Radical Agenda S06E011 - BOND Villain?

Radical Agenda S06E011 – BOND Villain?

Here’s a riddle for you…

Q. Under what circumstances do Democrats think homosexuality is sinful?

A. Under whatever circumstances it suits their political purposes to say so.

The Daily Beast and other Left wing rags are gloating about a scandal involving black conservative talk radio host Jesse Lee Peterson. Apparently they have finally found a sex act they disapprove of, which was something I did not expect to see in my lifetime, given all the brave new world stuff going on with the Left’s latest depth of depravity of transgendering children.

Following this thread, I just got done watching a video at Church Militant titled “Amazing Disgrace”. In it, a reporter for the site interviews several men who purport to have either had sexual relations with, or rejected sexual advances from, a black Christian talk show host by the name of Jesse Lee Peterson. The story has reportedly “roiled the manosphere”, and has the rainbow mafia all in a froth at the prospect of taking down another Right wing media personality.

I want to be clear from the start that I’m not accusing Church Militant of anything disreputable in the skepticism to be here expressed. I assume, and indeed do so with a reasonable degree of confidence, that they are acting in good faith. I have every reason to think that the team there believe that they would be punished by God for defaming a fellow Christian, and that they would not willingly submit their souls to such peril.

If you know anything about me, you might rightly assume that I have no particular desire to carry water for Jesse Lee Peterson, either. I was interviewed by him many years ago, and in late 2017 or early 2018 I appeared on The Hake Report with one of his associates, but we have not communicated since.

But I am very suspicious of this story, and far be it from me to doubt that Leftists would sink to unimaginable depths to destroy a Right wing media personality, especially a black one.

To begin with, the story is framed with Peterson as a sexual predator based on the allegation that he has had sexual relations with male adults over the age of thirty. These men make no allegation of coercion, force, drugs, or deception, aside from Peterson’s seeming hypocrisy in the perceived variance between his public persona and his alleged behind the scenes proclivities.

One can understand why Church Militant would take that stance, given their views on sexuality and Peterson’s status in the Christian community. From their point of view, it makes sense that a religious leader who led his congregants astray would be acting in a predatory fashion, whether this was in the context of sexuality or any other type of sin. So, I repeat, I am not casting any doubt on the integrity of the men at Church Militant.

I have a somewhat different worldview than that production team, however, and it strikes me as odd that men who would submit to an ongoing homosexual relationship would then turn around and frame their erstwhile lover as predator for doing exactly what they wanted him to do. I am not of the opinion that adult men simply get “tricked” into gay sex, and I look with suspicion on people who make such assertions.

Patrick Rooney is one of Peterson’s alleged “victims” and he told the Daily Beast “I’m very sorry to have Jesse’s situation damage the conservative movement,”.

This would seem to indicate that Mr. Rooney is interested in the wellbeing of the conservative movement which, if true, would tend to dispel any idea that he was trying to sabotage Mr. Peterson as part of some Left wing conspiracy.

And, there’s some evidence that this is the case. Mr. Rooney has a blog at OldSchoolUs.com, on which he has posted a number of podcasts and articles ostensibly sympathetic to Right wing themes.

The domain was registered on April 24th of 2019, and utilizes a privacy service based in Iceland to hide the contact information of the registrant. The first post pre-dates the domain’s registration,  specifically August 15th, 2018, and given the five comments which are correspondingly dated, we may assume the post is not back dated. This appears to be a rebrand from Mr. Rooney’s old website, PRRooney.com, which we’ll get into in a moment.

He also has a category titled “Podcasts” the first post of which appears to be a podcast posted just under six months later on October 12th, and it is titled “Old School Podcast #2 – Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch, Qigong Master Healer”. If you’re wondering what happened to Episode 1, it is posted 6 days subsequent, on Octber 18th 2019.

I checked YouTube to see if there was a channel corresponding to these, and indeed there is. The @OldSchoolPatrick channel was created on Oct 8, 2018, has 1.72k subscribers, and here his podcasts are posted in chronological order, with Old School Episode 1 appearing on May 27th 2019 and Episode 2 appearing on September 28th of the same year.

