Atheism and the State: The Inverse Correlation Between Government and Religiosity | Jared Howe

This week Illustrated Philosophy features Jared Howe commenting on a recent article from the Miami Herald which discusses the trend around the world and

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VIDEO: Why The Cult Of Dusty Is An Idiot

The Cult of Dusty? Or The Cult of the Omnipotent State? The YouTube channel CultOfDusty, aka Dusty Smith, released a

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The Slow, Painful Death of Reason Magazine

In the radical egalitarian left’s war of attrition on libertarian philosophy, another high value target has been lost. Reason Magazine

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There Are “Libertarians” Who Take Pastor James Manning Seriously

Is Pastor James Manning a libertarian? I’m often accused of being divisive, of “hurting the movement”, of causing infighting amongst

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