied about. At the end of the day, cultures are built around stories, and whether they are true or not is largely besides the point. Archetypal characters and narratives that inspire and motivate behavior are independent of their historicity, and perhaps more to the point, there is little truth in the anti-American narratives now pedaled by the Left.

A world where George Floyd is a martyr for justice, Joe Biden is America’s most popular president, Israel is our greatest ally, and the Native Americans were on the brink of discovering nuclear power before those germ infested White people ruined everything, is a cartoon hallucination no fiction writer would dare to illustrate for fear of being mocked into obscurity. But our newspapers have no such qualms.

These people hate the truth far more than fiction, and they hate America most of all. They attack Thanksgiving for the same reason they attack White people. Because it is good. If Squanto himself returned from the grave and said “No for real I helped them with the fish thing” they would call him a White supremacist and beat him then have him arrested for a hate crime.

Tonight I’ll have some of the worst examples of this tripe at the ready. I of course look forward to your input. There’s also the new Meet Me page I composed and have been meaning to read aloud, plus whatever else happens to transpire between now and then.

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