VIDEO: What Happens When You Confront Internet Tough Guys

Last night was a lot of fun, if a bit ridiculous… The story starts innocently enough, with a joke. I received a Facebook friend request from a couple. Yes, that’s one facebook friend request, for two people. A joint profile by the name of “TaraBobby PangPang”.

Now, I just think that’s a tad silly. They are far from the first people to do this, but I decided to use the example to joke about the practice. I said in a status update “So, I just accepted a friend request from a couple I know in real life. Yes, “a” as in singular friend request, from a couple. To my very few female admirers, I must inform you in advance, I don’t give a fuck if we get married and share a bank account, I will never share a facebook account with you.”

Seemed to be a popular statement, 118 likes at the time of this writing. After I posted it, I went back to my news feed and saw my status update at the top, right below Facebook’s invitation to help said profile find their friends. I thought this was hysterical, so I screencapped it, posted the image, and tagged the profile.

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