Not Exactly Kremlin Talking Points

The reaction to my post yesterday about Viktor Bout has largely confirmed the image I had formed in prison, that American war propaganda has rendered many of my countrymen senseless. This is hardly surprising in the broadest sense, since that is the point of war propaganda, and governments would hardly bother to produce such materials were it a futile enterprise. In the narrower sense, however, it is remarkable, because most of the people who would be reading my material and speaking about it in a manner I’d care to notice, view the United States government, and the current administration in particular, as the mortal enemy of humanity and civilization. I did not anticipate that they would be drooling and chanting Democrat Party slogans in support of the decidedly non-Ukrainian government of Ukraine.

Chief among these slogans are variations of calling one “Putin’s stooge” or “echoing Kremlin talking points “. Even as I panhandle for money on the internet for $10k to buy a used car and modest apartment, I have been accused of selling out to the Russian government, as if the guy in the prison cell next to me were in a position to write checks from the Moscow treasury.

In fairness to the well intentioned among them, I have not gone into great detail on this subject since my release from prison. I am still in a halfway house where I am permitted a smartphone, but not a real computer and keyboard. I take a great deal of pride in my writing, and I hate writing on this device because I am perpetually tempted to brevity and shortcuts.

This is a complex subject which deserves a thorough dissection, and when I saw my friend on television kissing his wife, I was so overcome with joy for him that I quickly blurted out a celebration. But a friendship formed in prison does not a rational foreign policy make. My view of this matter predates my arrival at USP Marion, and my meeting Viktor Bout. On the contrary, my friendship with Viktor was formed in no small part by the fact that I already supported Russia, and was already skeptical of Ukraine, when Russian troops began massing on the border.

While that thorough dissection will be beyond the scope of this post, I will here provide a sneak preview of what will later be illustrated in greater detail over the course of Radical Agenda Stage Six, and provide a partial bibliography for those who would like to become better informed on this very complex subject.

First, a note about our partial bibliography.

Where possible, I have made hyperlinks to audiobooks and audio presentations available on something called “Overdrive” which I can hardly recommend highly enough. You may also try a free app derived from this called “Libby” available in the Google Play store or Apple App Store.  Either will allow you to read and listen to materials from any public library you have an account with. You can “borrow” titles digitally from these libraries, and you can add cards from multiple libraries, and within certain reasonable boundaries, you can share library cards among several people without having a problem (feel free to share your library card with me). Where the audiobook version is not available, but the text is, I have provided links to the text on Overdrive. Where the title is not available, I have linked to

“The Great Courses” is a product of “The Teaching Company” and the availability of these titles is one of the greatest features of Overdrive. These programs cost hundreds of dollars to purchase, and consist of lectures by the greatest teachers in the world on their subjects.

While listening to audio books and lectures is no replacement for actual reading, these make the subject matter easily accessible and thus make it possible for busy people to consume massive amounts of information that they could consume in no other way. Consuming 5,000 years of Chinese History in your car on the way to and from work, as an example, is a quicker way to understanding world affairs than listening to conservative talk or dissident podcasts, let alone pop music or NPR.

The biggest challenge of this story is choosing where to begin. It spans hundreds of years and has an endless collection of salient details, which the lack of each reduces the clarity of the issue. It must be accepted that even in my most lengthy effort to describe this, I will fail to convey all of this information, and that this is not my most lengthy effort.

So, for now, we will begin in the year 2016, when Mr. Andrew “weev” Auernheimer appeared for the first time on the Radical Agenda as my guest.

This episode of the show was titled “Tucked” and the text description published prior to airtime described my enthusiasm at the announcement of Tucker Carlson getting his own primetime show on the Fox News Channel. I knew before Mr. Carlson’s show began that he was to play an important role in the future of American politics, and I intended on that day to celebrate this development.

Minutes before airtime, a listener who had helped me with technical issues suggested I have Weev on the show. I had no idea who Weev was, but I Googled him and it looked interesting so I went with it.

