Radical Agenda EP024 - Carnies & Rubes

Radical Agenda EP024 – Carnies & Rubes

There will always be carnies and rubes. If the reference isn’t familiar, carnies is a reference to carnival scam artists who try to suck people into their schemes, and rubes, the people who fall for said scams. The title is inspired by the fact that I’ve spent much of the week, and will spend the rest of the weekend, doing outreach at the Cheshire County fair.

Now, we’re not scamming anybody, of course. We’re doing Bitcoin outreach, and not trying to sell anything other than an idea. It takes talent to convince carnival attendees to take the time out to discuss monetary policy, and I’m pretty good at this.

That said, we’re absolutely surrounded by rubes. The head of the Democratic National Committee can’t answer the question “What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?” Yet, Chris Matthews seems to think there is a huge difference. Planned Parenthood haggles over the price of baby parts, yet people still think they aren’t “selling” baby parts! Another black guy gets killed by police, and people still think this is a racial problem!

Idiots, morons, imbeciles, rubes, they are everywhere. And as long as they exist, the carnies will fleece them.

Join us, this and every Friday from 5-7pm Eastern, for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism, where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like, maintaining the integrity of the English language. Give us a call at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype if you would like to be on the program.

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