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Anarcho-Capitalism: Why Storm Clouds Gathering Is Wrong

Is Anarcho-Capitalism Broken?

I just saw a video titled “Anarcho-capitalism Why it’s Broken & How to Fix it by the YouTube channel Storm Clouds Gathering. In it, Aaron Hawkins reiterates a number of common criticisms of anarcho-capitalism, while simultaneously claiming to have done hundreds of hours of research on the subject. He makes anti-capitalist arguments over and over and over again, all while claiming to be trying to “fix” anarcho-capitalism. He asks a bunch of questions, leaves them without answers, and asserts his failure to answer as proof of anarcho-capitalism’s undesirability or impossibility.

Storm Clouds Gathering, otherwise known as Aaron Hawkins, is a left leaning guy who never quite makes clear what it is he’s proposing, but it’s pretty clear he’s sympathetic to the “Venus Project” or Zeitgeist movement. The basic idea behind the channel is to poke holes in libertarian philosophy while maintaining itself as anti-State through a series of increasingly contradictory statements. The anti-propertarian, anti-capitalist arguments he makes are the picture perfect example of the leftist infiltration of the libertarian movement I’ve been talking about, and the large following he has built demonstrates the damage this kind of thing is doing.

Watch the video below, (Or don’t, I quote him exactly before refuting his points throughout the article) and then I’ll address specific issues with it. I apologize in advance for you losing this 16 minutes of your life, but if you care about the cause of liberty, it’s kind of important to understand what people like Aaron Hawkins of Storm Clouds Gathering are doing to undermine it.

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