Weev quickly began advocating the extermination of most of the world’s population, praising Charleston, SC church shooter Dylann Roof, and generally praising racially motivated violence. This was not what I expected at all, but the show was live on the air, and I had long styled myself as something of a “Shock Jock”, so I tried to roll with it. Those who saw the video however, remarked that I was visibly uncomfortable with what was going on.

Weev was the technical mind behind the Daily Stormer, commonly thought to be the most popular neo-Nazi website on planet Earth. This perception, however, turned out to be a manipulation. Weev, who had served time in federal prison for hacking AT&T before fleeing to Ukraine, had managed to manipulate the site’s Alexa rankings to make it appear much more popular than it actually was. The Daily Stormer was not the only site he performed this service for.

The importance of this can hardly be overstated. Bloggers and journalists use the Alexa rank to determine the relevance of sources when they are putting narratives together. When a neo-Nazi website rivals the most popular news sources on the web, it confirms the superstitions Leftists hold about the world in similar fashion to a weeping statue. When that same neo-Nazi website endorsed Donald Trump, it was as if Jesus had returned to earth to address his followers.

I was less interested in affirming Leftist suspicions about racism than I was in promoting my entertainment product, but I fell for this Alexa rank trick all the same. Tucker Carlson was not driving traffic to my website. Daily Stormer was.

So here we begin with an American Jewish computer hacker, residing in Ukraine, using my show to promote racial holy war, and aiding the Leftist press in their fervent desire to paint Donald Trump as the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

After the show had aired, I was contacted by Andrew Anglin, the purported primary writer for the Daily Stormer. Anglin had been planning an armed march on Whitefish, Montana, in furtherance of his “troll storm” against Tanya Gersh, a Jewess who had attempted to extort Richard Spencer’s mother. Anglin told me he would not be able to make it to this event, and that he wanted me to lead it.

I wisely declined the invitation.

The event never ended up happening, but Anglin was sued by Gersh for his efforts nonetheless. After crowdfunding over $150,000 for his defense in the suit, and in the process beginning the financial deplatforming of the Alt Right, Anglin defaulted.

Immediately after the Whitefish event would have happened, was the inauguration of Donald Trump. During this, Antifa criminals rioted and burned Washington DC. As bad as this was, I can only imagine it would have been far worse had the Whitefish event actually happened.

We fast forward to the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August of 2017. Leading up to this, Weev published a blog post which would be used against us as evidence in the Sines v. Kessler civil litigation titled “Operational Security for Right Wing Rallies” which painted our perfectly lawful behavior as criminal conduct and instructed participants to destroy records and use encrypted communications. This was entered, despite its nature as hearsay, through a supposed “expert” witness on White Supremacy, who, when cross examined by me, stated that Weev was Jewish.

In the wake of the event, while I was out on bail, I told Weev that I was planning to talk to the FBI. This seemed perfectly reasonable to me, since I had body camera video of our planning meeting, which disproved the popular myth of a premeditated conspiracy on our part.

Weev took screenshots of this conversation and published them, claiming that I was “ratting everybody out”. Of course, to rat people out, one must be party to a criminal conspiracy, and to be party to such a conspiracy, such a conspiracy must exist. In this, Weev helped spread the lie that the Unite the Right right rally was a racially motivated violent conspiracy, which was the biggest lie told that year, and Weev no doubt understood this.

Why is a Jewish American computer hacker in Ukraine doing all of this?

I will posit a theory.

Weev was recruited by the SBU, the Ukrainian intelligence agency descended from the KGB.

He did not support Donald Trump. He was helping the Ukrainian government paint Trump for a Nazi in the hopes it would prevent him from being elected. When it backfired, he was helping them to destroy his presidency by promoting racial violence in his name.

I was specifically targeted in this, because during my libertarian days I had made a great many statements in support of antigovernment violence. Whether I could be egged on to carry out violence, or whether something would simply be blamed on me, I figure was a matter of indifference to those responsible.

