Republishing: Fash the Nation 535: Some Garbage Podcast

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Republishing: Fash the Nation 535: Some Garbage Podcast

On March 9th 2024, it came to my attention that this episode of Fash the Nation, which aired in January of 2023, had been removed from the website hosting it. This being an important part of history, I could not stand to see it fade from the Earth.

So, it is with the utmost respect for the host and the production outfit responsible for this production, that I have uploaded my local copy to this website for your listening enjoyment.

Original Description (May Include Dead Links)

I had the pleasure of joining Jazzhands McFeels for Fash The Nation yesterday, as mentioned in my republish of Radical Agenda EP070.

We originally planned on doing maybe 90 minutes, and we ended up going for three hours because it would have been professional malpractice for us as radio hosts to stop any sooner. It was that good.

We started off with a trip down memory lane that was really a lot of fun, and then it turned into, as Jazzhands put it “bloodsports” over GOP vs. NJP.

Eminently respectful, of course, but genuinely vigorous. Great, great radio.

Show Description from TRS follows;

Jazz welcomes special guest Chris Cantwell back to FTN after too many years away, take a trip down memory lane, and impromptu (and friendly) FTN bloodsports ensue. 3 hours later, Jazz catches up with Warren, Alan, and Tony for an after-action update on the several NJP protests around the country this weekend, and Jazz goes solo for the last lap deep-dive on the EPA cover-up in East Palestine and the corruption and connections to Jewish sex-trafficking money swirling around Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

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00:00:00 – Some Garbage Podcast
00:20:00 – Thrush the Nation
00:35:00 – 30 Million Weaponized Benis
00:48:00 – Shut the Fuck Up N
01:00:00 – Cantwell on Fire
01:25:00 – Rand Paul Enjoyers
02:00:00 – FTN Bloodsports
03:07:00 – BREAK
03:10:00 – East Palestinian Liberation After-Action
03:40:00 – Just Jazz
04:35:00 – Heads Will Roll


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