Radical Agenda S06E000 – Reintroduction

This is one of those stories that begin with the protagonist getting out of prison. You’re tuning into Stage Six. We’ve been at this for almost a decade, but I’m just getting started. The Radical Agenda, on the other hand, well, let’s call Stage Six the end of the beginning.

The Radical Agenda was a live, uncensored, and mostly unscripted entertainment program. It began in 2014, after being rebranded from its predecessor, which was called “Some Garbage Podcast”. The Radical Agenda aired live three days a week at the time it went off the air in January of 2020, which was when its host and producer, Christopher Cantwell (yours truly), was dragged out of his apartment by the FBI.

More on that later, but for now, I’m going to break this episode up into two parts. I first want to primarily address those of you who have been listening for awhile, and then we’ll take a stroll down memory lane to reminisce and tell newcomers how we got to this point. After almost three years in federal prison, I am back. While I intend to make Stage Six the conclusion of the Radical Agenda, I have some exciting and ambitious projects I am eager to begin (or continue) working on, once I conclude the Radical Agenda, and we’re going to talk about that a lot, real soon.

This has to happen for a number of reasons, none of which I am particularly enthusiastic about.

The format of the Radical Agenda is that it is an open phones call in talk show. Stage Six cannot be that, because toward the end of Stage Five of the show, malicious actors, some of them State sponsored, made this completely impossible by subverting every call screening method I attempted to institute, and though they committed many crimes in the process, I was denied the protection of law by the United States government. This, as we’ll discuss in greater detail later, is the preferred method of persecuting political dissidents in the United States today. The authorities refuse to assist them when they are victimized by criminals, and then the dissident is held legally responsible for the predictable outcome of that lawlessness. This is sometimes referred to as “anarcho-tyranny”, but I think this wording fails to capture the full gravity of the problem. This is anything but anarchistic. It is State sponsored criminality.

I do not want to ruin the artistic integrity of this project. It is better that I end the show than try to pretend that something completely different is the Radical Agenda. I am producing Stage Six in an altered form because I want to conclude it on my own terms, rather than just abruptly leaving off when the FBI dragged me away.

Another reason I will touch on briefly is that the Radical Agenda brand has been completely blacklisted from the financial system, social media, and many vendors, service providers, and advertisement markets. The show never would have become what it had at its peak if I was not able to make a living by producing it. I worked very hard to produce this show, and I suffered a great deal in pursuit of excellence. Because it was a quality production, I put my faith, foolishly, in market forces to correct the wrongs being done to us. That faith was clearly misplaced.

Before my arrest, I managed to obtain services for other ventures of mine. Most notably the Outlaw Conservative podcast, Edgy Goodies, and Penned and Pronounced voice services. Christopher Cantwell is not completely incapable of doing business, but the Radical Agenda is. Christopher Cantwell thus has a future, and the Radical Agenda, sadly, does not.

Additionally, my ideas have changed in the last three years, and during the course of this stage of the show, we’ll discuss this in greater detail. I have done a great deal of reading, listening, and thinking. I’ve met some very interesting people. I have come to conclude that the Radical Agenda “jumped the shark”, if you’ll pardon the expression, at some point. The Radical Agenda blurred the lines between reality and fiction to the point that it became impossible for most people to determine what was hyperbole, rhetoric, humor, or advocacy. I myself became uncertain of this at times, and while I and others found this entertaining and intellectually stimulating, it did not advance my sincere political aims, which I take seriously enough to risk my life and liberty over.

I remain convinced that the United States is on the brink of catastrophe, that race and ethnicity play a central role in this, and that under the geopolitical world order of today, such a catastrophe cannot manifest itself strictly within the political boundaries of the United States. I daily endure a well educated and rational fear of death, destruction and misery, on a global scale, that makes Mao’s China look like Galt’s Gulch, and through that lens, a few years in prison appears to be the least of my problems.

Ask me what I would do to prevent this outcome, and my one word answer is “ANYTHING”. There is NOTHING that I will not do.

This show began with the idea that moderation was our biggest political problem in America. I figured people were too scared to take bold stances on the issues of our time, and that it took courage to push the limits of politics. While there is truth in this, it is not axiomatic total truth. Extremism verses moderation is just one dimension of politics and philosophy.