Prior to Episode 1, Rooney has one video from November of 2018, titled “Orange County Turns Blue!“. In this video, he has a different website in the description which he mentions in his introduction. PRRooney.com, which as of this writing is not registered and has no website associated with it.

To set the stage for the video, Mr. Rooney informs his viewers that he has been listening to the Rush Limbaugh show, and that Rush had been speaking that day of the Democrat sweep of the erstwhile Republican stronghold of California. Mr. Rooney then informs us that illegal immigration has influenced the outcome of the elections there. He then concurs with a caller into Rush’s show, who complained about RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) who run the Republican Party in California, and went on to state that she had received more than four mail in ballots to her home, which is a not so subtle hint at potential voter fraud. The hints become less subtle as the video continues.

The video has one comment on it from an account named NancyLee, which was created on July 4th, 2009. She has one video on her channel titled “IMG 0870” dated Mar 21, 2015 in which she appears to be showing people her backyard. It has 18 views. She has created 16 playlists on YouTube, none of which have anything to do with politics or California. Everything about Nancy’s account seems almost conspicuously designed to avoid any suggestion of an interest in politics.

Nancy’s comment reads “The Russians must have been there….I know, it really isn’t funny at all. It’s pretty scary – the voter fraud there…..and spreading throughout the country. What is that saying? All it takes is for good men to do nothing? Well they might have been good men once (the rhinos) but they’ve lost their courage and are just appeasers.”

I’ll note for the listening audience that she spells the RINO acronym as one spells the shortened version of the animal name, with an “rh” and in all lowercase letters.

Mr. Rooney replies to this comment stating “Yeah, Nancy, we really need to get busy. It’s gonna take a lot more than Trump to win this battle. People are always looking for a champion, and I understand that. But we all have a role to play in fighting this battle.”

Now, if you’re at all familiar with me, you can understand why my skepticism begins to build. Who is it that thinks Russians are interfering in our elections? Not anybody who would be accusing Democrats of election fraud, that’s for sure.

Mr. Rooney is like a Democrat’s cartoon image of a conservative. He listens to Rush Limbaugh, and considers the unverified assertions of random radio callers to be more trustworthy than what one reads in reputable newspapers. He makes vague implications that illegal immigrants are responsible for swaying elections, without any particular concern for supporting that claim which, even if there is truth to this, still fits the suspicion I’m raising in that this is what Democrats caricature as xenophobia.

When his commenter claims Russians are stealing the elections, for Democrats, he responds in the affirmative, as if this were just obvious.

The “About” Section of Mr. Rooney’s channel provides links to a Subscribestar profile, and his own website’s Donate page. There are no links to any Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gab, Truth Social, Parler, Gettr, or any other social media accounts from which one may derive a history of his online activity. Searching Twitter for Patrick Rooney returns many results, but for a man with no fewer than five years of political activity under his belt, it is rather conspicuous that none in the first few pages of scrolling make any reference to him, and OldSchoolUS has no Twitter presence that I could find.  A search of Twitter for oldschoolus.com returns 16 Tweets linking to this domain, including one from Jesse Lee Peterson on February 19th 2020, but none seem to be from Mr. Rooney.

His channel has accrued 26,125 views over the course of 70 videos. Most of those videos have less than 200 views, and the listener will be unsurprised to discover that his most successful videos involve the accusations against Mr. Peterson.

I also find it interesting that Mr. Rooney begins his first YouTube video with “This is Patrick Rooney from PRRooney.com” and links to this site as if this is supposed to matter, but six months later he has a new site, and has forgotten all about the old one. For this reason, I checked the Internet Archive’s WayBackMachine, to see what, if anything, ever existed, at PRRooney.com.

The result is one crawl on July 20th 2019. There are no other references to it in the archive.

When one checks the archive, it is a redirect to Mr. Rooney’s new website, OldSchoolUS.com.

