SurrealPolitiks S01E042 - It Has Begun

SurrealPolitiks S01E042 – It Has Begun

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SurrealPolitiks S01E042 - It Has Begun

Wow, is today a packed day or what?

To begin, I’ll be joining Tim Murdoch of White Rabbit Radio at 4:30pm US Eastern, before this evening’s live airing of SurrealPolitiks at 9:30pm US Eastern, as we do every Monday.

It is Martin Luther King Day, of course. A celebration of communism and the destruction of White America. This is no longer quite so taboo to say either, thanks in part to, of all people, Charlie Kirk?

Yes, indeed. Kirk, it turns out, is the current employer of Blake Neff, whom you may recall parted ways with Fox News where he had been one of the writers for Tucker Carlson before his crimethink was discovered in the form of online forum posts. Neff has been preparing today’s episode of the Charlie Kirk Show, and Kirk last week teased that he would be laying into MLK full force today, dropping Neff’s name in the process.

Tonight in Iowa, the Presidential race is officially underway, as the first votes will now be cast in that state’s caucuses. I am happy to brag that at least one speech I have written in favor of Donald Trump for a caucusgoer will be read aloud tonight at this very important event!

The Presidential Race is the focal point of American politics. There are arguably more important political events happening all the time, but none that attract the attention of the general population in the way the Presidency does. Even if you don’t think Trump is any good, even if you think the whole thing is a sham, participation in the Presidential race, and participation in American politics, are synonymous. Those who blow off this election, blow off politics altogether.

Our focus on the top executive is powerful evidence that Man’s natural state is monarchy. The Courts and the Legislative branch, though more assertive under some administrations than others, tend mainly to serve as accoutrements of the President’s legitimacy. Only the Executive acts, the other branches merely provide opinions that support or conflict with his acts.

Democrats will only be handling Party business, since the Leftist Party’s anti-White racial animus has deprived them of their first in the Nation status, and in any case there is no primary challenger to Joe Biden worth mentioning.

Republicans are involved in a more animated contest. Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, and Ron DeSantis constitute the players worth mentioning there. Other Republican contenders, notably Tim Scott and Chris Christie, have suspended their campaigns. Others still haven’t gotten the message, but are likely to shortly after this failure is cemented tonight.

Trump is favored to win, but Iowa has proportional representation as opposed to a winner take all contest. All of the contestants will have something to gain if they can obtain enough votes for even a single convention delegate.

The Caucuses begin at 7pm local time, or 8pm US Eastern. According to the AP, the 2016 results were completed by midnight US Eastern. We’ll aspire to stay on the air until the races are called tonight.

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