What I have learned from Joe Biden, is that a man can prove himself weak and timid and stupid by automatically assenting to the most extreme political ideas, as easily as he can by being a political weather vane, and groveling to consensus. Restraint, and discipline, are no less virtues than courage, and a man who cannot control himself, a man who has no concern whatsoever for the will and opinions of his countrymen, has no place in politics. In any honest political order, he is pushed to the fringes, and barred from participation, and rightly so. This is not to say extremists have no influence on the political order, as we’re seeing with the absolute lunacy of the Democrat Party, but if you think Joe Biden got more votes than any president in history, you’re an idiot, and of whatever votes he did really earn, he earned them by lying about how he would govern. Anybody with eyes and ears knows that the Democrat Party is being rejected by the people of this country. Nobody wants their kids to be propagandized with transgenderism and anti-White hate, and the next honest election we have, should we ever be so fortunate, will see them reduced to a permanent political minority.

I care too much about our people and our goals to let that continue happening to us. I mean to make our presence felt in this world, and that will not be possible if we endlessly indulge in fantasy violence and shock humor.  Our goal is to WIN, and if these crooks want to stop me, they will have to send an assassin next time.

Now, as regular listeners know all too well, I was prominently featured in a high profile civil trial in Virginia last year. I’m going to do a much longer segment on this in the future, but I have to touch on it briefly to further contextualize my motives for this change in tone. Those of you who listened to, or followed the alternative media coverage of, the Charlottesville Unite the Right case, know that I did something very important down there, but there seems to be a lot of confusion still about the verdict in that matter.

My codefendants put on a mostly negative case, which is to say, they simply called attention to the fact that there was no evidence of the central allegation of a racially motivated violent conspiracy. I, on the other hand, representing myself pro se, tried to prove that the Left was actually responsible for the violence, and I made fools of these people down there.

Now, if you tuned into CNN, or for that matter, read the Wall Street Journal, the headline was about some $25 million verdict holding us liable for the Plaintiffs’ damages. Like so much of what you see and hear these days, that’s not really what happened. The case had six counts. The first two counts were federal civil rights conspiracy claims, alleging a racially motivated violent conspiracy. The second count was Virginia Civil conspiracy, under which we could have been found liable for violating half a dozen Virginia state statutes, including the so called “hate crimes” law, which can hold someone liable for “racially motivated violence, vandalism, or harassment”. The fourth count had no conspiracy element, and held that a smaller number of defendants had themselves violated this “violence, vandalism, or harassment” statute, The 5th and 6th counts only applied to James Fields, and on account of his guilty plea in his federal criminal case, which he took to avoid the death penalty, there wasn’t much we could do for James.

The jury deadlocked on the first two counts, which tells you that they did not find us liable for a racially motivated violent conspiracy. The jury did find us liable on the 3rd and 4th counts, which tells you that they found us liable for something other than a racially motivated violent conspiracy, to the tune of millions of dollars, though most of the damages were actually held against Mr. Fields on counts 5 and 6, which the media conveniently leaves out of their narrative.

But if you’ve got a mind for legal stuff, you may already see the problem here. We weren’t sued for harassment, we were sued for a racially motivated violent conspiracy, and since the jury didn’t find us liable on counts 1 and 2, we were found liable for something we weren’t actually sued for. And, tellingly, during deliberations, the jury asked the Court a question: “Are words a form of violence under the 1st Amendment?”

Well, no, that’s obviously utter nonsense, even if it is an all too popular belief these days. You don’t get to show up at the Nazi party seeking confrontation, and then sue them when somebody calls you a name. That’s not how harassment works, and if they had sued us for harassment, the case would have been dismissed before trial. The Judge was pretty specific about this when he denied our motion to dismiss.

So I put in a post trial motion making this argument. Without counts 1 and 2, they don’t have the racially motivated violent conspiracy, and they can’t collect hate speech reparations as a consolation prize. I argue that the court should set the verdict aside, and either dismiss the case or order a new trial. I also argue that since my litigation was obstructed by the federal government, I didn’t get a fair trial, and in any case I needed more time to finish my motion because the government was preventing me from accessing documents.

A verdict is not a judgement. They are two very different things. Courts tend to issue judgements in line with what a jury finds, but that’s not always the case. Courts also tend to issue those judgements pretty soon after the verdict, and the magistrate Judge denied my motion for more time. I appealed his decision to the District Court Judge, and he has not ruled on that or on the post trial motions. It’s been over a year, and that is extremely unusual. It indicates that the Judge may agree with my point. Even if he doesn’t, these are solid grounds for appeal.

