Radical Agenda S06E015 - Screw Your Optics

Radical Agenda S06E015 – Screw Your Optics

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve… had our ups and downs, shall we say…

Six months ago to the day, I was released from the custody of the Attorney General of the United States. Today, I remain under the Supervision of the United States Federal Court of the District of New Hampshire. This will remain the case at least until December of this year, at which point I can move the court to terminate my supervision a year early, having served half of the two years of supervised release which comprised that portion of my sentence.

Shortly after that release I came to you with a plan to conclude tastefully and move on to what I saw as higher artistic and intellectual challenges. This was motivated in no small part by money, and I do not consider this to be a bad thing. You can’t do anything worthwhile without access to financial resources, and the people who say otherwise are the same people who seem to have every other part of their agenda rooted in our separation from political power.

Nothing we do matters at all if our people are governed by those who mean to kill us. So I will do what is necessary, without limitation, to cease this state of affairs in which we find ourselves. Whether that means IRL fed posting, or heaping disingenuous praise on somebody I plan to stab in the back, figuratively or otherwise, is of no consequence to me in this.

Thus forms my recent affinity for Realpolitik.

I first heard this word many years ago, and had to look it up. At first I was kind of struck by the simplicity of it. I wondered why it required its own term.

“What other kind of “politik” is there?” I thought at the time… “What good is fake politik?”

I would come to learn that, this is precisely what makes up most of our politics, and came to conclude that a course correction is long overdue.

What good it do my soul to die an honest man, be I among the last of my race to live?

I dare say, were I to meet my maker subsequent, he would not deem this a life free of sin.

Such is the character of a war not of our choosing.

In Stage Six Episode One I went on at some length about espionage. It is my well informed view that we are inundated with this. That we are immersed in a matrix of information warfare which causes the signal to noise ratio to be of such a level, that merely perceiving reality is so burdensome as to render meaningful action fraught with peril.

I was recently informed, notably, that Roberta Kaplan told a Jewish publication that mass shootings were a good thing that she took credit for. She said, accurately, that the mass shootings were the consequence of a political right that had been rendered incapable of organizing on account of her lawfare. This is what they want: dumb motherfuckers flying off the handle and giving them propaganda victories. while taking good men out of the broader struggle. If a few Jews die in the process, they do not care. They assess, with some merit, that far greater peril awaits them if we obtain political power, and they find it preferable that stupid motherfuckers commit senseless murders. Anybody who thinks they wouldn’t go around flooding chats and comment sections with this nonsense to bring it about gives them too much credit.

I have a similar view of anonymous accounts who tell us all is lost and that we ought not participate in politics. This is part of a very obvious progression of ideas. The government is bad. The government cannot be changed. Throw your body on the pile. Thus is the path to racial salvation, if we follow the advice of Jewish subversives who work for Roberta Kaplan.

So while the filth of the information environment renders action perilous, the peril is no less so for inaction. A prudent man might look both ways before crossing a one way street, but this need not make him late for appointments.

Having looked around quite a bit, I’ve made some observations over the last six months. I mean to share some of them with you today, and revise to some extent my assessments.

The political environment is more permissive than it once was. That much was obvious even from prison. I remain convinced that our task is to meet those who are moving in our direction, by moving towards theirs, and not take this as an opportunity to spiral out into ideological pandemonium, but it seems clear to me our rivals’ failure to act this wisely has substantially diminished their power. My observation is less of kind than of degree.

Revolver News is a fascinating phenomenon. Here’s a few headlines there today…

  • “New info emerges in case of black teens targeting pregnant “Karen” nurse with fake “racism” viral video…”
  • “Ben Shapiro’s epic flip-flop: accused of extreme double-talk…”
  • “Effort underway to change crime coverage at local levels to hide “inconvenient” stats from the public…”
  • “Illinois parents call cops on teacher after she tried teaching middle schoolers sodomy…”
  • “Nevada pink-haired, half-shaven middle school teacher calls white people ‘problematic,’ claims education is racist: ‘start a riot’…”
  • “We “just wanted to kill a white person”…”

Those stories are all worth quoting at length, but we have other things to get to. For now, I’ll just point out a couple of my favorite parts.

In the story about the absurd notion that a White woman tried to steal a bike from some black teenagers, Twitter has added a “community note” to fact check the BLM activist who launched the malicious campaign to smear her, noting that she had provided a receipt showing she paid for the bike she was accused of stealing. That receipt was produced by her lawyer, and one hopes his intent is to sue the crap out of that BLM scumbag and make these people think twice about defaming people online.

