SurrealPolitiks S01E003 - Way Down We Go

SurrealPolitiks S01E003 – Way Down We Go

There’s some weeks when you don’t know what to say, and others when you don’t know where to start.

Today begins the latter sort. Happy Monday…

I chose the episode title “Way Down We Go” because I like a song by that name, from a band called Kaleo. I’m not going to play it, because I don’t have licensing for it, but you may have heard it.

Not much in the way of words. “Wayyyy down we go, go, go, go…”

I feel that way when I watch the news sometimes. It’s not particularly informative. A huge red flashing light with a siren could probably tell you about as much.



I caught something about a President getting indicted. You might have heard a whisper or two about that, I imagine. I don’t figure I should spend a lot of time on this, given that you’ve already heard everybody else say plenty, but it would seem negligent to gloss over it, so, here goes.

What I find sort of amusing about the coverage is, nobody can seem to figure out if the Democrats are trying to keep Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee, or help him become the Republican nominee. I’d say this reveals a lot about the people who posit these theories. Not that I’ve been keeping score.

Seems to me, if you think the Democrats are trying to help Donald Trump by indicting him, aside from the fact that you got a funny idea of help, you think it’s because Joe Biden will beat Donald Trump in a general election, or at least, you think the Democrats believe that.

Given that we’re all apparently compelled by some kind of unwritten law to believe the results of the last election, I suppose I can see why you might come to that conclusion. I’m a bit more skeptical myself. Whenever somebody tells me I’m a moral outcast for questioning a historical event, I tend to think I’m getting snowed. There’s a lot of that going around, you might have gathered. Been going on for long time, too.

I mean, even if Joe Biden really did get more votes than any president in the history of this country, which I stress, is a bit of a stretch, it doesn’t seem to me like it’s at all obvious that that’s going to happen again. I’d say, if you think the election was on the level, then a Trump Biden rematch is the last thing the Democrats should want. Polling I’ve seen says a lot of those people would have changed their vote had they not been duped about the laptop story alone. Then you stack on the absolute chaos of inflation, this Ukraine fiasco, and the fact that Joe biden acts like walking up the stairs is harder than solving a Rubix cube, and this thing ain’t no coin toss.

If you think the election was not on the level, well, alright, that makes a little more sense. In that scenario, the Democrats think they can screw Donald Trump easier than they can screw Nikki Haley, because he hasn’t been turning tricks for the military industrial complex. They figure if he’s the nominee, they can just pull the same scam as last time, and keep on grooming the kindergarteners.

Couple problems with that theory… That doesn’t seem to jibe with what little track I’ve kept of who’s saying what, for one. The same people who think the Democrats are trying to help Trump by indicting him are the same ones who say you’re some kinda QAnon crackpot for thinking there might be a reason the Democrats scrapped all the fraud protections.

I mean, I get the theory. You persecute Trump, that proves him right. He says I told you so, give me the power to stop these people. There’s a theory that this helps him in the Republican primary.

Okay, plausible, but who thought he needed to get indicted to pull that off? Last I checked Donald Trump was 30 points ahead of Ron DeSantis. His closest rival. Throw Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, and now Asa Hutchinson, of all people, into the mix, and you mean to tell me Donald Trump had to do anything other than pop off on Truth Social to win the primary?

Donald Trump doesn’t have to get dragged through the New York City courts to tell people he was right. Donald Trump is proven right a hundred times for every dollar Joe Biden launders through Ukraine. For every sick sex experiment carried out on a child, for every gay porno that shows up in a public school library, for every migrant caravan that has become so common it hardly even seems newsworthy anymore, for every trip to the grocery store when you spend an extra twenty minutes trying to figure out, forget the cost, the time you spend in the grocery store just trying to understand the prices,Β  Donald Trump is proven a lot more than right.

It’s not even, Donald Trump, that’s proven right. It’s just that we’re seeing the absolute absurdity of the idea that anybody actually thinks Democrat rule is a good thing. Yeah, there’s people who prefer it, because they’re monsters and they want bad things to happen. We live among corrupt, evil people, who take some kind of sick satisfaction in the misery of others. There’s entirely too many of them. Yeah there’s people who don’t know which ways is up and vote like they’re throwing dice. But a hundred million of them? Come on.

