VIDEO: Why The Cult Of Dusty Is An Idiot

The Cult of Dusty? Or The Cult of the Omnipotent State?

The YouTube channel CultOfDusty, aka Dusty Smith, released a video some time ago bashing libertarianism titled “Why Libertarians Are Idiots”, and I decided to make a long overdue response to it. It drives me out of my mind to see these “atheist” content producers, then go on to support the most dangerous superstition of all, government.

Here’s the original video I was replying to



Here’s a rough transcript of what I say in my video.


One of the things that drives me absolutely nuts about being an atheist libertarian is that I find content producers who are really good at bashing religion, and I subscribe to them after they tear apart some religious zealot, only to find out that they aren’t actually atheists. What they actually are is Statheists, or State Atheists, who may have rejected the bible, and the koran and whatnot, but instead believe in something even more demonstrably false, the State. Such was the case when I stumbled across this video from “The Cult of Dusty” titled “Why Libertarians are Idiots”.

Dusty Smith, aka Cult Of Dusty gets Owned
Dusty Smith, aka CultOfDusty gets Owned

The channel is aptly named, because Dusty is in fact part of a cult. This cult adheres to the most dangerous superstition of all, the State. People like Dusty think they are so much smarter than everyone else because they reject ancient religious texts, and granted, thats a step up from your average Christian, Jew, or Muslim, but if believing in a deity is stupid, then believing in a government, well, that’s full retard, and you never go full retard.

We’ll get into the video in a moment, but think about it for a second. Does the government exist? Where is it? Can you point to it? Can you touch it? Of course not, it doesn’t exist. It’s a made up idea, where you give magical powers to a group of people, and if anybody disobeys the people with the magical powers, then terrible punishments will be visited upon the sinner.

They have bizarre rituals, like elections, and trials, to determine who will get the magical powers, and who will get the punishments, and if the people with the magical powers don’t follow through on their promises, well, too bad, you have to obey them, because they’re in charge. No matter how many times they fail to accomplish their stated goals, no matter how many hundreds of millions of people they murder, you have to keep on beleiving in them.

Where do these magical powers come from? Well, the constitution of course, you know, that document that was written 225 years ago by a bunch of dead Christians, because that’s totally different than believing in the bible or the Koran, right?

Well, If that’s not a religion, then I don’t know what is. So let’s see what this religious zealot has to say about the non believers.

[The market has magical self regulating powers]

Well, actually Dusty, it’s not magic. It’s a science, and it’s called economics. Unfortunately they don’t teach that in your precious public schools, probably because if you understood economics you would hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats. But please, continue,

[People will find out if the corporation acts badly and won’t buy their products]

I don’t know what libertarians you’ve been talking to, but in the absence of the State there is no such thing as a corporation. A corporation is a State created legal fiction entity, and if you don’t believe that, then go ahead and try to create a corporation without filing government forms. It’s literally not possible. It exists for the purpose of avoiding responsibility when doing business, and it is given special privileges by government because its basically a tax collector. Think about it, you leftists have been screaming to tax corporations for hundreds of years, there’s hardly an election cycle that goes by where taxes and regulations are not increased, and yet this has no negative effect on the people at the top of these corporations whatsoever, but the costs of goods and services, well, they sure do go up don’t they?


This is actually a really good example of what I’m talking about. If I dump a gallon of gasoline in the long island sound, I go to prison. If BP dumps hundreds of millions of gallons of crude oil into the gulf of mexico and destroys private property and puts fishermen out of business, well, hey, no big deal, pay a fine and take a couple of years to do a terrible job of cleaning it up. The guys who actually caused the spill, absolutely nothing happens to them, the people at the top of the corporation, absolutely nothing happens to them. The corporation just takes a few bucks out of the bank and this government you’re so fond of is really perfectly happy with that.

