Tonight’s SurrealPolitiks Member Chat – Behind the Scenes

I think I’ll do something a little bit different for tonight’s SurrealPolitiks Member Chat.

As those of you who have been attending know, I generally begin these sessions with either an opening monologue or an idea or a story I am interested in.

I have a few stories bookmarked that we can talk about, and of course, anything you want to bring up, you’re welcome to. If you all have thoughts that occupy the time, then we’ll do that.

Failing this, I’ve been wrapped up in tech stuff all day because I just received the new (used, but new to me) computer that I purchased after being inspired by a recent guest’s Omegle trolling. For me to do this required some increased video power, and some technical retraining for your humble correspondent.

Frankly, it’s still not ready for prime time, but I can give you sneak preview of what I’m doing and some of it is pretty amusing.

There are also some business things I can tell you about, and a little bit of writing I have not yet shared with the public.

We do these chats every Wednesday at 9:30pm Eastern. If you are not a member yet, you can become one for $10/month at

That will gain you access to all the member functions, social features, deep discounts in the shop, and members only bonus content which includes the archives of the member chats.

Once you are a member, just join the Members Only Chat, and click the camera icon to join the video session. You don’t have to enable your camera or mic, you can just watch/listen, but you are welcome to turn on your audio and or video to participate according to your preference.

If you miss it, you can catch it later in the Member Content Area

See you at 9:30pm Eastern!

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