SurrealPolitiks S01E055 – Double Standards

SurrealPolitiks - Realpolitik in an Unreal World
SurrealPolitiks S01E055 - Double Standards

To one familiar with the ways of the world, it comes as little surprise to see that corporations and campuses who once took a rather inviting approach to political demonstrations, have had to rethink their categorical support for such disruptive activities when applied to the state of Israel. Yale and Columbia Universities, as well as tech titans Google and Amazon, once welcomed divisive political speech and unruly demonstrations when applied to the opposition of Donald Trump, or support for a fentanyl junky career felon who met his demise resisting arrest.

As many of the same employees now take their White oppressor narratives to supporting brown folks in Palestine, the calculus has changed. Google fired 28 employees for conducting a “sit in” to protest their cloud computing contract with the Israeli government, known as “Nimbus”. Protests against the Israeli military campaign in Palestine at Yale and Columbia have resulted in students being arrested.

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