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Radical Agenda S06E073 – Popular Violence

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E073 - Popular Violence

The radical Left and their co-conspirators on what is oft referred to as the “center Right” have long enjoyed such ideological hegemony that they were able to make the most preposterous things seem plausible to most by the sheer percentage of population who purported to believe their delusions. “All men are created equal” – absurd on its own – has warped into “All beings are equal at all times unless acted upon by nefarious supernatural forces which it is our duty to destroy through violence and deception.” They of course permit exceptions where necessary, such as in the disproportionate representation of Jews in positions of wealth and power. This is possible because logic and reason are among those nefarious supernatural forces in need of violent and dishonest destruction.

Granted, much of this alleged consensus is artificial. A product of media manipulation. But it is a feedback loop. The media manipulation instills the beliefs and the beliefs then lend credibility to future media manipulation which in turn drives the populace ever further from reality in a never ending spiral of nonsense and filth.

Among the greatest accomplishments of the Trump presidency was his shattering of faith in the media. By exposing the talking heads as talentless and uninformed actors in service to deranged and hostile foreigners, he broke the stranglehold of the dominant ideology over the minds of the general public.

There is no certainty that this will achieve positive results. If people do not share common beliefs it is impossible for them to share a territory and system of government. But uncertainty is part of the human condition, and what was all too certain prior to this shifting of consciousness, was that our national trajectory was catapulting us toward misery, destruction, death, and ultimately, extinction.

Not long after I had the first of many “red pills” crammed down my throat, I was exposed to the 9/11 Truth movement. Theories abounded about what happened on that historic day. For some, it was obvious that the whole thing was faked for the cameras. Others, believe the US government had perpetrated the attacks as a pretext for domestic crackdowns. Some thought it was the work of the Israeli intelligence services. Others thought it was simply allowed to happen. What they all had in common was only that they knew they were being lied to about the events.

Even within anti-government circles, the 9/11 Truth movement had always been controversial. Though I long suspected we were not being told the entire truth, I was put off by some of the wilder theories. Among those most active in the movement, a significant percentage displayed very clear signs of mental illness, and others were exposed as frauds and grifters.

Thus to have a speaker at your event invoke questions about the terrorist attacks that transformed our world, was to have your event boycotted by just about everyone who could be said to matter.

It now seems this is less so the case. A story in Revolver news takes not of a Twitter poll posted by the Federalist’s Sean Davis. Davis asked;

Which one of these 9/11 explanations comes closest to what you believe about government involvement in or knowledge about the attacks?

Explaining each option, he followed up with;

Inside job: The government planned and executed the attacks.

Knew, chose not to stop: The government was aware of specific plans to attack the World Trade Center and other targets, and deliberately chose to let them happen.

Lost control of fed asset(s): The government was tracking or potentially even working with terrorists involved the attack, but lost track of what they were really up to, and did not expect the timing, nature, or severity of the actual attack.

No idea/taken by surprise: The government was completely clueless and had no prior knowledge or information about the attack before it happened.

At time of this writing, the results stand as follows;

  • Inside job 27.4%
  • Knew, chose not to stop 23.7%
  • Lost control of fed asset 22%
  • No idea/taken by surprise 26.9%

The poll is by no means scientific. But it is quite telling that a conservative media personality asks his audience about the event justifying the wars launched by his Party’s president, and less than 27% believe we are being told the truth about cave men with boxcutters starting World War III on a budget less than one of our pricey missiles.

Back in 2008-2009, it was largely Left wingers who thought George Bush was evil incarnate, faking terrorist attacks to deprive them of their liberties. But the times, they are a’changin….

It is little wonder then that, in a recent opinion poll tracking an element of our politics which we’ve kept track of from time to time on this show, one-third of Americans think political violence is justifiable. This may come as a relief to some, if only because other opinion p0lls have returned higher numbers, but the more startling fact here, as illustrated by a piece in The Hill, is that a greater percentage of those who believe violence is justified, now say they are willing to engage in that violence themselves.

In most cases, participants who were more supportive of political violence were also more willing to commit it themselves. Here’s just one example: 8.8 percent of firearm owners who regularly carried loaded firearms in public, but only 0.5 percent of owners who never carried, thought it very likely or extremely likely that, at some time in the future, they would shoot someone to advance a political objective.

Consider the implications of that finding. Regular carriers accounted for 9 percent of all firearm owners in our survey, and in 2021, firearm owners accounted for 28.8 percent of all adults in the United States. It follows directly that large numbers of armed individuals who are at least potentially willing to engage in lethal political violence are in public places across the U.S. every day.

Of the participants who considered violence justified in at least one instance, the vast majority (about 70 percent in 2022 and 60 percent in 2023) were unwilling to engage in it themselves.

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