I can tell you from experience that I’ve run a number of low traffic websites over nearly 15 years of online political activity. All of them, no matter how obscure, are in the WayBackMachine. So, I find it very suspicious that this one has no archive.

There is likewise no data from the site in Archive.today.

But we may assume that content once existed there, given the redirect and the aforementioned posts and comments on OldSchoolUS which predate the domain registration.

That first post, mentioned prior, is titled “America Was Never That Great”–Tell That To My Dad, this appears to be the first thing Mr. Rooney had to say to begin his now years long history of supposed public activism. As the title may imply if you pay attention to the news, Mr. Rooney is referencing a comment by disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

To begin his posting career, Mr. Rooney informs us that his father was a Word War II Veteran, and that, having been aboard a sinking ship, he certainly would have considered America quite great. Then he gets to the bit about then Governor Cuomo, reminding us of his devotion to talk radio…

This afternoon I was driving and listening to the top-of-the-hour news. I’ve been conditioned to do this since I was a kid. My dad was a news junkie–radio, newspapers (yes, more than one, and he was no intellectual), and TV. I heard a sound bite of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, giving a speech in which he actually said the words, “America was never that great.” Wow. This man is the Governor of a populous, productive state, and one of the leaders in his party.

After audible gasps from attendees, Cuomo went on to attempt to tie the statement into the “fact” that we won’t be great until we supposedly stop holding women down. Pandering comes so second nature to most politicians these days. In a moment, the great fall of the Democrat Party was official.

There’s nothing too suspicious about this, except for the fact that it is such standard fare. If one were trying to build a false image of being a conservative activist, one could hardly endeavor to find a more cookie cutter example. Son of a veteran, conservative radio listener, outraged by the Governor’s comments, dislikes the Democrat Party. It touches all the bases as a lawyer might attempt to do in a legal brief.

From this point on, Mr. Rooney posts to his blog sporadically. Sometimes every other day, sometimes taking a month or more off at a time. He posts mostly about nutrition and fitness, with a heavy focus on a vegan diet, which he says is directed by the old testament, in a November 2019 article titled “Kosher Bodybuilding—For Strength, Health, and Longevity“.

On January 7th of 2020, Mr. Rooney announces that an update of his book “Greek Physique” has been published to Amazon. The link provided shows no such book, and a search for the title returns no results. Notably, Mr. Rooney also here links to a page where he encourages his readers to leave a review of the book, and while the fact that his book is no longer on Amazon might be explained by Amazon removing the book, perhaps over politics, it is conspicuous here that Mr. Rooney links to an error page, and that the error is right there in the text of the hyperlink. https://www.amazon.com/review/create-review/error?asin=B0797H7K33

He posts this link not once, but twice in the article.

Why would Mr. Rooney be linking to an error message, at the very time he wanted his readers to be reviewing his book?

There are no comments on this blog post indicating any issues from his readers. He does not update the blog at any time to announce that he has been censored by Amazon, but on  June 15, 2020 he does announce that his book is available exclusively on his SubscribeStar, to users who pledge $5/month or more. The book costed just $2.99 at Amazon, per his prior announcement.

A search of Amazon for Author Patrick Rooney returns a title “Exploring Black Philanthropy” published in 2005, though it is not at all clear that this is the same Patrick Rooney.

Mr. Rooney’s posts take a dark turn during the Coronavirus pandemic. He is convinced that the government is hiding the cure to coronavirus, and again we have an example of a cartoonish depiction of a conservative which burns brightly in the mind of all Leftists. On April 22, 2020 he posts a podcast about the “clear connection between Coronavirus (COVID-19) and sanctuary cities, counties, and states” which is feeds yet another Democrat trope about the Right.

On July 31, 2021, Rooney begins the process of unveiling his accusations against Mr. Peterson in a post titled Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Really ARE the GATEWAY TO HELL (Part I). Here, he makes no mention of it specifically, but he teases that Part 2 is coming soon, and that it pertains to sex.

Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Really ARE the GATEWAY TO HELL (Part II) arrives on August 3rd of 2021, and here Mr. Rooney claims that he was molested as a child. Except, he wasn’t a child, he was 19 years old and had already moved out of his parents’ home.

Corruption took hold of me once I left my parents’ home. Because while in their home, I was constrained–the presence of my parents and family were an inhibiting factor. My worst instincts were held back.

But once I left home at nineteen, the corruption inside of me was allowed to “flower.”

I had been something of a solitary child, and for some reason, for a time I believed that I was adopted. I created my own world to some extent, retreating into my mind. There was something about reality I didn’t want to face head on.

I had a neighborhood friend who had been damaged. His father would drink and beat him on a regular basis.

My friend’s father had a set of playing cards with photos of naked women on them. I remember one day I was over at his house, and he showed me the cards. Somehow that led into him molesting me–it happened fast and that was it. There was something spiritually traumatic in the experience, and I felt great shame for years–decades afterwards–for allowing it to take place.

More recently, I began to see the incident in a different light, and realized that it really wasn’t that big a deal. Some embarrassment, sure, but I could see the dysfunction in my friend’s life that led up to it. He was passing on a form of anger and trauma that his father passed to him.

I hate to break it to Mr. Rooney, but he wasn’t “molested”. If we accept what he said as otherwise true, what actually happened was, a grown man went to another grown man’s house, looked at pornographic images, and engaged in some sort of sexual behavior he later came to regret. Rooney’s vague description of “somehow that led to him molesting me” is conspicuous in its failure to describe what if any measure’s were taken to render him incapable of giving consent, and no mention is made of consent being denied. We may grant him the benefit of the doubt so far as him not wanting to be graphic, but 19 year old men are not typically described as having been “molested” by their peers, and to support such a serious allegation, there has to be some mention of consent or its absence to be taken seriously. He seems to be asserting that the fact of the encounter was evidence enough of predatory behavior, and that says more about his psyche than it does about the encounter.

Mr. Rooney goes on to say that he moved back in with his parents as an adult years later, though since he claims to have been molested at 19, it is unclear when he thinks adulthood begins. When he moves back in with his parents, he describes this seemingly poetic scene.

That family background I provided you was a long way to saying that once I came home–as an adult–my friend (the one who molested me) was still living in the old neighborhood. He was in the hospital, as he had a cancer in his private parts–the specific form I do not remember. Interesting, though, isn’t it, how some of these things work out.

I finally gathered the courage to approach my friend, and one day entered his hospital room. After a little small talk, I broached the subject, bringing his attention back to that fateful day. He said he didn’t remember. I told him that I forgave him for it. He wanted to get away from the subject, and said he was tired and needed to sleep. I never saw him again. I later found out that he had died.

Suggesting that God gave this man cancer as punishment for the “molestation”, Rooney quotes the bible at Romans 12:19

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

At this point I’ve long begun to doubt Mr. Rooney’s credibility, so I’m not certain we should believe this account of the man dying of penis cancer as God’s vengeance, but even if we accept this account as true, the now dead accused, denies the accusation, and wants this weirdo out of his hospital room so he can be alone with his cancer.

Rooney returns with Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Really ARE the GATEWAY TO HELL (Part III: Conclusion) on August 6th, and here he describes how he went on to begin using drugs on a regular basis, and how these drugs would contribute to him have depraved sexual fantasies.

A negative to the lab job is that, after a long night at work, I would come home to my cheap apartment in Reseda (San Fernando Valley) and have trouble sleeping. So, when blackout curtains weren’t enough, I started taking bong hits (for the uninitiated: a water pipe that cooled marijuana smoke) until I was comfortable enough to sleep.

Big mistake.

Oh, I didn’t have any trouble falling or staying asleep at that point. I had the opposite problem: my sleep was too deep.

Once I fell into a deep sleep, I would have vivid dreams, sometimes involving sexual situations. That was enjoyable enough, but it was what happened AFTERWARDS that scared the hell out of me.