In the story about Ben Shapiro, they quote a Tweet from an account with a Pepe for his avatar.

Revolver was much promoted by Tucker Carlson before his departure from Fox News. They are popular on social media and have tremendous credibility with the MAGA crowd.

One who goes there is informed that all these stories about white racists imperiling the lives of black people for their own amusement is completely fake, and when they read about Ben Shapiro he is accused of doubletalk and the reader is introduced to Pepe.

The Babylon Bee has also been instrumental. Through good natured humor they have made the Left look absolutely ridiculous, and in their zeal to destroy everyone who dares challenge their dominance, the Left overstepped by banning them from Twitter. This was, reportedly, a large part of Elon Musk’s motivation for buying Twitter, which got us our community correction on the BLM fraud who defamed the pregnant White woman. Famously, one of Tucker Carlson’s last shows on Fox News was an interview with Elon Musk, and it is now all but certain that Tucker Carlson will begin producing a very popular show on Twitter.

These describe the progression of ideas I’ve been talking about, the conduits of influence I’ve been imagining. Tucker talks to Revolver. Revolver gains notoriety. Tucker talks to the Babylon Bee. Babylon Bee inspires Elon Musk. Elon Musk talks to Tucker. Elon Musk compares George Soros to Magneto, the ADL freaks out. Rasmussen polls America on their view of George Soros. America agrees with Elon Musk.

This progression of ideas is, as it turns out, further along than I had previously understood, and this informs my plans for the future.

Twitter has recently updated its service so that paying subscribers like myself can upload videos of up to two hours, and last Monday I held my first successful stream using Twitter spaces.

It might not be the most important factor, but it is quite illustrative of the phenomenon that I currently have a Twitter account bearing a blue checkmark. Even if I never said another naughty w word again, the mere fact that somebody might find my name in this context is quite significant.

When I first got out of prison, I signed up for Substack and Locals.com and was immediately deprived of the financial services to utilize those systems. I signed up for Rumble, and Rumble only had PayPal available as a payment option.

Today, Rumble will be happy to send me a check for the money I earn there, and I am now eligible to monetize content on Twitter. I have access to Entropy for superchats, and GiveSendGo for crowdfunding.

This will change if I spend my days screaming about Jews on those platforms, so I prudently exercise some caution. SurrealPolitiks, whatever you think of the content, is serving its purpose quite well. I have payment processing. I have e-commerce. I have advertising contracts. I have platforms to reach new people.

In our members only sessions, I have been teasing an ambitious project to make better use of these advantages, and to help them serve as ideological conduits in an effort to prudently impact the Overton window in a more favorable direction. It’s a project I have had in mind for a very long time and I have never been so close to accomplishing it as I am today.

The Radical Agenda cannot access financial services. I was recently informed that one of the most famous alt right paywalls is similarly situated.

Why don’t I just have SurrealPolitiks be a front for the Radical Agenda, and continue as I had been before prison?

Well, because I’d be credibly accused of fraud, for one. And so, not only is SurrealPolitiks a real business, but it actually produces more content than this hobby of mine called the Radical Agenda.

But picture this scenario.

What if a network of websites shared a common user database, and access to one was access to all. Each site on the network sold its own subscriptions with its own payment processing, even if some of those sites were limited to cryptocurrency and pay by mail options. But if you purchased a subscription to one website, you would gain access to all the sites on the network.

To begin, this has the potential to provide a great deal of value to the listener. Say for example you enjoy SurrealPolitiks but think paying for a membership subscription is a bit pricey given the range of entertainment available out there for a lower price tag. Say another content producer you enjoy joins the network. Now you buy one subscription and you gain access to premium content from both producers.

And, while some producers cannot gain access to financial services, there is no prohibition on producers entering into advertising agreements with one another.

Say your favorite show is called Talk Radio God, and SurrealPolitiks has an advertising agreement with Talk Radio God that anybody who uses his referral link or promo code to purchase a subscription gets 80% of the recurring revenue from that subscription. If Talk Radio God is part of the network, he doesn’t really need to sell his own subscriptions, he can make his money selling other producers on the network as an advertiser, and his audience gains the benefit of access to his site as a consequence.

Through such a business model, the Radical Agenda need not conclude. Neither should such a model warrant much concern for respectable opinion.

But for what purpose?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, and explore this…



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