That means there is still a chance for us to salvage the narrative, and the truth, about what happened in Charlottesville Virginia on August 11th and 12th of 2017, and that is a prize I will not throw away for some cheap thrills and laughs. I want to win this case, and then I want to put together a presentation based on that trial which we can show to the uninitiated, and I can’t do that if we’re cracking jokes about gas chambers and fedposting like there’s still a 1st amendment in this country. That’s just not going to work. It’s either or, and I am quite willing, to quote Van Jones, to “forgo the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends”.

Now, for those of you who are new to the program, allow me to reintroduce myself.

This show began as a doctrinaire libertarian production. In 2009, I had been given cause to consider the rapidly diminishing freedom we Americans once enjoyed, as a corollary growth in the size and scope of the United States Federal Government spiraled out of control. I sought answers to constitutional questions, and stumbled upon a series of YouTube videos by 2004 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik.

The series was called “Introduction to the Constitution”, and made what I still consider to be a compelling, perhaps irrefutable case that the government of the United States long ago forfeited any claim of constitutionality. So far outside the bounds of that framework has its apparatus strayed, that the vast majority of the federal government lacks any authority in the constitution. Lacking that authority, and generally lacking popular support, it resorts entirely to coercion and deception to accomplish its goals, and visits unceasing misery on its population.

Today, to me, and to listeners of the Radical Agenda, this is uncontroversial. America now operates in a post constitutional order. Obviously.

But for me, at the time, this was terrifying. I was filled with dread at the thought of my country hurtling toward some terrible cataclysm, on the order of the millions of deaths in Mao’s China or the Soviet Union or Hitler’s Germany.

I tried to discuss this with the people around me, and their responses were equal parts varied and horrifying. They either didn’t know, or didn’t care. Some simply refused to believe what I was saying, others said I was probably right but that it wasn’t worth getting worked up about. Most just didn’t want to talk about “politics”.

This radicalized me. I have, from this point on, been driven as if by religious fanaticism, although I cannot in good faith claim to believe in a deity, much less subscribe to any particular religious doctrine.

I started attending Tea Party rallies. I ran for the US House of Representatives as a Libertarian Party candidate. I moved from New York to New Hampshire to join the Free State Project. I volunteered for the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign. I propagandized on social media and started a YouTube channel.

Once I started to earn a little bit of money from all this, I decided to make it my profession.

I traveled the country, recording and inserting myself into various events. I collaborated on projects with other media personalities. I started going to open mic nights at bars and doing standup comedy. I was invited to political events as a featured speaker.

I began “Some Garbage Podcast” with its self deprecating title because I did not take it very seriously. I had long enjoyed talk radio, beginning with Howard Stern, and later upgrading to Opie & Anthony, for which I purchased my first SiriusXM subscription. On the SiriusXM Patriot Channel, I discovered conservative talk, and became a regular fan of the Mark Levin show. But I didn’t think a long form talk radio show was a viable format for me.

My experience with YouTube had been that short videos got the most views, and my dwindling faith in my fellow man had me convinced that he could best be reached by means which did not challenge his attention span.

So I was rather shocked when Some Garbage Podcast quickly earned over a thousand regular viewers on YouTube. At the time, I wasn’t even producing it as a “podcast” technically. It was just a YouTube show.

After I saw it catching on, I decided to put the effort in. I spent more money on better audio equipment, I set up the RSS feeds and published it to iTunes and all the other major syndication platforms.  I set up a Patreon account, and told listeners that if I met a particular fundraising goal, I would start doing the show three days a week. This goal was met instantly, and so began our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday showtimes.

Throughout all this, I didn’t have much of anything to say about the subject of race relations. Like anybody, I noticed patterns, but I considered it impolite bordering on immoral to say anything about them. Most of the women I had dated over the course of my life were not White. My childhood best friend was Jewish. I knew scumbag White men, and upstanding black men. I knew then as I know today, that skin color is not a reliable means of judging individuals.

But I also considered it uncontroversial that black people were disproportionately represented in prison populations. I thought no more of it than their prominence in professional sports, and I didn’t hold it against Asian people when I observed them disproportionately represented in cognitively demanding positions. A mere demographic disparity is not evidence of a racist criminal justice system, any more than it is evidence of a racist sports draft or college admissions. I had no doubt then and I have no doubt today that America’s legal system is a dangerous purveyor of violence and injustice, but prejudice against blacks is not one of those many countless and egregious injustices.