While I was in prison, I heard about Volodimir Zelensky firing the head of the SBU over claims of rampant treason within the agency. I asked a friend to send me more information about the story, and he sent me this piece in the New York Times.

What struck me about the article was not the primary subject matter, but this snippet;

The Security Service of Ukraine, known by its Ukrainian initials S.B.U., is the main domestic security and intelligence authority in Ukraine and the successor to the local branch of the Soviet-era K.G.B. With 27,000 personnel, it is Europe’s largest security agency, and faces calls for reform — by comparison, Britain’s MI5 has just 4,400 employees, according to the Atlantic Council.

While U.S. intelligence agencies have worked with the S.B.U., their main relationship during the war has been with Ukraine’s military intelligence service.

Why does the SBU have five times as many spies as Britain?

What was the nature of US intelligence cooperation with the SBU before the war?

I do not know the answer to these questions, but Vladimir Putin almost certainly does.

Viktor Bout denies the US Government’s accusation that he is a Russian intelligence asset, and I have no reason to disbelieve him aside from the environment in which the subject was brought up. But Viktor was by no means surprised to find that treason was rampant throughout the SBU. In his telling, the SBU was thoroughly infiltrated by Russian intelligence. The Russian government would thus be in a position to know Ukraine’s state secrets, including its interference in US politics.

Not that one would have to necessarily infiltrate the SBU to figure this out. Peter Schweizer documented it at some length. Politico wrote about it. The Democrat Party is draining the US military of it stockpiles and hyperinflating our currency to fund the Ukrainian war effort.

All to the benefit of China. More on this later…

Let us skip ahead to the first annual impeachment of Donald J. Trump. The reader will recall that this took place after a call between Trump and Zelensky, in which Trump wanted Zelensky to show that he was fighting corruption in Ukraine by announcing an investigation into the Biden Crime Family’s obviously corrupt dealings in the country. Trump saw no point in providing military assistance to a kleptocrat so he could fight Russia, a country Trump campaigned on improving US relations with.

Given what is now common knowledge about the Biden crime family, Trump’s corruption test was profoundly wise. If Zelensky was as he claimed to be, a corruption fighter, figuring out why a Ukrainian energy company was showering cash on a crackhead who didn’t speak the language or know anything about energy, seemed like a rather modest test of his bona fides.

Zelensky failed the test, and a parade of Ukrainian Jews, among them Lt Colonel Vindman, came before Congress in an attempt to overthrow the President of the United States.

I was covering this circus on the Radical Agenda when the FBI broke my door down in the middle of the night and dragged me off to federal prison for the next three years.

While I was held in pretrial detention, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the Strafford County Jail went into lockdown. This condition, interestingly, provided me with some opportunities I might not otherwise have had.

For one, before the lockdown, there was intense competition for the TV at nearly all times. During the lockdown, almost nobody could see it most of the day, but we could hear it just fine using the FM transmitter attached to each set. Since I am an avid news consumer and talk radio fanatic, this worked out just fine for me, and I was able to stay apprised of the news.

Early in this process, Maria Bartiromo hosted a Fox Nation special which aired as a preview on the Fox News Channel, which was itself a preview of her then freshly published book, “The Cost: Trump, China, and the American Revival“.

Coming into the Alt Right movement from libertarianism, I had been skeptical of the anti trade policies of the Trump Administration. I was generally non interventionist, Ron Paul style, in my views of foreign policy. Between this special, and the drip, drip, drip of revelations about the virus, I began to more fully realize the threat that China posed, and trapped inside this petri dish in the midst of a lethal virus outbreak, I got very scared.

Another aspect of the lockdown that brought us to this point was the jail’s efforts to keep us entertained. The jail had long ago banned inmates from receiving mail, even books, into the facility, because inmates were using paper soaked in synthetic cannabinoids to smuggle drugs in through the mail. In place of mail and books, we had tablets, and the tablets had two features which provided most of my entertainment and information. An FM radio, on which I developed a profound appreciation of Rush Limbaugh, and the above mentioned Overdrive app, which allowed me to access many of the audio books and presentations in the above bibliography.