And why is a foreign corporation drilling for oil in the gulf of mexico anyway? Well, I imagine it has something to do with the fact that it’s a crime for you to drill for oil on your own property, because the government claims ownership over all natural resources. They let BP drill for oil in the places the government designates because BP pays the government for the privilege of doing so. And when BP refines that oil into gasoline and sells it to you, the government gets a bigger cut of the profits than BP does. So let’s stop pretending that the government is some enemy of corporate interests, okay, the government is just the king of the corporations, they give them free run to do whatever they want,  while police rob assault kidnap and murder us regular folks, because corporations bring in the bulk of the money that your precious politicians spend on wars and prisons and police.

[People are stupid]

You’re onto something there, remember that you said that.

[People are evil]

Yes, keep going.

[And that’s why we need an organization to regulate them]

So, let’s think about this, people are stupid, and people are evil, I actually totally agree with you on this, but here’s where you lose me, people are stupid, people are evil, and that’s why we need a democratically elected government? Seriously, I want this to sink in for a minute. People are stupid ignorant monkeys, they are evil dangerous terrible creatures, and so we should get them all together and ask them who should violently rule over all of mankind. Doesn’t seem to make a great deal of sense to me, and the evidence is pretty plain to see that this isn’t working out so well. Every complaint that you have about “the market” is actually happening in the presence of the State, all of these things are happening, not despite the government, but because of it. This wonderful omnipotent State that you’re so fond of, is acting on the ignorance and malice of the stupid evil fucks that are electing it, and your solution to this is to, give it more power.

[Unbridled capitalism breaks everything down into a dollar sign]

Do you really believe that governments see you any differently? Politicians need money to get elected, they need money to buy TV advertisements to convince the aforementioned stupid evil monkeys to vote for them. Does that money come from guys like you and me? Well, I don’t know about you but I don’t have tens of thousands of dollars laying around that I can give away to every candidate for every office that effects my life, but you know who does? The wealthy corporate interests who you think the government is supposed to be protecting you from, I’d say it’s pretty unlikely that politicians are going to take money from those interests, and then act against them.

Do soldiers murder innocent strangers half way across the world to protect our freedom? No, they do it for a paycheck, they do it so the government will pay for their college.

Do police beat the shit out of peaceful protesters out of the goodness of their hearts? No, they do it for a paycheck and a pension and a sick dental plan.

I got news for you, stupid, everybody looks at you like a dollar sign. The government, the “corporations”, and even me. You aren’t making these videos out of the goodness of your heart, you’re running adsense ads on them. You see your viewers as dollar signs, and that’s why you’re spewing this idiotic pro government propaganda, not for the betterment of your fellow man, but for money, just like every other liberal propagandist.

With that in your mind, it should be easy for you to understand why a business seeing you as a dollar sign is infinitely better than a government seeing you as a dollar sign. A business wants your money, and to get your money, they have to provide you with a good or a service, it is in the best interests of that business to see you stay alive, because dead men don’t buy products.

A government sees you as a dollar sign, and to get your money they need only threaten you with violence, imprisonment and death. If the government is giving you anything, then your dollar sign has a minus in front of it, and its in their best interests that you die.

[We need more regulation to prevent corporations from buying the government]

I know this might be difficult for you to understand, but it really shouldn’t be. Regulation benefits corporations by preventing competition. There are thousands of pages of business regulations on the books right now, and because of that it is very difficult to enter most industries these days. If you need licenses and special tax preparers and lawyers to manage your industry, then the only people who can compete with you are very wealthy politically connected people.

Let’s compare this to a business like making YouTube videos. All we have to do is fill out a form to apply for AdSense, give them a routing number to deposit funds into, and be interesting. It’s an unregulated industry. Anybody can do it, so whether its you, or me, or Adam Kokesh or Mark Dice, or Stefan Molyneux, we’re all terribly unlikely to gain a monopoly over internet entertainment and screw our viewers over by making them watch dull and poorly produced videos. If some retard like you calls himself an atheist and then makes a video worshipping a State deity, then a competitor like me pops up and exposes you for a fuckin fool and gains market share.

