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Radical Agenda S06E070 – Full Circle

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E070 - Full Circle

I just saw a headline saying Germany has told Israel that they will execute the arrest warrant issued for Benjamin Netanyahu by the International Criminal Court at the Hague, if he steps foot on German soil.

According to the Jews this is, needless to say, anti-Semitic, and on par with the Holocaust. As all things tend to be, these days.

This coincides, as we’ve been covering, with the rug being pulled out from the radical Left ever since they got too uppity about their brown friends in Palestine. University of North Carolina is the latest university system to back out of all their “diversity equity  and inclusion” policies, following on the heels of several others.

Among the most cited works in social science to this day is a book published in 1950 titled “The Authoritarian Personality” by Theodor W. Adorno, Else Frenkel-Brunswik, Daniel Levinson, and Nevitt Sanford. The group were researchers working at the University of California, Berkeley in the period covering the end of World War II, and were putting this together with financing from the American Jewish Committee for a “Studies in Prejudice” series.

The piece theorized, as Jewish nonsense tends to do, that people didn’t like Jews because anti-Semites were closet homosexuals, and that the answer to anti-Semitism was to promote homosexuality. They did this, to great effect, and throughout the world the Jews have pushed a radical far Left Marxist agenda in the name of “democracy” ever since.

Those chickens, it would seem, have come home to roost. A global Leftist hegemony has confused the Jews for Whites, and taken the position that their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian territories is a battle between White and brown. Simple minded by design, Leftists are incapable of processing the implications of this, and have been well trained not to listen to reason.

And so it comes to pass that those armed by the Jews for the destruction of mankind have mistaken the Jews for humans, and set their sights upon them for eradication. The Jews, overconfident in their dominance, foolishly allowed this golem to get too big, and now it has turned, as golems tend to do.

The Jews, for their part, have pivoted, perhaps too late, chumming it up with their erstwhile conservative friends, while depriving the Left of assistance, and causing quite the stir in the process.

I’ve never been particularly good at predicting the future. But I’ll hazard a guess at how this turns out.

The Jews will prevail in this battle, but they will do so at the cost of the war.

By aiding the Left and causing so much damage, they sparked a Right wing anti-Semitic awareness. In their efforts to crush this, they made it worse. Every reasonable observer who bothered to look, found the Jewish involvement in Internet censorship and “cancel culture” impossible to ignore. Though few had the courage to say it out loud, everyone came to know that if you cross the Jews, they will destroy you through their surreptitious control over the levers of power.

The Left did not mind this one bit of course. They will do anything to destroy mankind. Whether that means teaming up with the Jews, or the Muslims, or Satan himself, is of no consequence to them. They eagerly accepted all the blessings of “God’s Chosen Race” and their ethnostate. They branded their enemies Nazis and resorted to criminal violence with the full support of the powers that be.

But the Left is, by nature, insatiable in their wanton lust for destruction. Having chased the Right from the streets, stolen a Presidential election, and set America on a seemingly unavoidable collision course with civil war and dissolution, they turned around to bite the hand that feeds them.

But it is not the disreputable nature of Leftists which has caused them to turn on the Jews.

The only thing required for a man to become an anti-Semite is time and information. The better informed he is, the more he hates the Jews.

The Jews talk about anti-Semitism like it is a virus. They literally refer to “outbreaks” of anti-Semitism, and pour resources into ceasing its spread. In doing so, they create more anti-Semites with their coercive, dishonest, and nefarious tactics.

They have survived this far by playing one side against the other, but this tactic has a limited lifespan. When both sides of the political spectrum are sufficiently manned by anti-Semites, the game is over.

It is unlikely in the extreme that we are at that stage today, but it is all the less likely that we won’t soon be. As the Jews move to crush the Left and cozy up to their conservative friends, they will not bring Right wing anti-Semites back into their good graces. There will be elements of the Left that see the catastrophe of crossing the Jews, and pivot to regain their favor, but some will be peeled off and like us, they will find it impossible to unsee the Jew for the monster he is.

This could be described as cyclical, and with each cycle, a greater and greater percentage of political actors on both ends of the spectrum will in due course be incapable of disguising their contempt for the Jews. As the Jews become desperate and lash out further, still more will come to see the Jew in all that he despises. The Jew, being incapable of repentance, will only make matters worse at each step. His malice will only grow and become more obvious, and thus it seems unlikely that another generation of Europeans will slumber through life unaware of who seeks their extermination.

What they do with that knowledge remains to be seen, but it is difficult to imagine them dying for the Jewish ethnostate, or working themselves to death to pay for it.

Absent that support, they cannot exist.


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