SurrealPolitiks Shipping Calculator Fixed

As you may know if you’ve been keeping up, we recently put the last of the Radical Agenda merch up for sale on Not long after the SurrealPolitiks shop went live, we discovered a problem with our shipping calculator. Some shoppers were quoted shipping rates that ranged from overpriced to outrageous. This problem has been fixed, and below we’ll tell you what happened and how we will deal with this going forward.

SurrealPolitiks does not mean to profit from shipping costs. We pay for software that asks the carriers for the rates based on the weights and dimensions of the items in the buyer’s cart, and quotes the buyer the rates given to us thereby. We use a separate service to purchase shipping, and to send you email notifications with tracking and delivery information. Occasionally it happens that we notice a disparity between the two, and if that disparity is substantial, we view this as a problem.

We have already reached out to some buyers, to notify them of this and issue store credits or make other arrangements.

For those of you who decided not to buy because of the shipping costs, we don’t have any way of knowing this. If you tried to buy something, but thought the shipping costs were unreasonable, we would invite you to come try again, and you will likely notice a substantial reduction in your shipping costs.

If you already bought, and we haven’t reached out to you, but you think your shipping rate was overcharged, that is entirely possible, and we’re willing to work with you to make it right. We’ll be quick to issue store credits, or free membership time as compensation, or we will refund your payment method if circumstances warrant.

Thank you for your business, we apologize for this confusion.


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