Since the industry is unregulated, we really don’t have any reason to lobby the government, and since there’s so much competition in the market, we’re terribly unlikely to become so rich that we can afford to buy it. Compare that to an industry like pharmaceuticals, where it is so tightly regulated that they literally can’t even sell a product without getting FDA approval, they can’t even develop and test a product without spending millions of dollars on lawyers and licenses and jumping through regulatory hoops, despite all this regulation, big pharma sells poison to millions of people, and governments actually force parents to give it to their children through CPS and the public education system. Saying that you’re going to give that same institution more power to prevent competition, and that’s somehow going to improve our lives, makes a national day of prayer look like a real winner of a strategy, because at least prayer does nothing, governments actually do harm.

[The government is not evil]

In the last century, governments have murdered over 260 million of their own citizens. That’s not even including war, we’re just talking about democide at this point. Add war to the mix and that number exceeds 320 million. Police have killed more people in the US since 9/11 than all the US soldiers killed in Iraq. In the United States alone, upwards of 12 million people are arrested, every year, and the majority of those crimes involved no victim whatsoever. There are over 2 and a quarter million people in prison in the US right now, and by some estimates upwards of 10% of them will be raped in prison. Government is literally the number one preventable cause of human death and suffering in the world, if that’s not evil, then what is?

[The libertarian answer to poverty is fuck em]

Alright, I get it. You’ve never actually spoken to a libertarian, have you? You’ve never even google searched the word. You just love your government so much, that you hate anyone who opposes it, and say nasty ignorant things about them.

Libertarians care about the poor a lot more than you liberal scumbags do, that’s why we don’t want police pillaging their neighborhoods and killing and imprisoning their fathers, husbands, and sons. That’s why we don’t want government driving up the costs of goods and services with taxes and regulations, thats why we don’t want them put out of jobs by minimum wage laws, thats why we don’t want them dependent on government welfare programs that prevent them from being productive members of society.

People like you, Dusty, are the perfect example of the stupid evil people you think government is supposed to be protecting us from. You see a problem, and the best answer you can come up with is “Government” you don’t think about it for even 30 seconds to try and understand all the unintended consequences of a policy forced on hundreds of millions of people. You’ve obviously never studied economics, and yet you think yourself uniquely qualified not only to walk into a voting booth and decide who should violently rule over all of mankind, but also to get on YouTube and propagandize for that same government. But you’re a moron, you’re not even misled, you just plain don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, you’re willfully ignorant, you don’t even try to know what it is that you’re advocating.

If you’re going to speak from a position of ignorance, you should probably stick to religion, because at least you’re on a level playing field with the idiots on the other side of that argument, but if you’re going to bash libertarianism, sorry pal, you’re just outta your fuckin league.

[Money is an invented concept, just print it and redistribute]

Oh yeah, just print money, just spread it around, just take it from one person, and give it to another, why not, its just an invented concept? Just like grades, grades are just an invented concept, so lets take some from the really smart people and give them to the really dumb people, to make things fair and all. Hell, its just an invented concept, why even redistribute, just give everybody an A and then we can all be really successful in the world with our post graduate degrees from esteemed universities.

How hard is it for you to understand that this completely defeats the purpose of both invented concepts? If you redistribute grades, or if you print grades and give everybody an A regardless of performance, then grades become meaningless. If Harvard University just accepted and passed everybody, it wouldn’t make all those people smart and successful, it would make Harvard a meaningless phony diploma mill.

THe same thing goes for money, if money is just printed out of thin air, that leads to a little thing we economists call inflation. It drives up the costs of actual goods and services because as more money enters the economy, it has to compete for a limited amount of resources. It hurts poor people more than rich people, because no matter how much you redistribute, the poor, by definition of the word, have less of it and they are harmed disproportionately by the increased costs of goods and services.

