Laci Green’s Consent 101 – Redefining Rape

Laci Green Redefines Rape.

No means no, and according to Laci Green, so does “Okay”, and being a YouTube fan, and pretty much everything other than a signed and notarized contract, with three witnesses, which of course can be revoked at any time. If this is what people like Laci think constitutes consent to sex, then no wonder they’re freaking out about some imaginary rape culture. The video, titled “WANNA HAVE SEX? (CONSENT 101)” (embedded below) starts off suggesting that men should ask permission to kiss a woman, and that failing to do so, is sexual assault.

Laci Green is Redefining Rape
Laci Green is Redefining Rape

Asking for a Kiss.

I hate to go all Alex Jones on you, but I’m tempted to say this is a depopulation agenda. Asking a woman if you can kiss her, is generally a sure fire way to make sure that you never do. If this became the general standard of conduct for mating rituals, the human race would cease to exist within a hundred years, and that’s before we take into account the fact that she’s suggesting it’s a crime punishable by imprisonment to kiss without asking.

This completely goes against every bit of dating advice available, and Laci Green thinks it’s a felony. This isn’t just my opinion, let’s ask E-Harmony what they think.

Asking for Action

A completely personal preference for women is whether they expect to be asked for permission to be kissed. To be on the safe side, you may be better off asking if you aren’t sure. It will be received as a sign that either you’re a respectful gentleman or you’re a wuss. Keep in mind that we’re talking about a simple display of affection. All you’re going to do is kiss her, and the sexiest way to do this is to be spontaneous. This means that if you want her to get excited, you’re going to have to kiss her without asking for permission. Besides, she can always give you the cheek if she’s not into it. As long as her vibe is welcoming and you don’t turn into a lecherous loser, she might appreciate your first move without hesitation.

Let’s ask Cosmopolitan,

He Asks If He Can Kiss You

Um, hello mood-killer! He’s probably just nervous or can’t read your signals yet. Tell him it’s a turn-on when he kisses you spontaneously.

Let’s ask Dr. Nerdlove,

Should You Ask Or Just Go For It?

Well this is a tricky one, i’nit?

I’ve done an informal poll on the Dr. NerdLove Facebook page  and Twitter feed and it was almost a 2-to-1 case of “Make the move”, followed by a variation of “It depends/fine either way/I like them both”. This corresponds rather well with other places where I’ve seen the topic come up (Google “Ask for a kiss” and do your own research): a majority of an incredibly unscientific sampling of women seem to prefer that men make the move rather than ask for it.

Let’s ask,

4) Don’t ask for permission. Contrary to what you might have read in a Jane Austen novel, this is not the ‘proper’ way to do it. You should never kiss a girl against her will, but a lot of the fun of dating is the game that occurs as a guy and a girl try and read each other’s interest. If a girl seems interested you can try and kiss her, if she doesn’t want to kiss you she will pull away. It is that simple.

Let’s ask Dating Keys,

You should NEVER have to ask a woman for your first kiss. (Only WIMPS ask for a first kiss, and you should know by now that women are NOT attracted to wimps!) You should “test the waters” by using the following technique instead: Flirt heavily with her and get some good connection when you’re over at her house. Then when the moment is right, I want you to look into her eyes…and stroke her hair. Tell her her hair smells good. Look into her eyes again and see how she reacts. (Feedback is IMPORTANT) She’s got those dreamy eyes? Lift her chin up with a finger and tell her, your eyes are beautiful and gaze deeply into them. She still responding well? Great. Lean down SLOWLY towards her lips. (If she doesn’t pull away then she WANTS the kiss). Kiss her lightly on her lips.

If Laci Green prefers insecure men who have absolutely zero capacity for reading a woman’s signals, then let her die childless with an impotent fembot as her mate, that’s her business. She’s actually suggesting this is a crime, and she’s paid to tour college campuses spreading this madness to young impressionable voters. This is a serious problem, she’s advocating initiatory violence against innocent men.

I haven’t asked a woman if I could kiss her since Jr. High School, and I’m not about to start now. It’s been right around the same amount of time since I’ve been turned down for a kiss, but then again, I would never try to kiss a woman like Laci.

Even If She Doesn’t Say No, You’re Still a Rapist.

Now, it’s not good enough to ask permission to kiss. According to Laci Green, every step of the way is a checkpoint at which you must show your consent papers, and the papers have to be really convincing. It’s not good enough that she says okay, or doesn’t ask you to stop. In fact, you must ask her very specifically at each step if what you’re doing is acceptable, and her consent must be enthusiastic and clear.

Just imagine this in a real world setting.