You know who thinks the election was rigged? The Democrats who say it was on the level. Anybody who thinks they’re going to win a popularity contest with transgender kindergarteners is too detached from reality to climb the political ladder. The people who push this stuff are telling you they can do whatever they want, and you can’t dislodge them, because they’ve got it in the bag.

I mean, there was a time, I’m old enough to remember this, I don’t know about all of you, but back in the day, and I mean, back in the day back in the day, some people actually thought the Democrats were the good guys. People thought that they cared about workers and poor people. I think a couple people might have bought into the race stuff, or the feminism.

But the gender crazies and the migrant stuff really put the lie to that, and I think the lesbians are pretty sick of being called Nazis for their aversion to men in their bathrooms. I think there were a lot of well intentioned people who bought into the marijuana stuff but I have my doubts about the viability of a pro fentanyl political party.

So, I actually don’t think the Trump indictment has almost anything to do with the election, actually. It’s just what these people do. If they thought voting had anything to do with political power in America they would at least pretend to by trying to improve people’s lives. Democrats are vicious dishonest monsters who do not want you to think what they are doing is honest or good or just. It’s just plain terrorism.

You take that guy, Ricky Vaughn, they called him. Douglass Mackey. They put him on trial for the Tweet about voting by text, which if you don’t know is like a perennial election meme, it happens all the time. That and the one about different election days for Republicans and Democrats. But he could have told them to vote by telepathy or by tapping their heels three times and it would have basically had the same impact on the election.

And moreover, I’d be kinda shocked to find out that this guy didn’t commit an actual crime, by the way. There’s an argument to be made they put him on trial over the tweet as some kinda coverup. This Mackey guy was mixed up with Chuck Johnson over some racket called Smartcheckr. Then somebody showed me a lawsuit, where Johnson sued a bunch of guys over the Smartcheckr thing, and in the lawsuit Johnson says he was an FBI informant and working with “the intelligence committee”, though it wasn’t immediately clear to me if he meant the House or the Senate or what the idea behind this was.

But if Vaughn is working with Johnson, and Johnson is in league with the spooks, then going on what I know about American intelligence agencies, somebody broke a law somewhere, and it wasn’t about duping the hood into voting by text.

And this is extra suspicious, I’d say, because you’ve got Tucker Carlson, and other people with power, backing Vaughn in this. Now, if you know anything about me, you know I love Tucker Carlson. If there’s an honest person on television, and that’s a big if, but if there’s an honest person on Television, it’s Tucker Carlson. So when I first saw him covering this case, I was like “Wow, Tucker’s helping Ricky!”

And then I was like, but Tucker didn’t help none of the other guys who got dragged by the DOJ… I mean the J6 people, sure, but that’s an entirely different category of action.

Ricky Vaughn was J-Naming on Gab while sabotaging other nationalists over some optics nonsense. It was subversive, obviously. So, if this guy’s running ops on nationalists while working with spies, seems to me that’s something the Biden DOJ wouldn’t necessarily mind. And it’s definitely out of character for anybody collecting a paycheck from Fox News to come to the aid of an anti-Semite, no matter how badly the guy was getting screwed, which I happen to know something about, you might have heard.

So, I suppose I should state that, yeah, if this guy is getting dragged over a Tweet, that’s wrong. The Jury did convict him apparently, and on its face, it seems pretty bad. The jury had said they were deadlocked, then the judge read them the riot act and were like hey you gotta go come up with a verdict or we’re gonna have to do our damn jobs and we got other people to screw, and then the jury came back and they were like alright, we weren’t sure about his guilt but after you made us miss another day of work, f this guy, and now he faces a statutory max of ten years.

