Some Garbage Podcast EP016 – On Tour w/ Ademo? founder Ademo Freeman cohosts the 16th episode of Some Garbage Podcast, to air live on November 9th 2014 at 8:30am EST. This will likely be our final broadcast from this studio, as I’m leaving the Leverett Street house, and taking “The Brutalist House” name with me. Ademo and I are looking to get a place together nearby, and in our travels came across what appears to be a good deal on an RV.

If you’re familiar with Ademo, you may remember he was involved with Motor Home Diaries and Liberty On Tour. Regular readers of mine may also recall me entertaining the idea of doing something I called “One Last Tour of the State“. So we got to thinking about doing a tour together.

We’ve tossed around a number of ideas, but no details have been settled. All we know right now is that the RV is within our price range, the owner claims it is in good shape, and fundraising for previous tours has been successful. On the show we’ll be discussing the details that led up to this idea, and possibilities for going forward. No promises, but we’ll try to take some calls on air.





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