My First Substack Post – Who Needs A Redemption Arc?

I had heard a lot about Substack while I was in prison, and even more since my release. I had hesitated to sign up, owing to mixed reviews on their content moderation policy, and other factors, but today I decided to give it a shot.

Below I will share the full text of my first post. Regular readers won’t find any new facts in it, but you may find some amusement in the writing.

You can find the post here

And my main Substack page here

Who Needs a Redemption Arc?

At the intersection of reality and perception


Your Humble Correspondent

This post is mostly going to operate under the assumption that you have some idea as to who I am, because I am very famous. Fortunately, one of the features I am most admired for is my modesty, and so I’ll pause to shake hands with those of you so deprived as to have missed word of my greatness.

My name is Christopher Cantwell, and if you are stupid enough to trust your web browser to Google, you deserve what you get, but you could very well put that name into DuckDuckGo like a rational person, and find many people saying many things about me. Almost none of them will be flattering, but nearly half of them might have a hint of truth to them.

I might be a Nazi or a Jew, a womanizer or a homosexual, a criminal or an FBI agent. It really depends almost entirely upon the imagination of the commentator. I might be tempted to sue the crooks who defame me, but I do not enjoy the protection of American law anymore, because one thing I will not dispute is that I am an enemy of the Democrat Party.

When the FBI broke my door down and dragged me off to prison, three years and one week ago today, SubStack did not exist. The CIA was still pretending not to run Twitter. I had only Telegram and my own website to tell my side of the story, and Google had buried me in searches for my own name.

Even the routine confinement of a federal prison would not suffice to silence me. The Bureau of Prisons put me in something called the “Communications Management Unit” with those they claimed were foreign spies, terrorists, and arms traffickers. I was officially forbidden, in writing, from speaking to the media.

I’m reasonably confident that this is illegal but, who was I going to tell?

Though it was not what I (officially) went to prison for, I am perhaps best known for all that pertains to the events of August 11th and 12th of 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. My participation in the Unite the Right Rally spawned an Emmy Award Winning work of fiction by Vice News Tonight.

Subsequently I was prosecuted for three Class 3 Felonies in Virginia, facing 5-20 years on each count. The case fell apart because my accusers’ sworn testimonies were contradicted by video, but reasonably lacking faith in Charlottesville’s criminal justice system, I accepted a plea agreement to two misdemeanors and was allowed to leave the same day with my pistol license intact.

Upon returning home, I was stalked and threatened by an anonymous group of self styled Nazis who worshipped Charleston Church shooter Dylann Roof. I repeatedly reported their crimes to FBI and local law enforcement, who by this time had cameras in front of my house and were in my Google account and taking pictures of me as I traveled. They seemed to be monitoring everything about me except the crimes I was reporting.

Your tax dollars at work…

One day I incautiously expressed my dissatisfaction with this state of affairs to one of my stalkers, and for this I was federally indicted for making online threats . This led to the aforementioned door damage, and my new social circle of suspected spies and terrorists in the CMU.

In addition to keeping me from speaking to the media, the CMU was utterly determined to sabotage my defense in a civil lawsuit pertaining to the Unite the Right Rally. Their success in this was rather limited, because while most people missed the important details of the verdict in that lawsuit (Sines v Kessler), I managed to defeat the central claim of the suit, defending myself pro se.

Surely you’ve all been told about the racially motivated violent conspiracy that resulted in a “car attack” and a young lady losing her life. I was accused of conspiring to cause this outcome. Not in a criminal court, but in a fraudulent civil action spawned by the imagination of one Roberta Kaplan, a Democrat activist posing as a civil rights attorney, best known for smearing Andrew Cuomo’s abuse victims and conjuring a constitutional right to same sex “marriage”.

Surely you’ve also heard about the $25+ Million verdict in that suit.

But it almost as surely escaped your attention that the jury did not find me and my associates liable for a racially motivated violent conspiracy, which was the whole entire point of the suit. Instead, the jury doled out hate speech reparations as a consolation prize to the lying Plaintiffs in the case, after deadlocking on the federal counts alleging the violent conspiracy.

If you don’t already know, the standard of proof in a civil lawsuit is “preponderance of the evidence”, which is a much lower burden than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard that rings bells to more Law & Order viewers. And so, this handcuffed defendant, representing himself pro se, defeated an army of Democrat power lawyers in their effort to convince 10 jurors of what near every news consumer assumed was obvious.