So, I considered it offensive when I was accused of being a racist for saying so out loud. I had made a name for myself as a “police accountability activist” by video recording police and generally trashing law enforcement online, but I took issue with other activists who tried to make it about race. This was transparently dishonest and I saw the people picking this scab as nefarious actors who were trying to make matters worse, not better.

Within the libertarian movement, a radical leftward push was being engineered by a handful of loud voices. Among the top names on this list would be Jeffrey Tucker, Antonio Buehler, and Cathy Reisenwitz. Accusing people of racism, sexism, and homophobia was merely a tactic being deployed, one which I had come to recognize as a principle weapon of the Democrat Party.

When I stood up to them, the results were predictable. I was smeared as a racist, and at the time I found this deeply offensive.

I decided I should make some effort to understand what it was that racists believed, if only to be able to distance myself from it. Before long I stumbled across a video by Walter E. Williams titled “How Much Can Discrimination Explain?

Mr. Williams was terribly unlikely to be accused of being a White Supremacist. He did confess to engaging in a bit of discrimination, such as when he decided that, as a black man, he wanted to marry a black woman, but this could hardly be considered an invidious discriminatory animus. And although he did rule out the entirety of the White race in his search for a wife, he was generous and gracious enough to grant White folks a full pardon for our real and imagined transgressions, as well as those of our forbears. He even offered a certificate of this pardon, available as a PDF for download, which I proudly printed and framed and for a number of months hung behind my seat on the set of the Radical Agenda.

Something Mr. Williams said in that video really stuck with me. He explained that, in the name of race relations, Democrats had set about instituting all of these economic programs that were proving ineffective at best, and were arguably making matters worse for black people. He went on to say that, to fix these problems “it’s going to require that White people, show some backbone and courage, and not fear being called a racist.”

This made perfect sense to me. It seemed so terribly obvious that I was sort of ashamed that I hadn’t thought of it myself. And, since I generally had little regard for the opinions of others, I thought myself uniquely well suited to the task.

I had no expectation of it working, but I decided to fire off an email to Mr. Williams to invite him to be a guest on Some Garbage Podcast. I didn’t tell him the name of the show at the time, however, because I considered him a fairly classy guy and was reasonably certain he would decline an invitation to be on my “garbage” show.

I was shocked when he accepted, and I titled the episode “Pardon My Racism”.

I was so embarrassed to introduce this high profile guest onto “Some Garbage Podcast” that I decided after this episode that I would rebrand. But to what?

I had not long before stumbled upon an article by Murray Rothbard titled “Do You Hate The State?

It read, in relevant part;

Perhaps the word that best defines our distinction is “radical.” Radical in the sense of being in total, root-and-branch opposition to the existing political system and to the State itself. Radical in the sense of having integrated intellectual opposition to the State with a gut hatred of its pervasive and organized system of crime and injustice. Radical in the sense of a deep commitment to the spirit of liberty and antistatism that integrates reason and emotion, heart and soul.

That last line quoted, most of all, captured me. Something that “integrates reason and emotion, heart and soul”. This is what I wanted, above all, to produce. Something emotionally charged, and at the same time intellectually stimulating.

Thus was born the “Radical Agenda”. I could hardly believe the domain name was available.

I titled Radical Agenda EP001 “Patriots’ Day” in honor of that “Shot heard round the world”, making note of the day on which the episode had aired.

It didn’t take long before I was tested in my resolve to follow the advice of Mr. Williams to “not fear being called a racist”. Riots erupted in Baltimore over the death of a black criminal named Freddy Gray, right around the same time that Bruce Jenner decided to popularize transgenderism. Accordingly, I titled EP004 “Race Riots and Genital Mutilation”.

At the time, I wasn’t even all that worried about the riots so much as the racial theme fueling them. If the people of Baltimore found their government so intolerable that they would resort to force, this seemed reasonable enough to me, given the conditions of Baltimore. But it hardly seemed prudent to destroy private property over some criminal just because he happened to be black. That the local authorities saw fit to let this happen troubled me, but I did not fully grasp the weight of the matter yet.

