Laci Green’s Consent 101 – Redefining Rape

Laci Green Redefines Rape.

No means no, and according to Laci Green, so does “Okay”, and being a YouTube fan, and pretty much everything other than a signed and notarized contract, with three witnesses, which of course can be revoked at any time. If this is what people like Laci think constitutes consent to sex, then no wonder they’re freaking out about some imaginary rape culture. The video, titled “WANNA HAVE SEX? (CONSENT 101)” (embedded below) starts off suggesting that men should ask permission to kiss a woman, and that failing to do so, is sexual assault.

Asking for a Kiss.

I hate to go all Alex Jones on you, but I’m tempted to say this is a depopulation agenda. Asking a woman if you can kiss her, is generally a sure fire way to make sure that you never do. If this became the general standard of conduct for mating rituals, the human race would cease to exist within a hundred years, and that’s before we take into account the fact that she’s suggesting it’s a crime punishable by imprisonment to kiss without asking.

This completely goes against every bit of dating advice available, and Laci Green thinks it’s a felony. This isn’t just my opinion, let’s ask E-Harmony what they think.

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