In contrast to what you were told by every supposedly reputable news outlet in the country, there was no racially motivated violent conspiracy in Charlottesville. At least, not by us. The Antifa and BLM criminals who attacked us, one might reasonably infer hate white people, and since the entire stated purpose of their activity is to use violence, you might conclude that they had accused us of precisely what they themselves had done.

Which is in keeping with much Democrat Party activism, as you may have gathered.

That civil verdict, and the criminal verdict that sent me to prison, are both pending appeal in the 4th and 1st circuits, respectively.

I have only begun to fight.

I was released from the custody of the Attorney General about 40 days ago, and now you are more or less acquainted with your humble correspondent.

1. Why Substack?

As other Substack contributors are well aware, I’ve been provided something of a template for my first post. It is less compulsory than my prior residence, but I’ll play along for the sake of fitting in.

While still in prison, I had heard a great deal about this platform on conservative talk radio, and from seeing contributors featured on Tucker Carlson. Since my release, the #TwitterFiles story has called a great deal of attention to this system, and I decided I was forfeiting too much opportunity by waiting any longer.

Since I operate on the assumption that truth will get one banned from just about anything, I am focusing on rebuilding my own platform, the SurrealPolitiks podcast. But I will try to update this thing from time to time, and if it turns out there is money to be made, I might be convinced to put some real effort into it.

2. What kind of community I am looking to build here

As I have informed my listeners in the concluding stage of the Radical Agenda podcast, I am abandoning my edgelord persona and attempting to re-enter the political scene in a manner more likely to actually impact political and social change.

I invite all those who are interested in affecting such change in a Rightward direction to join me on that journey.

I’ll be more specific, so as to deprive myself of attention and revenue.

I plan for all of my activity, to include this platform, to be focused on reducing the Democrat Party to a permanent and hated political minority. I plan to do this by exposing them as bigoted, malicious, dishonest, violent criminals with no regard for human life or happiness.

Their crimes include, but are by no means limited to, using the intelligence agencies of the United States, and foreign co-conspirators, to so warp the information environment, that some portion of our population have forgotten, if not declared war upon, the most basic facts of biological existence.

They have variously told us that White people have evil sown into their DNA, and that, simultaneously, DNA and race are superstitions born of hateful Nazi racial pseudoscience. In the same vein, they have told us that biological sex is obsolete and that reproduction is some kind of harmful side effect of an otherwise enjoyable recreational drug once known as fornication.

They have told us there is no God, but that we must no less repent for our sins against the Climate, lest we be punished with hurricanes, floods, droughts, and wildfires.

They have told us that their “protests” are “mostly peaceful” even if a bit “fiery”.

They have told us that the Zelensky regime is run by an actual Ukrainian, and that he is the next Winston Churchill. That Vladimir Putin is the devil incarnate because he tried to avoid war with the United States by spamming Twitter with efforts to befriend America. That this justifies the destruction of our currency, and World War III.

They have made evil good, good evil, Adam Kinzinger a Republican, and Joe Biden the most popular president in American history.

Well, I believe any of this nonsense about as much as I believe the trash I read about myself in the Washington Post. These people are not just criminals, they are demonic.

I aim, above all else, to see them deprived of the charitable image most conservatives give them. That of misguided but well intentioned fellow citizens. So long as they are granted the benefit of the doubt regarding their intentions, they are granted legitimacy in their participation in our politics. They have to be understood as acting with unadulterated malice, and with that, to be reduced to sub-Nazi viability as candidates for public office.

If you like this plan, you should pay me generously.

3. My Use of the Platform

I’ll be straight with you. At the time of this writing, I am uncertain how much I will use Substack. I am fully invested in building my own platform, due to the negative experiences I have with trusting my ability to speak to others.

I will most likely cross post from my own platforms to here, and nearly everything I do will be public. Since what I am doing is fundamentally a political project, I have trouble justifying the effort of creating subscriber only content.

But, if you are interested in seeing our efforts succeed, and you subscribe anyway, I will make the time to share some behind the scenes stuff with you. For example, personal voice notes I make with my pocket audio recorder, and ideas that I do not consider fully ready for publication, which you can help me revise before they become public.

4. Where Else To Find Me

You might say I get around, but I’m not on any of the CIA platforms these days.


5. Rightward!

I used to be a libertarian.

Then I grew up.

Subscribe to me here, and elsewhere, and let’s save this country from the Democrat Party.

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