Coming Soon – Radical Agenda Stage Six

The rumors are true. I’m back.


I have a few small obstacles remaining, but I have already done much of the work for “Radical Agenda S06E000 – Reintroduction”.

Stay tuned…

For good reasons which I’ll make clear in due course, I’ve removed all prior content from this site. Don’t panic or jump to any conclusions. The tremendous amount of content that was here – thousands of posts, not all of them mine, built up over almost a decade of varied and at times oppositional interests – was just too much to take responsibility for at this time.

As I have time to sort through it in the months ahead, much of it will be restored or otherwise made available.

You can find Jared Howe’s “So To Peak” at his site, I am grateful to Jared for his loyalty, bravery, and persistent efforts to assist me and advance important causes while I’ve been away. There is nothing about this change that should reflect negatively on him or his production. I made this decision a long time ago for reasons quite beyond anyone’s current apprehension but my own.

Money is always helpful, and now more than at most times…

You can find me on social media

More to come…






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