SurrealPolitiks S01E048 - In The Legal Weeds w/ Augustus Invictus

SurrealPolitiks S01E048 – In The Legal Weeds w/ Augustus Invictus

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SurrealPolitiks S01E048 - In The Legal Weeds w/ Augustus Invictus

Augustus Invictus returns to the program to discuss a variety of issues.

Mr. Invictus is an attorney operating out of Florida, and has become familiar with a courtroom in the capacity of a Defendant more than once. He is currently awaiting trial in Charlottesville, Virginia for these ridiculous “Burning to Intimidate” charges brought by a Soros backed Left wing fanatic parading as a prosecutor in Albemarle County.

A number of interesting things have happened in those cases since we last spoke to Mr. Invictus. Jacob Dix managed to get the entire Albemarle County Circuit Court system thrown off his case, as well as the Prosecutor’s office. Whether these rulings will apply to all the other defendants, remains at present an unanswered question.

Thomas Ryan Rousseau is the latest to be snatched up in those charges. The reputed leader of a group known as Patriot Front, Rousseau is among the more noteworthy Defendants thus far charged. The late timing of his arrests adds to mounting evidence that the aim is to keep this story in the news as a means to influence the 2024 Presidential Race.

With Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer still uncharged thus far, there is cause for speculation that these indictments will come down at politically opportune moments.

Is that legal? We’ll ask our lawyer friend.

Another interesting legal case comes out of California, in the case of Robert Rundo. Mr Rundo, as we’ve discussed, was a founding member of an outfit known as the Rise Above Movement, which has since spawned spin off groups all over the world, notably in the form of what have become known as “Active Clubs”.

Mr. Rundo was charged with conspiracy to violate the riot act, and his charges were dismissed by a US District Court Judge in 2018. The 9th Circuit overturned that dismissal upon the government’s appeal, but not before Mr. Rundo could leave the country. The feds hunted him as he mocked them online for years, until he was finally captured in Romania, and extradited to the United States to face the charges.

Upon review by the same Judge who dismissed the charges as unconstitutionally vague and overbroad, the charges were yet again dismissed on the grounds of selective prosecution. Once again, the government appealed, and the 9th Circuit reversed Judge Carney’s release order for Mr. Rundo, pending their decision on the dismissal. This time, feds were on top of Mr. Rundo and snatched him up before he had any chance to run.

Mr. Rundo is now in federal custody, but is charged with no crime. Is that legal? Judge Carney says it is not, and has issued another release order for Mr. Rundo, but that order is stayed pending a decision from the 9th Circuit.

We’ll discuss the implications with our lawyer friend.

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