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Radical Agenda S06E074 – Cold

Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E074 - Cold

As a political actor, you have to give the Democrat Party their due. They are the most ruthless people in this country, and what they lack in political skill, they make up for in sheer brutality.

There’s not a single informed voter in this country who does not know that Joe Biden punched out a long time ago. Those who endeavored to watch Fox News or read the Wall Street Journal or listen to conservative talk radio once in awhile, knew well prior to the 2020 election that he was unfit for the office.

The Democrats understand, first and foremost, that decidedly few voters could be described as informed. An informed Democrat is a malicious person who understands the damage his party does, and endorses it. These constitute a small minority, even within their own Party, and the second thing the Democrats understand is that a savvy political actor does not try to win over the other side, but rather, he tries to destroy them.

So the Democrats pursue the dumb and the cruel as constituents. The decent and intelligent, they pursue as enemies. Those who are helpful to these pursuits are rewarded with money and power. Those who stand in the way, get added to the latter group.

Joe Biden proved useful for a time.

The sheer audacity of his lies was impressive. He would get up and tell you whatever he thought you wanted to hear with a straight face. He made up nicknames for himself like “Middle Class Joe” and “Lunch Bucket Joe” to make himself sound like a man of the people, all the while being in the pocket of the banks.

As Vice President, he used his crackhead son as a bag man to accept Chinese and Ukrainian bribes. He used his proximity to power in service to those foreign interests. When authorities came sniffing around, he got them fired, or worse.

Ukraine became a hub of espionage and international political corruption. Its intelligence agency, the SBU, descended from the KGB, and employs more spies than Britain’s MI6. When the US State Department backed the second coup against Viktor Yanukovich, the globalist cabal had their fangs in the country’s neck, and promptly, their sought confrontation with the Russians was underway.

It was perfect for the Democrats and their nominally Republican co-conspirators, who were plotting a war with the Russian Federation. They could conduct all the dirty work they cared to, and blame it on the Russkies.

They did just that in 2016. The Ukrainians backed Hillary Clinton, and claimed that Russian troll farms were making Donald Trump out to be a Nazi, because they wanted him to get elected.

When that backfired, their propagandists went into overdrive. Trump was not just the chosen candidate of Vladimir Putin, he was an agent of the Russian government. He had been “colluding” with the Russians all along.

When that scam failed to oust Trump from office, the cabal went to Joe Biden for yet more help.

They needed someone who looked non threatening. The metaphorical “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. They wanted a harmless old White man to make Americans think normalcy would return, and the race riots would stop, if only they got that mean old Trump out of office.

But Joe Biden was no nearly so slick as he once was. While Joe was still willing to lie, his capacity to keep track of his deceptions had waned with his age. He was falling apart and everyone in his life knew it.

But the Democrats shrugged this off as if to say “What’s one more lie in this tangled web? It’s not like these idiots have any idea what’s going on. We just need the idea of Joe Biden. We can run the country once he is elected, and all will be fine.”

Conveniently, if one is foolish enough these days to believe in coincidences in politics, a Chinese bioweapon, funded by the US Government, just so happened to escape a containment facility in Wuhan, and make its way to the United States, during an election year.

Joe Biden took this threat so seriously he never left his house, save to get some ice cream once in awhile. He wore a mask indoors, often putting it on just as he went on stage to face the cameras. He led the most anemic presidential campaign in American history.

This was not so big a problem because, though the Democrats warned us time and again that Trump was a dictator hell bent on destroying Democracy, he was not so clever as to commit voter fraud. Thus Mark Elias and his band of thug lawyers ran around the country suing every state in the Union claiming that their fraud protections were racist and a threat to public health. Cooperative Democrat Attorneys General acquiesced to this in a “sue and settle” strategy to bypass the rigors of the legislative process, and do away with fraud protections by way of consent decrees.

This was obviously illegal, but those court decisions would only be made subsequent to the Presidential Election, and there was no way the Supreme Court would risk the repercussions of overturning the election. Not after an entire year of race riots, anyway.

And so with the help of millions of unverifiable votes, Joe Biden was allegedly elected as the most popular president in the history of the United States, despite having not campaigned or gain the interest of anyone in particular.

For the entirety of his term, right of center media drew attention to Biden’s cognitive decline. Taking orders from the Easter Bunny, stumbling the wrong way off stages, saying hello to dead people, forgetting the names of the living, and making up one preposterous lie after the next with no effort to keep them from being in conflict.

Just days before the recent debate, the DEI superstar Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre described the clips of these tragic examples of time’s cruelty as “cheap fakes”, claiming that they were doctored to make our all knowing hyper competent president look bad in a false light.

Knowing this was a lie, the cabal put Joe Biden on a stage next to Donald Trump, just last night.

There had been much speculation about shenanigans from CNN. Would the moderators intervene on Biden’s behalf? Was the exclusion of a studio audience done in service to favorable editing and camera choices by the CNN team? Was the strict mic muting schedule a means by which to prevent Trump from throwing Joe off his train of thought?

Interestingly, with some notable exceptions, the CNN team played it near as straight as you could expect that outfit to try.

It was a disaster for Joe Biden, and in hindsight, this was obviously the plan all along.

The cabal has no retirement plan. One does not cease to be useful, and take his winnings away from the table. He just gets eaten when he becomes too weak to defend himself.

Before the debate had even concluded, the gears of the machine were set into motion. The entire apparatus that had denied Joe Biden’s frailty, and hailed his wisdom and competence, now made a heel turn. He was a liar, a senile old man, unfit for the office he holds today, perhaps, but certainly not fit to be the nominee of the Democrat Party in a few short months.

But what to do? The Party had precluded a primary challenge. There is no heir apparent. Kamala Harris is perhaps the only politician in America less likely to beat Trump than Joe Biden. Can the machine get a Gavin Newsome presidential campaign together in under four months?

One can be certain a plan exists, but we are not privy thereto. All we know is that Lunch Bucket Joe has been fed to the Jackals.

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