Because the sexual situations in my dreams almost always led to dark dreams–literally shadowy dreams where I could not see an enemy attacking me. …And sleep paralysis. …And other jarring experiences.

If you watch a movie from the Seventies, you may notice (in comparison to, say, the Fifties) the commonness of casual sex (sex outside of marriage). Or then again, you may not, as this is also rampant today.

But there’s something about sin: It never stops–it evolves into a greater sin! Casual, heterosexual sex became bi-sexual, then homosexual sex, homosexual marriage, pedophilia, and bestiality. In other words, there is always a new frontier where evil is concerned. Exploration, and the pushing of societal boundaries of right and wrong, are always part of the experience.

In between parts two and three, Mr. Rooney releases a video stating that he’ll be forced to get a job if he does not get more financial support on his SubscribeStar. In it, he acts as if working for a living is a fate worse than death, and makes a mockery out several different totally respectable professions by pretending to perform them.

So, we now have revealed a financial motive.

Even as of today, Mr. Rooney’s Subsribestar has only 1 supporter.. The video in which he demands to be freed from the obligations of work has 121 views as of this writing, nearly three years after publication. Even if every single one of those viewers signed up for his $5/month subscription, this would only amount to $605/month, and one wonders just how Mr. Rooney expects to pay for any sort of lifestyle on that sort of budget. He must be capable of realizing this, and he has a strong motive to draw attention to himself as a consequence.

Mr. Rooney began his Subscribestar profile in April of 2020. He has posted there 263 times since, as recently to this writing as April 21st 2023.

On November 8th 2021, Mr. Rooney comes with more sexual abuse confessions in a post titled Sexual MOLESTATION–The Secret CRIME.

My sister, who recently passed, had years ago accused my father of molesting her. I have no idea whether her accusation was true. At the time, nobody in the family wanted to deal with it. Part of me did want to hear her out, and I remember discussing meeting my sister to at least listen to her. But for some reason I never followed through with it.

I believe that part of the reason I never did meet with my sister was because I was involved with a men’s organization, and at the time there were many women in the news accusing men of sexual “crimes,” and we and much of society were suspicious of their motives.

I think the suspicion was legitimate, as I do believe that many women hate men (sometimes for understandable reasons), and look to destroy them.

But some of these accusations are true.

I wrote about my sister–and my relationship with her as someone who did not agree with her politically–HERE.

My mother–in her rejection of my father’s authority–followed the authority of the Catholic priests, and one priest–a friend of the family who acted flamboyantly gay and who liked to drink (a common combination)–was drunk one day, and called my mother on the phone, telling her the sexual things he wanted to do with her.

This same priest molested someone close to me. He was accused of molesting other boys as well and is no longer a priest.

Authority figures know they have power over the minds of those who “follow” them, and many abuse that power in one way or another. Sexual abuse is not uncommon among them.

This is the second time in our timeline that there are sexual situations being disclosed after the deaths of the people involved. Both his father and his sister are now dead, and cannot answer if he is telling the truth. We have a vague reference to an unnamed priest, and we get our first hints about Rooney’s time in a “Men’s organization” which leads up to the accusations against Mr. Peterson.

He continues below;

Sexual abusers are often those who themselves were sexually abused. What percent is open to debate. But clearly many of them are. And the sin can be passed on from generation to generation.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The sin passed down to me has hurt those close to me. But I have admitted my sin, and turned from it, and asked those I hurt to forgive me–not for me, but for their own well-being.

Here he seems to be referencing a confession to himself abusing others, but no such confession is forthcoming.

A week later on November 15, 2021 Mr. Rooney comes to us with a post titled When All Goes SILENT (After Disclosing SEXUAL CRIME) in which he begins referencing Mr. Peterson more directly. But his references seem to be less geared toward the reader than at Mr. Peterson himself, as he is drawing a connection which is impossible for one to understand at the time of writing, until it is placed in the context of later disclosures.

I heard a minister this weekend say that people shouldn’t reveal their vices. Really?

