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Thoughts for Tonight’s SurrealPolitiks Member Chat 20240403

I’ve got a fairly impressive technical demonstration I intend to share with you tonight on the subject of intelligence gathering. I cannot say too much about it in public because, although I’m surely not the first person to figure it out, I wouldn’t really want the information freely distributed.

I’ll be putting a prepared video together before showtime so we’re not struggling through technical challenges live, but depending on how participatory you all happen to be and depending on how interesting the news is, I might do some live demonstrations of it as well.

I also have some things to say about my designs for the future, though these plans are still being formed and the most I can really give right now is a rough outline of what is taking shape. I’ll say a little in this announcement email, and go into more detail when we are behind the paywall.

Most likely, I’ll be concluding Stage Six of the Radical Agenda soon, without any announcement of plans for Stage Seven. There is not enough money in it to justify continuing that production the way it is. I have designs on new content ideas, but we’ve already strayed so far from the original intent of the Radical Agenda that to stray much further while still calling it the Radical Agenda, I think runs into integrity problems.

The draw to this content has always been a combination of my writing, and my conversational skills. When we were on YouTube and getting lots of exposure and had new people listening and calling in all the time, my unique combination of eloquence and roughness made for a very entertaining production. People called in with all sorts of ideas. Some of them agreeable, some of them not. Often either I was being intellectually stimulated by callers who altered my worldview, or I was altering theirs.

In the wake of being shut out of everything, we still had a good time for several years, but it was never the same. We went from challenging the opinions of others to being stuck in an echo chamber with a bunch of people trying to out radical one another. This led to absurd ideas taking hold in the movement, and the movement going nowhere. More to the point, it led to dead phones on the show, and me trying to fill in this huge gap with news reads and other filler.

This is not the sort of job you can just go through the motions on. I have to be completely invested in it or it just doesn’t work.

Between online game interactions, OmeTV, and now Grindr, I’ve found several means by which to cause people to talk to me while recording. I want to continue finding ways of doing that, and making these methods more effective. I want to talk about things other than politics, and appeal to a broader audience and potential revenue base. I want to use my name or an alias interchangeably based on the circumstances, and take much more artistic license than I typically have with the political content.

I’ll continue doing SurrealPolitiks as it is, as well as these weekly member shows, for the foreseeable future. whatever branding I choose for new content outside of here, it will continue to be a part of the SurrealPolitiks content network concept. .

I’ll have more to say about this, and probably about the news of the day, when we meet at 9:30pm US Eastern, as we do every Wednesday.


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