Guy: Can I kiss you?
Girl: Yes, you may
Guy: That was nice, can I touch your left boob?
Girl: Yes, you may
(Guy touches right boob)
Cue the police sirens and sound of a prison gate closing.

This is an actual quote from the video,

“Just because somebody doesn’t say no, doesn’t mean they’re saying yes. They might feel uncomfortable or guilty or not know how to say it”.

This is the kind of double standard that we who are paying attention have come to expect from feminists. On the one hand, women are in every way equal if not superior to men. They should have every right and privilege that men do, in addition to being the gatekeepers of all things pertaining to sex and reproduction. They should be paid equally or better regardless of qualification or performance, be accepted and even preferred in every business arrangement, educational institution, social club, political or other organization.

Yet, men must to take the female’s irrational mental state into consideration at every turn. Expecting her to tell us what is and is not okay in bed, that’s rape, and we should go to prison for it. She’s just a poor fragile creature who can’t speak up for herself, of course. We are supposed to ask before kissing her, and at the same time, this is considered sexual harassment, which we can also go to prison for. This is not equality, this is supremacy and domination.

Even If She Says Yes, You’re Still A Rapist.

Alcohol and Drugs

According to Laci Green, if she’s too drunk to drive, she’s too drunk to give consent. That standard ought to solve this overpopulation problem, eh? First of all, by who’s definition of too drunk to drive? In Canada that means .04 BAC, in the US it means .08 according to the law. Very few people actually consider these levels to be “drunk”, at least not to the extent that it pertains to the ability to consent to things.

Let’s extrapolate that a bit then. If a guy who has sex with a drunk woman is a rapist, then is the store clerk who sells her something a thief? I mean, she can’t consent, right? To take someone’s money without consent is theft (unless you’re the government, of course, social contracts and all).

If being drunk means she cannot consent to sex, then is buying her a drink when she’s already drunk, the moral equivalent of slipping her a Rohypnol? I mean, if she can’t consent to sex, then how can she consent to drinking?

If being drunk means she cannot consent to sex, then is letting her crash on your couch kidnapping? I mean, to take somebody somewhere without consent generally constitutes said felony.

If someone’s unconscious or throwing up, or otherwise obviously not in control of their faculties, we all pretty much understand that it’s not okay to take their clothes off and penetrate them. On the other hand, we all know that both sexes intentionally get drunk before having sex, specifically for the purpose of taking the edge off of what leads up to that experience. If I go out drinking with a woman, and she asks me for sex, she’s probably going to get it and that doesn’t make me a rapist. Drunk sex is fun, people engage in it all the time and they almost never cry rape afterwards. By Laci Green’s standard, upwards of 25% of the population are rape babies (I’m making that statistic up, but you can bet a lot of our parents were drunk when mom got pregnant).

Saying that a woman can’t consent to sex while drinking is the same thing as saying a man can’t be held responsible for forcing her if he’s been drinking. It’s a really pathetic effort to remove one from a position of responsibility. People make the choice to drink, and once they do, they are responsible for all their actions after that, sexual, financial, or otherwise. To get drunk, consent to sex, and then accuse the man of rape, makes the woman the predator in this equation. It happens all the time, and better men than I are in prison for this right now. It’s wrong. It’s violent. And something needs to be done to stop it from happening.


According to Laci Green, any position of authority ensures all the sex you have from that day forward will be rape, because as a person of authority, it is impossible to grant you consent. That almost sounds great to us libertarians, I mean, if government agents stopped breeding, we’d be well on our way to a free society. But we’re not just talking about cops, judges, and politicians. We’re talking doctors, teachers, therapists, coaches, priests, caregivers, famous actors and even YouTube personalities are specifics she mentions in the video.

Now, we all sort of understand that Jerry Sanduski is a rapist and a pedophile, we understand that it’s not OK for priests to fuck altar boys, for doctors to screw their patients while under anesthesia, or for elementary school teachers to deflower young girls in the broom closet.

But by Laci’s standards, a college professor who falls in love with a student who feels the same way about him, is a rapist. I am a YouTube personality and I have had sex with fans, according to Laci Green, I should be imprisoned for this. Every rock star who sat motionless while a groupie undid his zipper should be facing 25 to life.

This is more than some philosophical talking point, Laci Green is traveling the country, going on college campuses and talking to young impressionable voters, and advocating State sanctioned initiatory violence against peaceful people. She wants government to harm consenting adults in voluntary exchanges of lust and affection. She’s literally advocating that people who do exactly what is asked of them, be kidnapped at gun point and put into cages with actual rapists for decades, and she’s doing this while smiling and giggling and portraying it as some noble effort to make the world more consensual. This is no better than imprisoning homosexuals under the notion that it serves God’s will.

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