He’s not gonna do that time. In the feds you’ve got sentencing guidelines, and it’s based on your offense level and your criminal history and it’s not my understanding that Mr. Vaughn was exactly AlΒ  Capone. So, he’s probably looking at probation maybe an ankle monitor. In my book, the worst part of a conviction is getting disarmed, so I’m not saying this ain’t serious, I’m just explaining, my understanding of what is going on.

One in one out, is kinda how this goes. They let that Andrew Tate guy out of jail in Romania. Now, I don’t even know anything about this guy, but I’ll tell you something I found kinda wierd.

You might have heard, I wasn’t on Twitter for awhile. I’m on there now, I’m @TalkRadioGod which, I should say, is amazing. Like, how in the heck did I get that lucky? Nobody had that name? I’m gonna need a new birth certificate…

But, more to the point, I get on Twitter, and, not long after, this Andrew Tate guy is out, and I heard about him on the news, so, I’m like yeah I’ll follow this guy, see what he’s got to say.

Now, I think, Twitter might be sort of overcorrecting, because, you know, Twitter doesn’t send you emails and popup notifications for everybody you follow and everything they do, but I followed this Andrew Tate guy, and next thing you know, Twitter wants to set the fire alarm off in my building everytime he lights a cigarette. Like, the top of my feed is Andrew Tate pacing back and forth smoking a cigarette with no shirt on, and I got ten emails saying Andrew Tate tweeted yada yada yada, and I’m like, okay, this is stupid, how do I stop getting these emails? And Twitter is like, you can stop us from sending you emails at all, or we can send you emails about Andrew Tate’s shirtless pacing, and so I’m like okay, I’ll unfollow Andrew Tate.

Which is stupid. How about, Andrew Tate shows up in my feed like any other person I follow, and you don’t act like some groupy Tinder trap, blowing up my phone every time he changes his underwear?

It’s an overcorrection, I think. Because, you know, back in 2017, Twitter would have been like I don’t care if you were found not guilty, somebody said you’re a meanie, and now you don’t get to view my ads anymore.Β  Now they’re like “Oh yeah we’re gonna promote the heck out of this Andrew Tate guy, because we’re anti-SJW now”.

But I’m also kind of a paranoiac, I guess, because I couldn’t help but notice, that the same day, or within the same 24 hours, I should probably say, give myself some leaway, but in proximity to Tate’s release, police in Romania they pick up some other guy the Left hates, who’s got a warrant stateside. And, it just seems to me that, if the Left had to choose between some guy who said mean things about the people who fund half the Democrat Party, or a sex trafficker, that it wouldn’t be hard to figure out, who they would choose to go after. Ain’t no coin toss, the groomers take the critic.

Speaking of groomers, there was a transurrection recently, you might have heard. Apparently they got bent out of shape because one of theirs killed a half dozen people, half kids half seniors, and society didn’t apologize, for making the maniac do it, so the gender mafia got really mad. They went out and said, there were 7 victims, which, if you watch the news, you’re like no, there’s a murderer, and the murderer killed 6 people, and so that means there was six victims, and the mafia says, no, that’s Nazi math, I’m gonna punch you in the face.

So, they said they were going to have a Trans Day of Vengeance in Washington DC and they were promoting it with them wearing body armor and carrying rifles and I was like oh yeah I will watch that on the news, please do an armed march on Washington DC, because I think that might be the proverbial straw that broke the Camel’s toe, or, whatever, I don’t know what these people are working with anymore, it’s too ambiguous.

I couldn’t even figure out, like, what was the actual sex or gender or whatever of the maniac who killed the kids and the seasoned citizens because they were calling the thing a she and I was like hey, don’t call it a she, these things just pretend to be women, and then people were like no, it was a chick who tried to become a guy, and I was like, oh, I guess that makes it sorta better, because they are telling me the actual sex of the killer.

But I’m also kinda like, well, wait a second, since when is this a thing? Usually the gendergroomers are like oh I’m a low status man and I’ve got some kinda sexual hangup so I’m gonna put on a dress and try to burn out the gps chip on my phone with the AIDS app. But I guess now there’s like chicks doing steroids and being like “Hey I’m John” and stuff and I’m like I dunno should we let them in the bathroom?