More worrisome to me was the transgender craze that at that time had only begun. I am sure I was among a tiny minority of people who, at that time, could foresee what a total menace this was going to become in a few short years. I considered the popular support for Jenner’s delusion to be a threat to the survival of the human race. People thought I was blowing it out of proportion, but as it is now being thrust upon children in grade school and Disney cartoons, I believe time has already vindicated my apprehension.

For the sake of time, we are compelled to skip ahead quite a bit. There were many twists and turns on the road to my realizing that immigration was no mere market phenomenon. I saw millions of non-Europeans pouring into Europe. I came to realize that political attitudes were in part a genetically heritable trait, along with the cognitive capacity requisite of advanced civilizations. This was for me another watershed moment like when I first recognized the post constitutional order. Western civilization, and all that I valued about it, was about to be destroyed, and the only reason people would not act to stop this, was because they feared being called racists.

But I suffered no such hindrance.

We fast forward again, only slightly. To the 2016 Presidential Campaign. This caused me to realize that immigration into the United States was a plot by the Democrat Party to form a permanent majority in Washington, DC. Those sick, racist Democrats thought that by flooding the country with people they saw as cognitively inferior, they could replace the voters they had so badly abused over the decades, and dupe the remaining public into supporting their catastrophic policies. The primary victory of Donald J. Trump was at first celebrated by Democrats who sought this in the hopes of beating him in the general election. I thought they might be right, and became convinced that I was soon to die in a war against the Clinton administration. My most unexpected salvation from this horrible fate, came when Donald Trump was announced the victor.

I did not think this was possible. I had become convinced of a certain cycle of events, which I thought was a historical inevitability. It has been formulated several ways….

One was;

A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.

Another phrasing went like this;

Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.

I was firmly convinced that a “You are here” sign could be placed right before the catastrophe in either of these phrasings. I did not think a peaceful democratic solution to these problems was possible.

Nor did I have any time to adjust to this possibility. Events just unfolded too rapidly to stop and think about it.

It was just after Trump’s victory that Tucker Carlson began his nightly show on Fox News. I had come to appreciate Carlson’s commentary well before this, so when it was announced that he was to start his own show, I titled the subsequent episode of the Radical Agenda “Tucked”, and the written show description was about my enthusiasm for this new production.

The gravity of this moment can hardly be overstated, because, at the very moment I was about to talk about this very important event, a listener suggested that I substitute, at the last minute, that theme for a guest who called himself “weev”.

Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer, best known by his pseudonym weev, is a Jewish computer hacker who rebranded himself as a Nazi after he got out of prison for hacking AT&T. He fled the country, at some point ending up in Ukraine, and managed to insert himself in the central nervous system of the Alt Right movement in the United States.

I had no idea who this guy was before I had him on my show, and I was totally unprepared when he started praising Charleston, SC church shooter Dylann Roof, and advocating the extermination of most of the world’s population on my show. Being a self styled “Shock Jock”, I tried to hide my discomfort, but those who have seen the video will note that I failed at this goal.

I call attention to the gravity of this moment whenever I tell this story because it was a demarcation in time at which, if I were gifted a nuclear Delorean and able to traverse time correcting historical errors, this would be one of those moments I would correct.

I knew before Tucker’s first episode that he was going to change the politics of the United States in a positive way. I did not know how positive he would change it until years had gone by, but I knew Tucker Carlson was at least as important as Donald Trump before Episode 1 aired on November 14th 2016.

Weev, in contrast, spelled doom. In his telling, there were not enough White women of child bearing age to save the White race from extinction, without a culling of the non-White population. Political inclinations being in part genetically heritable, this would spell the certain doom of Western civilization absent drastic action. This particular angle was somewhat new to me, but it rhymed with my previous conception of inevitable cataclysm. I found it difficult to refute, saw nobody else making any effort to refute it, and incorporated this fear, though not his proposed solution, into my worldview.

Tucker Carlson would go on to become the most popular show in cable news, and at some times, the most popular show on cable. His impact on the Republican Party and American political discourse can hardly be overstated. Weev was (much later) exposed as a fraud and a liar and all but disappeared from the Internet.

But not before dragging me and the Radical Agenda off course.

After speaking with weev, I was contacted by Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer. Anglin showered upon me what was in hindsight conspicuously high praise. He had been organizing an armed march on Whitefish, Montana, to protest the behavior of a Jewish woman who had tried to extort Richard Spencer’s mother. Anglin explained that he was unable to attend his own event, and he asked me to be the leader of it.