When I was locked up in Charlottesville, by contrast, supporters sent me books. There I read Mein Kampf, Charles Murray, and Kevin MacDonald. The Overdrive app frequently promotes liberal nonsense and does not want to distribute anything that its editors could recognize as hate speech, so you can read Karl Marx but not Adolf Hitler.

Censorship works, if you control the environment tightly enough. This forced me to read and listen to things I might not otherwise have consumed. It turned out to be profoundly helpful, by broadening my horizons.

Since China was in the news, I learned all I could about her history. Similarly for Russia, and as it happens, if you want to learn about Ukraine, you’re going to study Russian history.

At nearly 3,000 words tapped out on my $50 smartphone, I am again tempted to brevity, so I won’t be able to do this historical analysis any justice here. But note that Viktor Bout has played almost no role in this story save for his observation about the SBU, and that in our timeline I’ve not even met him yet. Those who say I glommed onto Russia because I’ve been turned by a Russian spy, are at best engaged in unwarranted speculation, and at worst working for Ukraine. Most, I imagine, fall somewhere in between.

I will say a little bit about “World Order” by Henry Kissinger, an author few who know much about me would speculate I’d base much of my worldview on. When Henry Kissinger talks about “World Order”, many imagine the “New World Order” fodder for many of what are called “conspiracy theories”. But Kissinger’s writing style is easy to consume, and say what you will about his ideas, his grasp of history is impressive, and his focus on the subject of international relations in particular, combined with his outsized role in actually shaping them, provides valuable perspective on our current predicament.

The term “multipolarity” is understood in some circles to be a “Duginist” term, “Duginism” referring to the thoughts of Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin. But I would not read a word of Dugin’s work until I read the Fourth Political Theory subsequent to the invasion of Ukraine, and Henry Kissinger was talking about a “balance of powers” before anybody ever heard of Alexander Dugin.

What Kissinger describes as a balance of powers traces back to the “Thirty Years War” in Europe and the “Peace of Westphalia” which established the State system of international relations and national sovereignty. It fell apart, ultimately leading to first World War, and the failed efforts to reestablish this order resulted in the second.

From the second World War emerged an essentially bipolar world order, a competition between the United States and the Soviet Union. In the collapse of the Soviet Union, emerged the American led unipolar world order, which attempts to portray itself as a “rules based international order”.

Now, such a system, reasonable people could conclude, is unjust no matter the outcome. The idea that Americans get to elect the government that rules over all of mankind screams of an inherent unfairness that even young children can intuitively grasp. But most of the world acquiesced to this, for as long as America ruled the world justly, and for  a number of years, we did just that, to the best of our capacity.

Our capacity to do this has rapidly spiraled out of control in the wake of the September 11th attacks. Misguided military adventures, coups, color revolutions, spies interfering in foreign elections, all with the supposed intent of shaping the world in a manner most likely to ensure peace and happiness to the greatest number, have run into brick walls of reality insisting that liberal democracy is actually not the end of history, much less the perfect form of human government.

Decent, reasonable people, both in foreign countries and in the United States are coming, however reluctantly, to conclude that the American unipolar hegemony is unsustainable and must come to an end.

There are two alternatives to this system.

  1. A multipolar world order
  2. A unipolar world order dominated by China

After years of study and deep thought, I have concluded that the second option will lead the world to suffering not seen since Mao, from which mankind may never recover.

From a similar process I conclude that the multipolar order must involve a strong and stable Russian Federation, treated with the respect of a peer nation by the United States.

Whatever you think of that conclusion, and whatever inadequacies are imposed by time and medium on this explanation, it can hardly be seriously stated by anyone with any integrity, that I am acting on anything other than an informed and honest assessment of the situation.

So, you should probably pay me.

More to come…

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