White People Literally Can't Even Mention Race On Facebook

White People Literally Can’t Even Mention Race on Facebook

I’ve been banned from Facebook over some pretty ridiculous things. Making enemies of social justice warriors has caused me to become a frequent target of report brigades. This is why my block list exceeds 350 people and grows by the day. If I see someone make so much as a passive complaint about racism or misogyny, or take offense to something someone says, I block them preemptively so as to avoid granting them the opportunity to report me for something later on.

Facebook notifications about reported posts
Facebook notifications about reported posts

Between that and saving my harshest language for other outlets, this has managed to keep me unbanned for awhile as of late, but my luck ran out this morning. I woke up to over a dozen notifications of posts and comments being reported, many of which were more than a year old.

Facebook found nearly all of them to be in compliance with the community standards. One photo was removed for “nudity” although no nudity was present in the photo. I was at this point still unbanned.

Then I am compelled to log in again, and I am told that something my brand page posted had been removed. When the brand page gets something removed, it affects all admins of the page. So even my sock account is now banned for 30 days.

What could be so heinous as to justify such an absurd penalty? Well, this horrifically racist meme right here.

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