Revealing a line that is somewhat unique to Mr. Peterson, Rooney makes this reference

The preacher said that the real sin is anger, and that we’re all human, and you know, humans will do what humans will do, right?

He goes on to say

This preacher also said that God will work out our vices, once we get our “heart” right. Okay, that’s understandable, but what if a person has supposedly “gotten their heart right” and then kept indulging their vices for a period of years, even decades? It appears that God would be working pretty slowly in their life, would it not?

“What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?”

Romans 6:1 NIV
If you’re not a Christian, bear with me here. I’m using Scripture to refute error in preachers. Where the subject of sexual molestation is being discussed–dangerous, wicked, and profoundly damaging error.

What if a person involved in sexual sin–while they’re “letting God work it out”–is damaging others? I know that in my case my actions and the actions of the adult male who led me into these actions were an assault on my marriage and family!

This is called ADULTERY! Hello!!!

And yes, I made it perfectly clear in my original post that as an adult male, I take total responsibility for what happened. But there was another adult male involved. When will THEY take total responsibility for their part?

Mr. Rooney is very upset about the fact that few people have taken his sexual disclosures seriously, and presumably, this is motivated in some part by the fact that it has not increased his financial prosperity.

Once I made my disclosure, the silence came.

Very few of my friends have come to me to talk about it. I think it’s because the implications of what I have said scare people. I understand, I’m scared too.

He returns again on November 22, 2021 with WHAT Made Me CONTINUE In SEXUAL SIN, here he says;

After these disclosures, it’s apparent that the Christian minister who molested me and encouraged me to continue in this sin with him for a period of YEARS has shown no real remorse–just a bunch of excuses and admonitions to others who are involved in “vice” not to tell others about it.

But Mr. Rooney is clearly stuck in his own head, because the only person he directly accused of molesting him so far is the peer who supposedly was stricken down by God with genital cancer. He is only now stating that he was “molested” by a minister, who we are now informed is Jesse Lee Peterson.

He continues;

He’s telling men not to tell their wives (to get “sympathy”) if they have cheated on their spouse and committed ADULTERY!

Now, in fairness, I can see that a bad woman can use this information to destroy a man. But a good woman will forgive, so his blanket instruction is careless at best.

In this case, I disclosed my sexual sin to my wife and son. It was essentially a confession to my wife–that what we did was WRONG–damaging the sanctity of the “bonds” of my marriage! And it was a warning to my son not to get involved with this charismatic–yet evil–minister.

And after coming clean about my sin, my family is closer than ever–we are healing, thank God!

Here we are informed that Mr. Rooney has told his wife and child about his homosexual affairs, and that they have forgiven him, but that he has received this forgiveness in part by blaming his homosexual behavior on his sex partners. First he claims that his peer molested him, now we are informed that Mr. Peterson “molested” him. And this story just gets harder and harder to frame this way as we move forward.

He also gives us another strong hint as to who this “minister” is;

I have told this minister that he is obsessed with being the “teacher”–the “corrector.” In fact, I learned the hard way that confronting him about his wrongs resulted in denials, and in him “flipping the script”–rejecting any serious correction while calling me “angry” for bringing up truth.

This goes on regularly with this minister. He seeks to discredit anyone who comes forward with any truth as being “angry” and therefore worthy of being dismissed.

He is an expert at playing the “anger” game. It goes like this: He pushes the buttons of those who challenge him. If he can succeed at getting them angry, he puts the focus on THAT, and not the substance of what they said. The outsider sees this exchange, and it appears that he is the “right” one, and they are wrong. It’s quite slick, and most may never notice it.

All manipulators know how to push the “right” emotional buttons to achieve their desired outcome, and to appear “good.”

This minister shows the outward appearance of calm. Is it real? I’ve come to see it more as something dead inside him. Dead people are indeed calm!

Then we are informed that this went on, consensually, for YEARS;

So here is the kicker: the reason that I CONTINUED in sexual sin with this minister for a period of years is twofold:

#1: The minister convinced me that once I engaged in this act with him, I was “born again”! (I’ll explain below)

#2: I used this religious cover he provided as an excuse to indulge my perverse sexual appetite.

