Some Garbage Podcast EP033 - Rape Culture, Not Terrorism

Some Garbage Podcast EP033 – Rape Culture, Not Terrorism

What do you call it when a guy crashes a plane full of people on purpose? Not terrorism, according to the White House. Terrorism is apparently a term reserved for people who disagree with President Obama. You know, folks like us.

ISIS wants to overthrow the governments of Iraq and Syria, and they are a terrorist group. The rebels who overthrew the Libyan government, they were the good guys. The rebels who are overthrowing the Yemeni government, they are terrorists. The uprising in Egypt, just a pro democracy movement. The delineation is simple. If you disagree with the president, you are a terrorist. If you agree with the president, or the president just plain doesn’t care, you’re not.

Some Garbage Podcast EP033 - Rape Culture, Not Terrorism
Some Garbage Podcast EP033 – Rape Culture, Not Terrorism

Lucky for us, we don’t have to crash airplanes or kill people to be labeled terrorists. We’ve got it easy. All we have to do is be skeptical of the Federal Reserve, own guns, or have more than two weeks worth of food in our house. That’s the kind generosity of our federal overlords. They make being a terrorist relatively easy. ‘Murica.

Also, a student gets removed from his college class for the heinous crime of debunking the rape culture myth. Jeremiah True brought facts, reason, and evidence to his humanities professor at Reed College. Such things are not welcome in feminist discussions. Logic, after all, is oppression.

This world has literally devolved to a point where information is unwelcome in places of “higher learning.” You bring to a professor’s attention some well researched facts, that challenge his absurd narrative that our culture is supportive of rape, and instead of being met with contradicting evidence, an argument, or agreement, you are banished.

The cause of this is very simple, ladies and gentlemen. They don’t have an argument to make. They tell their lies, and you are obligated to agree with them because oppression. You have no right to challenge obvious falsehoods, because patriarchy. You are an evil oppressor because penis. We live in a rape culture because shut up.

Raise a generation of human beings with reasoning skills like that, force them into voting booths to elect the rulers of the most powerful government in the history of mankind, and you might as well put the entire human race through a woodchipper.

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