Radical Agenda EP017 - Pre-PorcFest Roundup

Radical Agenda EP017 – Pre-PorcFest Roundup

It’s not the latest of headlines, but as many of you are aware, I was kicked out of the Free State Project in 2013. As a result of that expulsion, I’m no longer welcome at FSP events such as the upcoming Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire. An event which is beginning this coming Sunday.

I realize this is old news to a lot of you, but I figured it worth doing a podcast about before the festival begins. If for no other reason, so anybody at the event who is curious can listen and find out what happened. Other listeners may have heard bits and pieces, but not the full story, so I’ll go over the details.

Radical Agenda EP017 - Pre-PorcFest Roundup
Radical Agenda EP017 – Pre-PorcFest Roundup

A brief recap, I wrote an article in 2013 titled “Concord Police Go and Get Your Bearcat“. The subject of which was the police department’s attempt in Concord, New Hampshire to obtain an armored personnel carrier from the Department of Homeland Security. They had filled out a grant application for the war machine, citing Free Staters as a terrorist threat. While Free Staters attended meetings and demonstrations about the event, I made the outrageous suggestion that when a government engages in a “war on terrorism”, labels you a terrorist, and buys a two ton war machine with the stated intent of using it against you, it might be time to contemplate defending yourself with force against that government. Specifically “The answer, at some point, is to kill government agents”.

I was later contacted by Jody Underwood, who demanded I remove this text from my post. I refused, and was subsequently kicked out of the FSP and banned from their events.

Oh, and the Concord Police? They got their Bearcat despite overwhelming public disapproval, just as I had predicted they would.

In other news, Jeff Tucker feels guilty for the actions of some stranger, just because he’s white. I wonder how many times he’s been apologized to by some innocent black person for the actions of other black people? Also, a New Jersey cop and purported wife beater who was “well respected” by his department, shot his wife in the head in front of his daughter because he was “sick of paying alimony”, but at least no innocent people were hurt.

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