Good Luck Justin Bourque

Best of Luck, Justin Bourque

Damn those loose Canadian gun laws! If only the NRA had less influence on the Canadian government! Didn’t those greedy capitalist gun nuts learn anything from Sandy Hook? Oh, that’s right, this kind of rhetoric makes even less sense in Canada than it does in the United States, where it is just as frivolous.

Good Luck Justin Bourque
Good Luck Justin Bourque

If I believe the news, and I don’t, but let’s just run with it, Justin Bourque is some kind of anti government guy who just decided to start randomly shooting police last night. There’s got to be more to it than that, but we obviously can’t expect the media to tell us how bad the government must have fucked this guy over for him to go on what will likely amount to a suicide mission.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, Justin was just walking down the street with some firearms in Moncton. Some busybody neighbor thought this was just terrible and decided to call the police. When the police showed up, with their guns, Bourque opened fire on them. Details are still fuzzy, but the body count currently stands at three dead police, two wounded police, and Bourque still at large, armed and dangerous.

Now police have the area on lockdown. Armored vehicles, robots, automatic weapons, you name it. All to find this kid who decided to walk down the street with a rifle.

Seems to me this all could have been avoided if the neighbor had minded her own business. Seems to me Justin was really upset about gun control, and wouldn’t have bothered anybody if his means of self defense were not threatened. Seems to me that when armed men show up to confiscate your weapons, killing them is a pretty clear cut case of self defense. I have yet to hear about an innocent victim here, only combatants in a war against freedom giving up their lives to their deity, the State.

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