New Production Schedule – 3 Live Shows A Week!

Here at the Radical Agenda, if we have to choose between quantity and quality, we’ll take quality. But we also know that quantity has quality all its own.

Real quick, I should probably mention that I’m back on Twitter as @TalkRadioGod!

While our pre-recorded single themed episodes have been well received, and we intend to keep releasing them, we have heard audience feedback, and frankly, I miss talking to you. Now that we’ve sorted through most of the technological chaos, it’s time to return to a regular production schedule.

That schedule is;

  • SurrealPolitiks Live: Mondays at 9:30pm Eastern time
  • SurrealPolitiks Members Chat: Wednesdays at 9:30pm Eastern Time
  • Radical Agenda Live: Fridays at 9:30pm Eastern Time

This schedule may be subject to change, so I’ll ask you to stay subscribed to our newsletter and follow us on Telegram, but we’ll commit to the three shows a week schedule, and continue working on our high investment pre-recorded material in the off hours.

You can catch the live airings of SurrealPolitiks Live and Radical Agenda Live on our Entropy Channel, or using the audio player on this site.

If there’s a problem with Entropy, we simulcast to Odysee, DLive, and JoshWhoTV, but we strongly encourage you to watch on Entropy so you can chat with other listeners and send superchats that I will read on the air.

SurrealPolitiks may also simulcast to Rumble, and SurrealPolitiks will at least be uploaded to Rumble after airtime.

Radical Agenda is uploaded to BitChute and Brighteon after airtime, though you may have to be logged in because they are flagged as NSFW.

The Wednesday SurrealPolitiks Member Chats are for paying subscribers only. Get your subscription here, and join us in the SP Member chat here, Member Chat archives are posted to the SurrealPolitiks Member Content section here.

To follow me elsewhere…

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