SurrealPolitiks S01E059 – Crash

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SurrealPolitiks S01E059 - Crash

The Iranian President and Foreign Minister have both died in a mysterious helicopter crash last night, as was confirmed today that there were “no signs of life” at the crash site.

The obvious assumption here is, this was an assassination by the Israeli intelligence services. Just as obviously, the Israelis are denying involvement.

That of course is the problem with being a nation of habitual liars. When you are in the habit of murdering your opponents and lying about it, then your opponents mysteriously die, and you say “Nuh uh wasn’t me no way,” people appropriately assume that you are completely full of crap . They dismiss you as a murdering liar, because you have persistently demonstrated yourselves to be just that.

While being habitual murderous swindlers has served the Israelis well in their domination of the world to date, there is some evidence that this may cease to be the case.

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Benjamin Netanyahu. The warrant is unlikely to be executed because, among countless other reasons, the Israelis do not recognize the ICC.

The move may serve Vladimir Putin well, since the ICC also issued an arrest warrant for him pertaining to the conflict in Ukraine. By making a fugitive out of Israel’s Prime Minister, we can safely assume that all the levers of media and power will be turned toward delegitimizing the ICC, and this may go a long way toward unraveling the globalist project Putin has taken on in the Eastern European theater.

In other news;

Baltimore’s former top prosecutor Marilyn Mosby has applied for a presidential pardon ahead of sentencing on her recent perjury and mortgage fraud convictions

Former Facebook and Nike Diversity Manager Sentenced to Prison After Stealing $5 Million Meant for DEI Initiatives

It’s no surprise that Facebook, Nike fell for DEI con artist who preyed on fear of being called racist

Nick Fuentes streams ‘gay porn,’ claims it was pro-Israel hack

Feminist-identified men were substantially more likely to report Erectile Dysfunction Medication (EDM) use than non-feminist men

Biden tells black graduates Republicans ‘don’t see you in the future of America’ in fiery speech slamming right-wing ‘extremists’

Biden’s support among black voters in deep blue Philadelphia is collapsing amid anger over inflation, immigration and president’s support for foreign wars

‘We’ll See You at Your House:’ How Fear and Menace Are Transforming Politics

As American global hegemony ends, multi-alignment rises

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