From Left to Right, Nick Rockwell, Cassie Colburn, Bruce Rockwell, and Alisha-Roberts

Meet The People I Drew Down On

At approximately 3:20am on Sunday, May 10th I was involved in an incident on Main Street in Keene New Hampshire where I was compelled to pull my revolver to defend myself against two male, and two female assailants who charged at me in a threatening manner. I recorded the entire incident. Police arrived on scene, reviewed my video, cleared me of any wrongdoing, and let me leave with my camera and gun.

Keene Police Incident Record
Keene Police Incident Record

I declined to press any charges, but police did take one of the men into protective custody for “alcoholism” according to the Keene Police logs. The man’s name was Nicholas Rockwell, of Swanzey – a neighboring town.

Concerned my assailants might seek retaliation, we did a little bit of investigating to find out who we were dealing with.

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