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Today has been a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to speaking with you tonight.

I’ll tease that I have a very exciting announcement, but I can’t make this public just yet. I’ll tell you more when we meet at 9:30pm Eastern for the live members only video chat, and I’ve got a very clever thing, about 2,000 words long, which I wrote under a pen name that I’ll read out loud.

What I can talk about, and I’m very amused by, is that the same ethnocentric crook lawyer who sued me in Virginia, is representing some lunatic in New York who is suing Donald Trump. Her name is E. Jean Carroll, and she is an absolute basket case, who claims that Trump raped her years ago in a department store changing room. She is suing him for defamation because he said she made it up, which in my view just appears too obvious to need stating.

This fits the profile of her attorney Roberta Kaplan. Kaplan has made a career out of finding mentally ill perjurers to make complaints against targets of the Democrat Party, and putting them on the stand without any regard for what becomes of our legal system when obvious lies are pedaled in courtrooms without consequences. When this country regains its senses, she really needs to have her law license revoked, once we get her safely locked away with the other criminals.

As if to brag about being mentally unwell, Carroll went on Anderson Cooper recently, and during this interview she said she believes that “most people think rape is sexy”.

That’s quite a worldview to express for somebody who expects to be taken seriously as a witness in a courtroom. I don’t know what kind of pornography Ms. Carroll is indulging in, but I happen to know from experience that even people in prison hold rapists in a special sort of contempt. With the notable exception of the Democrat Party elite, nobody in our society condones rape.

You’d think nonsense like this would be dealt with in the pretrial phase. A sane country with sane judges would take one look at this nonsense and send the lawyer and the client straight to jail, but that’s not where we live. It has gotten so bad, that when Trump called the story a “Scam” on Truth Social, during Carroll’s testimony, the judge, who has the same last name as Plaintiffs’ counsel, quite the coincidence (did I spell that right?) said he may be “tampering with a new source of potential liability.” The implication of which was, he might have Trump arrested for witness tampering, for saying the witness is a liar, which she obviously appears to be.

In other news, Nikki Haley has decided not to try to become the President after all. She hasn’t announced the end of her candidacy, but she did invite Disney to move to South Carolina in an attempt to take a shot at Ron DeSantis. I don’t know if she’s been spending her weekends with Ms. Kaplan and Ms. Carroll or what kind of drugs she’s been doing, but I do know a thing or two about Republican primary voters and there’s no indication any of them want Disney pushing transgender cartoons on kids when they come to a theme park. She even called him “sanctimonious” as if she were deluded enough to think this might help her peel off some Trump voters.

The woman who appears to have gotten Tucker Carlson fired is another source of amusement. She claims that Christmas trees in the workplace are a form of anti-Semitism, which it might go without saying is deeply and personally offensive to her, and it turns out that she was surreptitiously recording coworkers and politicians while she worked at Fox News. You know, not because she’s a criminal and a spy who sought to sabotage her employer, but because she’s a real patriot whose very concerned about election integrity and honesty in media.

And that’s also why she went on MSNBC to talk about the whole thing….

My clown world runneth over…

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