Cause with the other ones, obviously the problem is they’re gonna rape somebody. Like, that’s the whole point I think. With these ones it’s like what are you doing lady? You had it so good and now you want all my problems? Fine, have em.

But it’s kinda nuts because, if you know anything about hormones, oh my god. The guys who try to become chicks, it’s nuts, because they take estrogen, and then they cry, and you gotta figure some number of them are like oh, this ain’t for me, and they stop. But with the girls, they take a shot of testosterone and they’re like “Oh man I feel strong and confident, this must be how I was supposed to be born” and I’m like no, sweetheart, that’s called, drugs.

And if you’ve ever gone a week without, uh, getting the poison out say, you know, it’s one heck of a drug, and you, if you’re a guy who was born that way, you sorta figure out how to handle this stuff over the course of a lifetime, assuming you don’t go out with a bang during puberty, but you know, these things, it’s amateur night. Like, my dad always told me, you don’t drink and drive on New Year’s Eve, Christmas, or Fourth of July, because the other drunks on the road, they don’t know what they’re doing. People who drive drunk on any given Wednesday, they’re pros, ya follow? So, same thing applies to testosterone, I gotta figure, so no wonder this maniac was like “I’ll show you how manly I am” and killed a bunch of people with an AR-15 because, that’s the cartoon image of manhood it got from watching CNN, and he can’t hold his liquor, so to speak, or in this case, his testosterone., her, whatever, you get the idea.

And that’s kinda the thing too. The confusion is really the whole point. You gotta figure every creep in the country was really enjoying all this confusion about whether to call it he or she. They are subversive. They want to make thought impossible. They don’t actually care what the fact of the matter is, so long as you can’t tell which way is up, and that was what the news was like “A transgender woman” is the story, and people are like “Oh, you mean a guy” and they were like “No, it’s a woman, who was transgender” and we’re like “Wait a sec, I thought the Democrats said trans women are women, which means they’re men, because the Democrats always lie” and then they’re like “Yeah, well that’s true, but I’m just telling you that this maniac was born with a woman’s apparatus and got jacked up on steroids” and we’re like “Okay, fine, I get it now” but it didn’t happen at all that quickly in actual experience. This went on all day. I got mad at Laura Ingraham for calling it a she at 10pm Eastern because I thought Laura was being politically correct, and people on Telegram had to correct me and say “Nah, dude had a” well, this is a family friendly program, but you get the idea.

But I saw the video of the cops go in there and whack the thing, and oh man, was that satisfying. That thing in Uvalde where the migrant child went in there and bought his ticket to hell, the cops were outside for like over an hour acting like accomplices. So they fired that fat guy later, and that was more or less the end of it they just blamed it on the guns because, you know, Democrats.

But these guys went in there like Call of Duty, and when the put the thing down, I half expected one of them to be like “Yipee Kay Yay Muthafatha!”

And then I saw, I was on Gab, you can find me there. I saw somebody had a pic of the thing laid out and it said “When women compete in men’s sports” which I found pretty amusing.

But people keep saying that, about the sports, right? That women don’t join the men’s sports teams. It’s mediocre male athletes competing against women, in this gender freak stuff. But, careful what you wish for, that will be the next thing, you watch. You can’t take steroids in professional sports, unless of course, the roidhead can call you a bigot for stopping her.

Next thing you know the entire NFL will be a bunch of white girls jacked up on trenbolone and dbol, and that’ll be like the worst thing for the Democrats since they ticked off the lesbians. It’ll be white supremacy all over again. And considering what some of these NFL guys do when they’re millionaires, I’d hate to find out how badly they behaved if they found themselves unemployed.

But one thing I did find kinda nice was how supportive everybody was of the victims in this shooting. Lotta thoughts and prayers and whatnot. I saw, even Madonna got in on it. She said she was going to do a fundraising concert in Nashville for the ah, oh, no that wasn’t for the victims, nevermind, she’s doing a fundraiser for the transgenders, because, I dunno I guess she hates kids or whatever.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls.

I’ll get a little bit of business out of the way first though…

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