I wisely declined, and the event did not take place. But Anglin was nonetheless sued by his target, and after crowdfunding a six figure defense fund, he defaulted on the lawsuit.

Today I am convinced that Anglin attempted to lure me into a trap, wherein I would either have been killed, seriously injured, or find myself in some sort of legal quagmire. This would not be the last time such a trap was set for me.

Just after that event was scheduled to occur, Donald Trump was inaugurated the 45th President of the United States. Raving Leftist criminals tore DC apart, rioting, burning and assaulting with seeming impunity. Richard Spencer was sucker punched by a still anonymous goon. Those charged in the mayhem eventually had their charges dropped.

Riots and assaults became a regular feature of American life long before George Floyd met his overdue demise beneath Derek Chauvin’s knee. This was the new normal for activists of the Right and supporters of Donald Trump as far back as 2016. But, as long as we were the ones being targeted, the public at large did not much seem to care.

By necessity we fast forward to August of 2017, the next trap laid for me. This time, I fell for it.

The Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, was portrayed in the media as a violent criminal conspiracy cooked up by White supremacist terrorists, whose only motive for living is to inflict pain on their moral betters. Like so much of what you see on TV, there was only the slightest fragment of truth in this.

As stated in a subsequent civil lawsuit, the violence that ensued in Charlottesville on August 11th and 12th of 2017 was no accident. It was the result of a plan concocted by racist criminals, but they could hardly be described as White supremacists.

On the contrary, the violence that day was driven by a fanatical invidious discriminatory animus against the White folks who dared to take a stand against the increasing bellicosity of the political Left.

It was nothing new. They had done this dozens of times before, and for that reason, that the pro-White demonstrators came prepared to defend themselves against the threats which the police and federal law enforcement were well aware of. Those preparations proved prudent, as the Antifa and BLM criminals acted according to habit, and attacked the permitted demonstration.

Your humble correspondent was pepper sprayed twice in as many days, deployed pepper spray in self defense, and was subsequently framed for crimes by Emily Gorcenski and Kristopher Goad.

I heard about a warrant for my arrest through a social media rumor. Uncertain of its veracity, I called the Charlottesville Police Department, but they couldn’t tell me if there was a warrant or not. So, I decided to livestream a video from my hotel room.

Traumatized by the events of the last two days, I was brought to tears. During this, I stated that we had done everything in our power to keep the event peaceful,  and I said “I’m not a fucking Nazi!”

For this, it should surprise nobody, that the lying vulture Left wing media branded me “The Crying Nazi”, and said that I was crying in fear of arrest, both of which were complete falsehoods.

I turned myself in not long after I confirmed the warrant and hired an attorney. I was held without bail for 107 days, during which I read many books, including Mein Kampf, The Bell Curve, A People that Shall Dwell Alone, Separation and its Discontents, and Culture of Critique. I was no longer offended to be called a racist. I considered it a positive good.

The case against me quickly fell apart. Video of the alleged incident proved that Goad and Gorcenski lied under oath. Not that they had to worry about being prosecuted for their crimes, Charlottesville coddles Leftist criminals. At my preliminary hearing, two of the three charges against me were dropped, with the Judge remarking in his decision that there was no evidence I had done anything to Goad or Gorcenski.

I sued Goad and Gorcenski for, among other things, malicious prosecution. But when I accepted a misdemeanor “time served” plea agreement on the remaining criminal charge to avoid trial, we settled the suit with a mutual release of all claims.

Social media and financial system censorship was nothing new, even before August of 2017. Those of us who dared to challenge the prevailing political narratives had long been aware of Facebook and Twitter intervening to see us suppressed, with varying degrees of brazenness to their interventions. Sometimes they would simply throttle or “shadow ban” other times they would temporarily prevent people from posting, and still other times they would permanently ban people from their platforms.

But the events of August of 2017 saw the gloves come off and the monsters who rule us from behind the scenes bore their fangs for all to see. Even the ACLU abandoned any pretense of standing for freedom of speech. We were not only banned permanently from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but from PayPal, Stripe, Square, First Data, and countless other payment providers, reportedly on orders from MasterCard and Discover.

Almost nobody cared. For all the Left’s incessant whining about “systemic racism”, and America’s inherent wickedness, nearly all Americans were relatively content to let these reputed racists be abused in any way imaginable.

