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Thoughts for Tonight’s SurrealPolitiks Member Chat 20240529

The Jury Has It. The Trump trial in New York City, that is. Prosecutors launched into a closing argument exceeding four hours in length, and one of the most absurd dot connecting exercises since the Unite the Right civil trial in 2021.

A poll at the top of the Drudge Report shows a roughly even three way split between predictions of Guilty, Not Guilty, or Mistrial.

France is deploying troops to Ukraine, bringing World War III a giant leap closer to being the conflict’s formal title. These are not “technically” combat troops but rather “advisors” and “instructors”. The implication is clear though. Armed conflict between NATO and the Russian Federation is Macron’s goal, and it does not seem anything is capable of standing in the way of that objective at this point.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) plans to nominate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ‘virtually’ ahead of the Democrat convention in Chicago in August. The move allows them to make the nomination official without the potential for activists to disrupt it. Much like Joe Biden’s 2020 basement campaign, the Democrats seem acutely aware that they are losing the power to construct fictional narratives, and are opting for the safety of the screen and the studio over the stage and the street.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency told Fox News that it has encountered over 30,000 Chinese nationals since October 1. That sounds like a pretty big problem if you ask me. I decided to look up “How big is a platoon” to see what this meant in military terms, and the results were not encouraging.

  • Above the individual soldier, the smallest unit is a “Fire Team” of four soldiers.
  • A “Squad” is 9 soldiers.
  • A “Platoon” is “A few squads” or a few dozen soldiers.
  • A “Company” consists of about 200 soldiers or 3-4 Platoons.
  • A “Battalion” is 3-5 Companies, or about a thousand soldiers.
  • A “Brigade” is a few battalions, 1500-3000 soldiers.
  • A “Division” is 3-4 Brigades, 10,000-16,000 soldiers.
  • A “Corps” is 2-5 Divisions, or 20,000-40,000 soldiers.

The entire US Marine Corps Reserve as of 2022 was only 32,599 Marines.

Now, if the United States had sent the entire Marine Corps Reserve to China, what do you think China would do?


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