Some Garbage Podcast EP017 - #Fuck2015!

Some Garbage Podcast EP017 – #Fuck2015!

It’s barely even 2015 yet, and we’ve already given up on this shitty year. #Fuck2015!

Think about it, I mean really, what good does a new year ever actually bring? Are you any happier than they day before? As you lay there miserable from a hangover that you probably wake up with every other morning too… Probably not, right?

It’s pretty damn unlikely that this year is going to bring the revolution, or the happening, or the dollar collapse, or SHTF or whatever it is you’ve been stockpiling small arms and non perishable foods for. You’re just going to wake up day after miserable day and go to work and pay your taxes and bitch about it, just like last year.

Join us LIVE, for our January 2nd New Year’s Commiseration from 5-7pm EST.

We will be taking calls on the air! Call 1-567-704-3182 or send a Skype request to Skype Username:

The broadcast audio/video quality on this came out terrible, I’ll try to fix it next episode if possible. You can always pick up the high quality audio recording at If this keeps up we may have to go back to UStream or something, and stop using Hangouts, I’ll keep you posted.

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