Perhaps the greatest of these abuses was pursued in civil court. While all of this was going on, an ethnocentric Jewish lesbian Democrat lawyer named Roberta Kaplan cooked up a bizarre conspiracy theory, and went about chasing ambulances. She sued the event organizers under state and federal laws claiming a racially motivated violent conspiracy on their part had caused the mayhem of that weekend. More on this later.

The truth would become available in due course to those who sought it. But they were few indeed, and the Leftist criminals who seek the destruction of this civilization were not disappointed in counting on that to be the case.

And so, bankrupted, silenced, wounded, and imprisoned, the Alt Right faded from view.

At which point, the Left visited all these same punishments, and then some, on regular people who wanted nothing more than to protect their children from State sanctioned sick sexual experiments and racially motivated anti-White harassment, theft, and assault.

All this, before COVID.

There is a reason the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution promises “equal protection” of the law. When most people conceive of an “outlaw” they think of a criminal, but there is a different definition of this term. One who does not enjoy the protection of the law.

This is precisely what happened to the Alt Right, and America would do well to correct this injustice. A famous quote by H.L. Mencken reads “The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.

The Unite the Right rally was a permitted demonstration, attacked by Leftist criminals who had done the same thing over and over again before that day and continued to do it over and over again after that day. The attendees of the rally were denied the protection of our laws due to their political views, and blamed for the predictable outcome of that lawlessness. That it was not stopped when it was done to us, explains why it was later done to regular people. The people who did it were rewarded with success, and you can hardly blame them for repeating a successful strategy.

But our persecution did not end there.

I returned to New Hampshire in July of 2018 after settling my criminal case. Three months later, Robert Bowers walked into the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, and opened fire on the congregants.

In my audience, there was a small group of listeners who would speak positively of Dylann Roof. Their shocking sense of humor was off putting to many, but I considered the temporal distance sufficient to consider it just that, humor. When the synagogue shooting happened in October of 2018, these listeners tried to use my platform to get others to follow suit, and I banned them from my platforms for doing so.

Immediately after this, the FBI launched a “Full Field Investigation” into me.

The Dylann Roof fans would not take no for an answer. They called me a sellout and determined to destroy my personal life and what little was left of my business. The harassed me relentlessly, threatened my life, and when they defaced my website in February of 2019, I reported them to the FBI. The FBI did nothing.

Three months later, in May of 2019, I reported yet another death threat to my local police department, and the detective who was handling this now routine problem invited me to come speak to him at the station, noting that the volume of threats I was receiving seemed to exceed the usual noise level.  While I was there, I told him what I knew about the groups that had targeted me. Outside, the FBI’s Joint Terror Task Force was taking pictures of my car.

The following month, in June of 2019, one of the criminals who had been harassing me made the mistake of using a recognizable account to do so. He leaked the resulting private text message onto the Internet, in which I was incautious with my words.

The FBI tracked this man down. They threatened to expose his online activity to the public, and told him that he could avoid this consequence if he testified that I had threatened his family. He agreed, and he was financially compensated for doing so.

In January of 2020, I was federally indicted for extortionate interstate communications. A federal magistrate issued an exceedingly broad search warrant which was to be executed in the daylight hours.

Ignoring the Judge’s order, the FBI broke my door down at approximately 3:00am, and went over my apartment with a fine tooth comb, looking for anything as small as a micro SD card, supposedly to find evidence of this conversation I never denied having. They took 17 perfectly legal firearms out of the apartment, and all of my electronics.

This is where we left off at the end of Radical Agenda Stage 5.

At the time of my arrest, I had been covering the first annual impeachment of Donald J. Trump.

What became obvious to me during the course of that circus, was that the Democrats had pulled on of the greatest scams in American political history.

The impeachment was supposedly for trying to extort Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky into announcing a fake investigation into Joe Biden over his son Hunter’s dealings with Burisma. One Ukrainian Jew after another was called to testify before Congress, one even invoked the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It was like an anti-Semitic cartoon.

That was when it dawned on me, that all of this nonsense about “Russian Collusion” was the ultimate example of Democrats accusing you of what they themselves are doing. It wasn’t Republicans colluding with Russia, it was Democrats colluding with Ukraine.

This would come to have profound impacts on American foreign policy, the world economy, and the future of mankind.

All of which will be discussed, as we pick up where we left off, with this Sixth and Final Stage of the Radical Agenda.

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