Radical Agenda S06E043 - No Paradox

Radical Agenda S06E043 – No Paradox

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E043 - No Paradox

Writing at City Journal, Manhattan Institute Fellow Charles Fain Lehman ponders “The Paradox of Jewish Liberalism“.

Mr. Lehman describes himself as “among the one in six American Jews who are conservatives” and laments about the foolishness of his coethnics in their notorious Left wing leanings. He rattles on at some length with some stats about Jewish political inclinations that would be at once very familiar to this audience and considered hate speech in some circles.

But, warns Lehman, the Left is anti-Semitic, providing still more hate facts about blacks and Hispanics and their attitudes toward the Jewish people. He posits that the “liberal” inclinations of his fellow Jews blind them to this fact. He describes this as the aforementioned paradox, and suggests the political Right stands to gain by welcoming Jews into the fold.

Doing so is amusing to the reader, since not long prior to making the suggestion, Lehman acknowledges that Right wing parties, most notably American Republicans, have been quite eager to do just this, and have been completely rejected by his coethnics despite their pathological devotion to a foreign ethnostate.

Whether Lehman is actually confused or just hedging bets for the tribe, one can only speculate, but the subject is one on the tips of many twisted tongues. Jews fund and support and participate in Marxist and Marx-esque political causes which are hell bent on the destruction of civilization and mankind. Those institutions eventually get around to targeting the Jewish ethnostate, and this leaves reasonable people baffled because they operate on the assumption that Jews are reasonable folks who mean well.

This ceases to be confusing when one abandons that pretense. If one assumes that Jews are unreasonable and mean to do ill, then things come into much better focus.

Sure, there “are people who happen to be Jewish” who also want to live in a comfortable and safe society. We might even go so far as to ignore significant evidence to the contrary, and assume they constitute the alleged one in six American Jews who identify as conservatives.

But if “liberal” Jews are only dressing up their malice in the sheep’s clothing of liberalism, if we assume that they are not trying to “repair the world” but rather, to destroy it, then the seeming lack of group survival instincts lamented by Lehman is hardly confusing.

Would Jews be happy and safe in a world without Europeans, as long as Israel continued to exist?

Of course not. Nobody would.

This fantasy that they would frolic care free with their lesser pets in the absence of those pesky goyim competitors is facially preposterous. Not only would Israel promptly cease to exist in the absence of American military and economic power, and not only is this power already slipping in perfect correlation with American Demographics, but the moment White order ceases to hold back the tide of chaos, the Jews will be among the first to face the looters and the rape gangs in those countries where they have worked so hard to empower these elements.

But this has not stopped Jews from empowering said elements. It has not stopped them from devoting their existence to the non-existence of Whites. The Jews only seem to consider the implications of their exterministic designs when the neighbors begin dropping out of the sky with murderous intent, and even then cannot bring themselves to repent for the wrongs they have done to others. To them, dead Jews are a small price to pay for the privilege of wrecking things for those they hold in enmity, which just so happens to be the whole of mankind.

Roberta Kaplan went so far as to take credit for synagogue shootings. She told Moment Magazine, without the slightest hint of shame or hesitation;

We absolutely can and will bankrupt these groups. And then we will chase these people around for the rest of their lives. So if they try to buy a new home, we will put a lien on the home. If they get a new job, we will garnish their wages. The reason to do that is because we want to create a deterrence impact. So we send a message to other people that if you try to do something like this, the same thing will happen to you. And it already has been a deterrence. We’re seeing lone shooters now; we’re not seeing the kind of massively organized conspiracy we saw in Charlottesville. And I think that’s in large part due to our case.

So, she thinks she’s accomplished some positive good by defrauding the courts and making men so hopeless that they go kamikaze on her coethnics. So long as those filthy goyim do not get together in the daylight and question her designs, she cares not how many they murder.

During their ridiculous “No Accident” HBO Special, one of the producers asked Kaplan about my statement to the jury that I hoped we could, together, save this country. Kaplan’s response? “Good luck with that”. An outright acknowledgement of her intent to destroy America, the country where she has obtained all the wealth and power she now wields against those who made it possible.

She is not trying to save, or help, anyone. Least of all, herself. She is a purely destructive force. Her lesbianism alone sort of walls off the prospect of a motive pertaining to genetic legacy.

She is by no means unique. Magnus Hirschfeld being only among the most notorious of countless Jewish homosexuals, they have perpetuated globally this drive towards non-existence. The Israelis brag about their thriving gay community, and one must doubt that all of theirs are so well behaved as to leave the children be. How else do they keep producing new sex partners without sexual predation?

Lehman spends most of his piece detailing the supposed reasons American Jews identify as liberal. These all sound respectable enough if one accepts them as true. But among the reasons he lists are when the Jews had fled Germany, and Russia, where their “liberalism” was better known as “communism” and resulted in the deaths of plenty more than six million people during, most notably, Word War II. Following this, the world teetered on the brink of total destruction as the United States and the Soviet Union contemplated the merits of nuclear Armageddon despite the supposed balance provided by the doctrine of mutually assured destruction.

Jews flee from place to place across the centuries, purportedly in perpetual confusion as to why everyone hates them. The Right, the Left, the young, the old, the black, the White, and all the many shades in between, which the Jews have in large part engineered. “Oy vey, why do they persecute me so?”

But they do not leave when the pogroms begin, as it turns out. They stay, they die, they make matters worse. They only go off and start the process all over again when things are so bad they can hardly hope to exacerbate the misery.

These are not self preservation instincts so much as they are a predatory drive. If they are all dead, they cannot continue destroying, so some number of them must live. In Israel, some families have their breeding subsidized to keep providing fresh blood, while others devote all their energies to ending humanity. They can live in Israel or Russia, or America, or China, or Africa, or Europe. It really makes quite little difference to the rootless Jew. This idea that they are so devoted to this patch of dirt in the Middle East is comical.

Were Israel left in peace today, the Jews would flee tomorrow. For what is a Jew without conflict?

It is humorous to see conservatives and others speculate that America holds the Israelis back in their extermination of the Palestinians. Those in the know understand full well that Joe Biden would deploy America’s nuclear arsenal at the command of the Jewish State without question or concern for the wellbeing of his citizenry. So, what does hold the Israelis back? Why are there still Palestinians to fret over? Do the Jews lack the military might to annihilate them once and for all? Are they really so concerned about public opinion that they are trying to make their genocide look respectable?

Or is that the Jews want more than anything for the conflict to continue? Perhaps they cannot fathom the prospect of peace. Perhaps, there, as in all other places they reside, the Jewish drive toward chaos and violence is so strong that they would sooner see each other murdered on a regular schedule than end a war by something so simple as killing their enemies?

There is no paradox to be observed in the Jews. Their behavior is persistent across time and space with the most remarkable reliability. Where they go, there is conflict. Where there is peace, and prosperity, they go. Only when things are so bad that they are powerless to make matters worse, do they leave again.

This pattern will continue until they are stopped by external forces.



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