[Public Education]

Oh, this is too funny. Listen Dusty, if you really like public education that much, do it a favor, and don’t stand up for it. Idiots like you are exactly the reason that there should be no public education system. Remember earlier when you said people were stupid and evil? Yeah, that’s public education. If public education is so great, then why do most Americans still believe in God? Worse than that, they still believe in the bible, and worse than that, they still believe in the Catholic Church.

Think about this for a minute, Public education has been the norm in America for over a century, okay. And in a century of public education, what have we achieved? Your only claim to intelligence is that you figured out religion is bullshit. One day, somebody told you “Hey there’s a magical sky monster that watches over our every move, he drowned the entire planet once, and he’s a really swell guy” and you were like “That’s dumb, that’s probably bullshit” and this is what qualifies as being smart in America. That the 2nd biggest scam in the history of the world, religion, goes almost completely unfettered, after a century of public education.

You have a population of stupid, evil people, who elect a stupid, evil government, that creates a stupid, evil education system, which produces more stupid evil people to keep on doing this in perpetuity until mankind’s extinction, and if you can’t figure that out, then you’re exactly the kind of fucking retard this system was designed to create!

[The libertarian party]

Well, now I know you’ve never researched libertarianism, because there’s actually very few libertarians in the libertarian party. The fact of the matter is, the libertarian party is mostly comprised of rejects from the DNC and GOP, they were fuckin kooks and they got run out of the major political parties, they showed up at an LP meeting and realized “Wow, if I can bring 4 idiots to the next meeting, I can become chair”

Actual libertarians are not terribly interested in vouchers or tax breaks, we oppose taxation in its entirety. If in a completely free and unregulated market with no taxes and no regulations, you’re still unable to make enough money to educate your children, then I’d suggest teaching them your fuckin self, because if you’re not making enough money to hire someone else to teach your kids, then you’ve probably got a lot of god damn time on your hands because you don’t have a fucking job. Teach the fuckin brat to read, and then give him Google, and he will have the entire wealth of human knowledge at his fingertips for free. That is infinitely preferable to him being raised by a government school system where he is taught the opposite of all that is true until he throws on a trench coat and celebrates hitler’s birthday by killing classmates and faculty members.

[Everybody who made money made money because of this system]

The only people who made money BECAUSE of this system, are the same corporations you bitched about for the first half of this video, everybody else who made money, did so DESPITE this system, not because of it. Anything that relies on systemic theft through taxation and inflation and prevents competition through regulation, is by definition something that PREVENTS accumulation of capital, not something that facilitates it. It’s the exact opposite of what you’re portraying it as you fucking moron.

[Yes I realize the government is fucked up, but we can fix it]

The government is not fucked up, it is not malfunctioning, this is its design. It is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. It is a scam, it is a ruthless, violent institution that has never in the history of mankind produced anything but suffering. We have thousands of years of history that teach us this.

[The job of the government should be to maximize the happiness of its citizens]

And when in the history of mankind has a government done anything that even remotely resembles what you’re talking about? nobody has ever been happy with thier government, ever. The best case scenario is literally that they find it a tolerable annoyance. Governments rob assault kidnap and murder, this has a terrible track record of bringing about happiness, what you’re describing is a fairy tale even more ridiculous than religion. At least religion relies on you to believe in something that supposedly happened thousands of years ago, at least religion has the common decency to cover up its lies well enough that they can’t really ever be disproven. Government lies straight to your face and fucks you over in your lifetime, on television for all to see, and you still believe in it anyway.

[Conservatives and Libertarians are cut from the same cloth]

And this is all the proof that we need to say that you liberals don’t give a shit about war, and you don’t give a shit about civil liberties, and you don’t give a shit about rationality. You would rather pursue your incoherent economic fantasies and have war and checkpoints and religious government, than do anything that would reduce the influence of the State.

Libertarians are not conservatives, we oppose war, we oppose the war on drugs, we oppose search and seizure, we oppose government, that’s a lot different from these lunatics you see gaining control in the Republican party and conservative talk radio.

[Libertarians are idiots]

The feeling is fuckin mutual, shithead.


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