Am I really saying that this minister said that after having deviant sex with him I was “born again”?

Yes, he did say it.

Now, in fairness to him, I did FEEL a sense of freedom after performing sexual acts with him. I felt like I was walking on air, and the feeling stayed with me for a period of weeks.

I realize now that there is always the real, and next to it is the counterfeit.

What I felt was a sense of relief that the sexual identity / attraction that had grown in me after I was molested by a neighbor (another boy) was something I was no longer HIDING–SUPPRESSING.

I am sure that this is the same feeling that many homosexuals feel after their first “consensual” encounter (which often occurs sometime after they have been molested).

I now know that a sense of relief from suppression is not the same as being “born again.”

This was a LIE that kept me in sin. The minister knew how important it was for me to find spiritual freedom, and consciously or unconsciously played this card for all it was worth.

If this minister truly believes that having deviant sex with a member of his congregation is great therapy, then perhaps he should advertise this as a service he can provide in private counseling!

At some point I began to question the minister about our illicit sexual relationship. I’d say, “I can see that perhaps the first time (we had sex) had some value in getting me to be honest about what was inside of me (a post-molestation attraction to having sex with men), but what about all these other times?”

The minister had no answer for this, and I should have stopped then and there.

In fact, I finally did stop it. I told the minister I did not want to engage in this activity any more. Apparently, he thought I really didn’t mean it, and that I was playing some kind of game, so one day, while talking to him in his bedroom (big mistake!), he tried to force himself sexually on me, and I stuck my arm straight out–grabbing him by the throat and thus stopping his advance. I got out of there quickly.

While driving away on the main street, I got a call from him–he was furious, telling me to, “Never do that to me again!” He paused, thought better of continuing the tirade, and calmly ended the conversation.

From that point on, I knew that I had to leave, and I began to make plans to do so. Months later, I was out of there.

And not only did this go on for YEARS, but even after it supposedly turned violent, he stuck around for MONTHS? And it gets worse…

After that time, I was angry with this minister, but continued our “friendship” from a distance. I would go back and forth in my mind–knowing all along what he had done, and alternately feeling angry about it and sometimes blaming myself only, and excusing his behavior.

I’d also rationalize what I knew and felt against the “good” that he was doing.

This went on for some time. After a while, I realized that whatever “good” he was doing was likely being eclipsed by things he was doing that were not good.

At some point, I confronted him–actually several times–to get all off my chest that I could.

And once I saw him making inroads with my son, I decided at that point to confront him directly about our illicit sexual relationship. I did not want to take the chance that this minister would spread his corruption any further in my family.

My son didn’t believe my accusation against the minister at first (he’d fallen for the hype that the minister was somehow “perfect”) and wanted to hear my accusation for himself, so I confronted the minister with my son present–and then with both my son and wife present.

So, after all this has happened, he is bringing his son to see this man, and he informs us of this by framing his acts as virtuous. That he now discloses to his son that he’s been cheating on the boy’s mother for years with this man that he now confronts in their presence, we are to believe is a selfless, virtuous act, aimed at improving this boy’s life.

Well, I hope you’ll pardon my skepticism.

Now, as I prepared for this show, things just got crazier and crazier as we went on, and you may notice it conspicuously absent any investigation of the claims themselves.

I’ll note that, to the best of my knowledge, Mr. Peterson has not responded to these claims, even to deny them. So, perhaps, he has something to hide. I told you at the beginning that I have no interest in carrying water for Mr. Peterson, but what’s obvious to me is that Mr. Rooney is at best a lunatic, and a homosexual, who cannot to save his life take any responsibility for his own actions. He is a detriment to his son and to his wife and to anyone foolish enough to be around him, and whatever his relationship may have been with Mr. Peterson, we may be certain that Mr. Peterson now regrets it profoundly.

I intend to return to this subject in the future, because it only gets crazier from here, but I’ll now take your calls and get into the other news of the day…




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