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I recently sat for an interview with a fellow many of you have heard me with before. He used to do a show called “Questioning Authority” that I have been on a few times.

Now publishing at Shire Free Media, Vincent has titled the interview “Ides of March” given the date we spoke.

I’ll embed the Odysee video below. The MP3 audio of the interview is the enclosure of this blog post and should be available on your RSS feeds for your listening enjoyment if you are subscribed to me on Fountain, Podcast, Addict, RSS, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Vincent’s show description block quoted below;

Er ist wieder da… look who’s back… again:

Christopher Cantwell, host of the Radical Agenda and author of SurrealPolitiks, also known as the White Terror of Keene, joins me for a long overdue interview. The last time I had Chris on was back in 2020 before his arrest by the Feds.

In about two hours we go over a plethora of topics ranging from Chris’ latest filings in the Charlottesville civil suit, his interest in realpolitik, why the US should ally with Russia against China, the state of the alt-right and what Nick Fuentes and his groypers have been doing to it, Trump vs DeSantis, subversion in fringe politics and much more!

Check out the other videos on Vincent’s Odysee Channel, LibSyn, and website.



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